13 Year Old Girl Charged With 4 Counts of Assault in Cornwall Ontario – SEPT 22, 2015


Cornwall, ON – A 13 year old Cornwall youth was arrested on September 21, 2015 and charged with 4 counts of Assault. It is alleged that on this date she attended a local high school and assaulted four students by hitting them in the face and head area as she made her way through the school. Police were contacted and an investigation was conducted. The youth was taken into custody. She was later released to appear in court on October 22, 2015. No injuries were sustained as a result of the assaults. The youth’s name is not being released in accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


Cornwall, ON – A 31year old Cornwall man was arrested on September 22, 2015 on the strength of a warrant for failing to attend court on September 15, 2015. The court appearance was in answer to the charge of Breach of a Peace Bond to not have contact with a particular individual as a result of a Domestic incident. The man was taken into custody and charged accordingly. He was held for a Bail Hearing. His name is not being released in order to protect the identity of the victim.

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