Cornwall Ontario Not Crossing the Border For New Year’s Eve 2016 by Jamie Gilcig

Canadians are travelling less over to the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino and Massena for shopping due to the low value of the Canadian dollar.

As one person stated to this writer; “I wanted to go to the casino for New Years, but you’re $80 down just on the exchange before you walk through the door.

With bridge crossing fees raised this year, and the strong Yankee dollar Cornwallites are feeling the pinch.

Some have shared that they visit less and shop less as the just can’t see value with a near 40% exchange rate.  They also cited the inconvenience of having to exchange money before leaving as most US businesses either gouge or don’t give fair exchange.

Some cited that even locally they are focusing more on home or family events as there is very little to do or offers of poor value.   Someone cited a local venue offering dinner for $80 per person and shrugged, saying for that much money they’d rather go to Ottawa or Montreal.

Quite a few said it would be dinner and Netflix!

The one place that will be busy in Cornwall tonight is the local Bingo Hall where they are expecting a full house as they are giving out larger prizes and led by Community Living, turning the evening into an event.

Spaghetti supper is being served as well.

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve 2016 Cornwall?  You can post your comment below.


  1. I know we’ve cut way back on our visits to the U.S>a. When the dollar was at par or closer than it was now we would go over every two weeks. Now we go over about every six weeks.

  2. Author

    Hugger since I broke up with my gf in Massena my trips have fallen off too. They really should cut out the bridge fee, and merchants on both sides should do more to help consumers.

  3. Agreed. But it is all about money. SO don’t expect the bridge fee to disappear or U.S. merchants to start accepting Canadian money at or near par.

  4. Author

    I don’t think it’s about par Hugger, but if they didn’t add to the rate it probably would help. Same on our side. If we rip of Americans are more likely to spend in Cornwall?

  5. I agree. The added “convenience fee” or whatever you want to call it is a pain in the rump. I checked the Bank of Canada rate, my bank rate and the ICE rate. The Bank of Canada rate was about 38%, my bank rate was about 41% and ICE’s rate was about 42%. My bank doesn’t charge a “convenience fee”, but they get you with the 3% hike. ICE also gets you with the 4% hike, plus they add a “convenience fee” (last time I was there it was $3).

  6. Author

    These added fees end up chasing consumers away.

  7. I agree. But if you go to the States you have to get the money somehow. They get you eventually. What we do sometimes is use our debit card instead of bringing cash.

    The retailers here don’t help much. The best rate I’ve seen in Cornwall for U.S. currency is 20%.

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