Cornwall Firefighters in Action PHOTOS of Early Morning Fire JULY 18, 2015

Thanks to a lucky high flying CFN viewer who captured some amazing shots from above of Cornwall Firefighter’s putting out an early morning blaze 2nd Street and Adolphus!

No reports have been issued as of press time.

If you see news happen email your pictures or video to

Our viewer said he shot these from the 11th floor of the near by condo.

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  1. Nice use of new high tech Drone technology
    Mr Jamie/readers This report is not a shot at the Cornwall Drone pilot(WHO TOOK GREAT VIDEO)…just a reminder that technology can help/hurt. ie: Five or six pilots of Major Airlines were blinded by Lazer Pointers going into Airport near Newark New Jersey!!!

    Would just remind people that several home’s were destroyed by a wildfire just last week because Drones filled the air making it impossible for Helicopter crews to (safely)operate water dumps in the area.
    Phelan, California (CNN)Of all the elements they must battle in a wildfire, firefighters face a new foe: drones operated by enthusiasts who presumably take close-up video of the disaster.

    Five such “unmanned aircraft systems” prevented California firefighters from dispatching helicopters with water buckets for up to 20 minutes over a wildfire that roared Friday onto a Los Angeles area freeway that leads to Las Vegas.

    Helicopters couldn’t drop water because five drones hovered over the blaze, creating hazards in smoky winds for a deadly midair disaster, officials said.,d.cGU

  2. Melman….it wasn’t a drone. They were taken from the 11th floor of the apartment / condo across the street.

  3. Thanks for the correction Hugger1. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. So many media outlets are using drones now..even freeholder ran one of the bridge teardown
    Didn’t mean to post so much but the worry about high tech is real.
    By changing my IP address on daily basis the amount of Ads etc that show up on my pages is cut by half.

  4. Author

    Mel those ads keep the lights on right now. CFN doesn’t get taxpayer subsidies like Bill Kingston allegedly does…

  5. Mr Jamie
    Sorry that wasn’t direct at you or CFN
    When I heard on CNN that NSA could listen thru a cel phone that wasn’t turned on.
    On CNN former CIA agent was taking about captured Journalists. They were trying to save them from ISIS
    After reading hundreds of Wiki-Leak and Edward Snowden files made me value my privacy
    Used to be that after looking around big box stores ONLINE the next day my page filled with ads for the very products I was looking at..spooky to me. Google used to be able to profile my entire life.

  6. Melman…’s your cookies that are getting those ads sent to you. If you disable cookies it will help the ads from not appearing, but they will never truly go away.

  7. Hugger since my friend built me small program to change my IP address on daily basis and use of proxy servers even their cookies can’t keep up.We fix up old computers for the less fortunate but learn new tricks everyday.
    Also learned Mr Jamie, unlike other local media, get back to your emails right away one more reason to love CFN

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