Bill & Todd Show Visit Hojo’s in Cornwall Ontario – CCPS Their Latest Victim by Jamie Gilcig – AUG 13, 2015

CFN broke the story about the incident at the Howard Johnon’s in Cornwall Wednesday night.   As per our strong journalistic standards before scribbling our story we contacted the CCPS who confirmed what details they could.

We had been tipped by someone staying in the hotel.

As competing local media jumped into the fray some sunk to some yellow tactics (mystical sources etc) and then blared that after hours of a stand off of our CERT team found a trashed room and no perp.

The manner in which the CCPS was portrayed in either of their stories  shines an ugly light on our police service and is a blazing on social media as I type these words, and will be still humming as you read them.

Police work is hard.    And of course Police cannot share certain details with the media or public for very good reasons.  Sometimes they even have to say nothing.

That makes it more crucial for law enforcement to pass that stink test at all times because frankly when the police cross the lines it impacts their ability to do their jobs and they need the support and faith of the public to get the best results.

Today you will most likely see an update in CFN and the Freeholder with a statement from the police.    It might not be 100% of what occurred because bad guys read the media too, and you really do impede an investigation if you spill the details openly.

Could our CERT team have spent hours standing in front of an empty hotel room while keeping guests locked up and closing Brookdale?       Anything is possible, but my money says that simply wasn’t the case.

While nobody is perfect I can’t believe our police would be that incompetent.   I certainly hope not….

If you see news happen please email your photos or video to or call our toll free hotline at 1 855 444 1133.

We will be updating early today.



  1. Some would rather just get the information out there. Personally I’d rather have the CORRECT information out there.

  2. Is that right Jamie.well many years ago the police had converted on a bank robbery right here in Cornwall the suspects were still in the bank.But they escaped guess how?by going out the back door.Police make mistakes all the time.Right here in good old Cornwall

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