Canada’s New Prime Minister to Make Investment in Science DEC 15, 2015

In October, Canada elected their new prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Trudeau, a member of the Liberal Party will be replacing their current prime minister, who is a member of the Conservative Party. Trudeau has promised to make significant changes to many Canadian policies. With one of those changes being to restore government support for basic research and the country’s tradition of environmentalism.

This renewed investment in science could result in many changes in Canada: economically, educationally, and environmentally. Many in the Liberal Party are excited about these changes and their impact on Canada’s future.

Scientists Coming to Canada

The increased funding from the Canadian government to research groups is also expected to lead to an increase in the number of scientists that will be coming to Canada to do research. More funding will enable scientists to come to Canada to explore many new topics, whereas under the previous system funding was limited to mainly applied research only. This, of course, limited the capabilities of scientists to do more broad or experimental research.

Because of these moves to Canada, it can be expected that other scientific businesses will follow suit. This surge in science related industry should serve to improve the economy. This includes biological movers, such as Pacific BioMaterial Management, Inc., which handles the transport and storage of laboratories and sensitive biological materials.

Scientific Investments in University Studies

Investing in university studies serves two purposes simultaneously. First, it allows topics of interest to be thoroughly researched by many capable and qualified professionals that are attempting to learn more about a subject. Second, it offers a great teaching opportunity. Allowing students and professors more freedom to learn and work together to discover new things with an open mind.

Another part of Canada’s investment will come in the form of making government information more readily available. This will enable universities to have more access to data, making their research more meaningful. Hopefully leading to breakthroughs that will benefit everyone.

Economic Impact

All this scientific investment is expected to have an economic impact as well. All this increased spending on science and research will help to create more jobs. More people will be able to be employed as researchers and more people will be employed as the added research infrastructure is created. There is also the belief that scientific research could lead to new breakthroughs in a variety of areas, leading to innovation and improving technology. Improved technology would produce great economic growth and help to further improve the quality of life in Canada.

Environmental Improvements

A renewed focus on scientific research is hoped to have great environmental implications as well. Previously, scientists had urged the Canadian government to improve scientific funding due to the need to address complex environmental and public health issues. Under this plan to invest in scientific research, the prime minister hopes that both environmental and public health concerns will be able to be more thoroughly studied. Hopefully leading to cures being found for diseases and solutions found for environmental issues. Thereby again improving the overall quality of life for all Canadians as well as people in the global community.

Scientific Investment in Canada

As Canada renews its emphasis on scientific research the new prime minister, his political party, supporters, and the scientific community all have high hopes. They believe that the increased funding will lead to great educational advancement, economic development, and the resolution of many public health and environmental issues. Ultimately, it is their hope that the investment in research will both improve quality of life and lead to a brighter future for people in Canada as well as around the world.


  1. Such a relief to no longer have a prime minister who believes that the world is six thousand years old.

  2. Furtz the world is millions of years old and people have been roaming the earth for a lot longer than 6000 years. About science and math it is the upmost importance as you well know since you are an engineer (hard to believe that our Furtz is an engineer) and now he is a farming engineer in charge of his herd, LOL LOL. ROLF! Seriously the kids today are going to have to get down to brass tacks and see that you need a very high level of education in order to succeed and to compete. Math and science are the most important subjects around besides languages. I sure wish that I was young again and would work hard to make the best out of myself. It is way too late for this old gal but not late for the young people.

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