Has Long Time Commentor JULES Left CFN? JAN 26, 2016 Lol ROLF!

Long time CFN commentor Jules seems to have left the site after being sent an email asking her to self censor herself.

The “Wacky” woman who originally is from Cornwall, but now lives in Ottawa is known for her abusive comments towards politicians and authority figures.

She also seems to have a love hate or love to hate relationship with the city she grew up in, Cornwall.

Of the near 2,500 posts she has published on CFN there are over 5,000 that were deleted and didn’t make the grade as she has a propensity of letting loose some very Juleslike tirades.

This was her second to last post on the 19th in which she complains about moderation.

Hugger Jamie doesn’t print all what I write and he is making me out like as if I am stupid and I bring up a lot of good points that are not printed. If I am a piece of laughter as something of entertainment then I think that I might end here just now. I have brought up lots of things but I am the clown of the paper. No tanks I don’t feel like I can continue as CFN’s clown.

CFN has had a policy in place where viewers have to post with their real first and last name as well as a working email address.  About a dozen viewers were grand-fathered and allowed to register their long time user ids, but are not allowed to make certain types of posts using a pseudonym.

The busy woman has been suggested to have been a creation by yours truly, but she’s a real flesh and bone person.   When she takes one of her breaks (she has health issues) people have queried from as far away from Alberta to see if she’s ok and seems to have her own legion of fans on the site.

She has not been barred, but has been told she can’t use terms like  “barney fife police department” “harpoon harpo” and “justine trudope” any longer and that her comments should actually be on topic as well as not any longer than a paragraph.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Do you miss Jules?  You can post your comments below.


Shortly after this story was published Jules emailed in the following.

Jamie I am shocked if people miss me and I don’t think so.  I remember commenting about a Professor Quigley that someone named Michael who posted and I agreed and he was Bill Clinton’s mentor in university and you didn’t even post it.  There were no funny names mentioned in there at all.  Politicians deserve the dirty names including the dirty cops.  There are many times that I post good things but only the funny things that I say are posted so as people can have a good laugh and think something kind of weird about me.  Well I am not weird and I am who I am and I don’t think well of people who press false charges like they did to you and other innocent people and get away with it all.  Cornwall has not advanced one iota and in fact Jamie they went completely backwards and much more backwards than what they used to be.  Cornwall was much better in the 50’s and 60’s era than what it is today and I swear to God that what I am telling you is the entire truth.  There are people who do post long paragraphs and they don’t get knocked down over that.  I am one who loves to talk and you can see that for yourself and it is my character.


  1. Jamie I am not a made up figure that you came up with and yes I am real and you know that since you have my particulars where I am. I sure do hope that I am real and touching myself to see if I am for real – yes I am for real. I type what I feel and everyone of us are different – I better be different since I don’t always share the same opinions as others but that is me (yours truly wacky jules). Maybe it is you Jamie who misses me. Every time I go by the pet shop at Billings Bridge I think about your beautiful dogs. Back in the mid 70’s when I worked in the government tower in the mall and I miss that place and yesterday I sat in the car with my husband and looked up at the floor as well as the spot where I used to sit and look out – what good memories compared to what we have today.

  2. Author

    lol lol Rolf Jules! Welcome back. You now have your own story on CFN.

  3. If she comes back fine. If she stays away fine. I have no issues with Jules besides her constant put down of Cornwall and its residents.

  4. To be honest, I like Jules. But also to be honest, I only read her comments that are non-repetitive and less than five lines in length. And that isn’t very many. ROLF ROLF LOL etc…

  5. Furtz you are supposed to be able to read long paragraphs since you are an engineer and are supposed to be highly intelligent compared to most people. You should see what my daughter is taking learning to be a Medical Admistrative Secretary at a private college downtown and what she is taking is what the nurses at the University of Ottawa are taking and I am thrown to see what she has to study and her marks are in the 90’s and nothing lower. My daughter’s overall average so far is 96% and she isn’t finished yet until May. Last Friday my daughter wasn’t feeling well and she scored 92% on her exam and she said that if she didn’t go and change a few things she would have scored 98% and she is very intelligent like her dad. I told her to go back to school after seeing what kind of a job she is doing which is a life of hell and most people don’t stay for various reasons. The job that she is doing is not going to last more than ten years or even a lot less and mighty low wages and she gets nothing from it. I could tell plenty of stories about it.

    I have lots of stories about the tower at Billings Bridge where I liked it until they moved us downtown and what good memories and good people to work with. I sat looking up and remembered the time I used to look out in the parking lot. I remember the time when I was expecting for my son and I was sitting on a secretarial chair and somehow I leaned back by accident and fell over backwards and the young mail guys who sat cross from me had a mighty good laugh and they wondered if I was ok or if they had to deliver my son and they all turned green. LOL LOL. I have another story that is funny as well. Those were the good days of Ottawa unlike what life is like today.

  6. Hugger I will complain about Cornwall until the day I die. Lately I had a scare and I was out shopping with my daughter and while walking home with all of our groceries I had some sort of a fainting spell and I fell in a snow bank. A lady in one of the houses came rushing out of her house when she saw me passed out in front of her house and came to help me up along with my daughter. Some months ago I passed out while getting off my chair here in the room and I fell on the floor and my husband thought that the ceiling fell. Some help he was it took my kids to rush into the room to see what happened. I guess that I am getting old. An elderly lady in my building fell in her apartment and she is in her 80’s and was taken to the hospital and her condition is not good. Life is mighty short and one thing is that I will complain about Cornwall until the day I take my last breath.

  7. Jules, I am of pretty average intelligence and have been retired for about eight years, and no longer an electrical engineer. Now I’m just an old fart who only reads short and non-repetitive comments.

  8. Furtz don’t kid yourself you are a person of high intelligence to have taken the course of electrical engineering and very few can make it. According to my daughter Justin Trudeau was taking engineering and failed and then went into being a drama teacher instead which is a nothing. Furtz you are a gifted person and if you think that I could take such a course and pass – HUH not even in the next life. LOL LOL. ROLF! I never was good at math and science at all. My daughter dropped it as well but I know very well that she would have done a great deal better if the doctors in Cornwall and Ottawa back then found out what she had since it held her back. My daughter has thyroid disease and is on medication for that since 2006. We need doctors who know what they are doing just like engineers. Never put yourself down Furtz you are highly intelligent and mighty funny as well.

  9. Jules.. This is a question with no tone behind it. ..does your daughter know that you’re putting personal information about her on here?

  10. Yes she does Debbie. Gee that is short and sweet – I can’t believe I am breaking my record. LOL LOL.

  11. Jules….in regard to working for the PS I worked for the same department throughout my career (though the department did change names more times than I can count). There were good times and bad. In the almost 37 years I was there I only had three locations, though in one building it was common for us to be moved every 1½ to 2 years as we were a small unit and subject to office space politics which we never won.

    I know you have the right to bitch and chew about Cornwall. But at the same time I can chew the rag about your repetitive messages. Or I can do what Furtz does and not read them. And trust me that happens more often than not.

    As for your two fainting spells…..get yourself to the doctor. That is not normal. If anyone says it’s normal or okay for someone your age to pass out they’re lying to you. I passed out once. And if I never do that again I’ll be happy. On Christmas Eve 2013 I received a phone call from my Cornwall cardiologist’s office, he wanted to see me. I figured if he was calling Christmas Eve it was probably very important. When I saw him he said my hemoglobin was very low and he wanted me to go to the hospital. So, I went to the hospital without reading his note to the hospital and was told I’d be spending a few days (Dec. 24 to 28th) with them as they needed to do some blood tests, endoscopy, colonoscopy and blood transfusions. While they were putting in one IV /test line in the crook of my elbow I passed out, which they had told me I might due to my low hemoglobin. But they were smart when I was out they put the other IV / test line in the back of my hand which I hate due to the pain involved. So, Jules find out what is causing your fainting / passing out spells.

  12. Hugger I suffer dizzy spells lately and my family is after me to seek the doctor and I am chicken #1. I fell into the yard of a house and the lady came out in shock and helped me to get up along with my daughter. I do know that I have a heart condition and one day the elevators were not working here because the electricity was off and I took the stairs with a young girl at the end of the hall and the super’s wife was concerned about me climbing all eight flights of stairs and she yelled at me to go easy.

    The super’s mother is in the hospital since she fell in her apartment and according to them the mother is in a serious enough condition that affects the internal body. I fell inside of my apartment about five months ago and my husband thought that the ceiling fell since I fell quite hard and my adult kids came running in.

    I was supposed to go for a number of tests over a year ago and refused to go. This is a warning sign for me because I have not felt like the way I do at all ever. I have always been very busy and in good health but lately I have changed a lot and my vision is impaired as well.

  13. Jules….so what’s your excuse for not going to the doctor?? I can’t put it any simpler….GET YOUR BUTT TO THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE NOW!!!!!

  14. Author

    Jules I would agree with Hugger. You wouldn’t believe how many people leave this world for issues that could easily be dealt with. And with over 1,000 page views yesterday, as crazy as that freaking is, you have fans 🙂

  15. Agree or disagree with Jules take I have to credit her for being engaged and interested in participating in discussions. We all have our perspective and resultant opinions and we all deserve respect. I have nothing good to say about those who contribute nothing, their apathy actually disgusts me.

  16. Author

    David I think you’ve hit upon something. I see this every day where people don’t step up and support issues they actually care about, nevermind issues they “SHOULD” care about. We live in a scary world.

  17. Folks I never said anything like this before here or any other paper of any kind not even my quilting but I want to say this and that is that I love all of you here. I am crying just now and I know that my blood pressure is high very high. I will be laying down soon as I usually do. Yes I sure do have to see the doctor and I am scared of the results. My husband and my daughter don’t want me out alone because I get dizzy and end up fainting. I passed out last week on the lawn of someone’s house and her dog allerted her that someone was around and she came out and helped my daughter to get me on my feet. I have been feeling strange lately and it started some months ago and always kept quiet. When my super’s mother fell just last week that scared me and she is in her 80’s. We found out about the super’s mother through the super’s wife because she almost ran down my husband in the garage because she wasn’t paying attention with her problems so I literally pulled my husband away from the wheels of her car; she stopped her car and apologized and told us what had happened. I will be laying down soon and I know that my blood pressure is very high.

  18. Author

    Jules it might be as simple as changing your diet and taking some blood pressure meds. Please go see your doctor. Don’t wait.

  19. Jamie my daughter is so scared to see me the way I am now and fears that I will no longer be around. I have to make that effort even for her to go and see the doctor. I have a denta; appointment on Friday morning. I will have to call the doctor to see him about my problem with dizzyness and passing out. I am very afraid chicken number 1.

  20. Jules: don’t fool around with this any longer. all 911 and have the Paramedics check you – they will know what you need.

  21. Author

    Jules go to the doctors. If not for yourself, then for your family. Stop being a baby.

  22. Just lately my vision is going on me a bit and I am using a magnatying glass to read. This might be high blood pressure but I am going to call the doctor’s office when Tammy gets in. My daughter came home a little over an hour ago and one of her classmates who is 36 years old 6 months older than what she is received very bad news and she has breast cancer and also has a spot on the lung because she was in contact some years ago with someone who had TB. The woman cried and she is a single mom and I cried as well and I am affected by this news because I remember mom at age 58 getting that news. I never saw mom cry until then of all the hardship that mom went through this was it. Life is mighty short – way too short.

  23. Dawn I am scared believe me I am scared. I sure do have some warning signs to get checked out and more than what I am telling you all about. I even have ringing in the ears just now and I have had that for years. The condition of my daughter’s classmate just through me just now and she is only 36 years old and has children.

  24. Jules: I understand how frightening it is but I know it is more frightening when our imagination takes over and we don’t know what is wrong. I get dizzy when my ear is bothering me or when my allergies are acting up. But there was a time that I didn’t know that and I was scared also.
    The important thing is to get it checked and you won’t be so frightened. If you are afraid of falling , let the Paramedics check you. We have the new Paramedic Program running in Ontario and they will be there for you. All you have to do is call. If I was with you , I would call them….if you let me, lol

  25. I got myself an appointment with the doctor for next Tuesday at 3 and there was a cancellation and I got in. My daughter grabbed the extension and told the secretary that it was a must for me to go in and told he what happened. I had an EEG some months ago around a year ago at the Riverside Clinic at the back of the Riverside Hospital and I had blood work done and the doctor told me that the EEG was fine and that my blood pressure shot up very high. Well this time he is going to give me hell for sure because he wanted me to avoid all the goodies and I have been into them. What scares me is my vision problem as well.

  26. Dawn I sure do have a lot of allergies that act up and lately that has been the case. What I am concerned about as well is the vision which has diminished a bit more than usual. One thing that is good at least I have an appointment to go to on Tuesday afternoon. The doctor is semi retired and only works half days.

  27. Author

    Jules Dawn was a nurse. I think you should consider doing what she says and get yourself checked today and not wait until Tuesday. You don’t have to cancel your appointment and they can follow up with anything that occurs if you get yourself checked today.

  28. I’m relatively young(35) here in Cornwall, born and raised. I have always enjoyed Jules comments and points of view. I also enjoy Jamie’s articles and realize the importance of having an independent news source. I wish I could help CFN out financially. Kudos to this whole site.

  29. Jamie Dawn was a nurse and I can tell that she was a very good nurse and an exceptional wonderful person as well. Yes Dawn sure knows what she is talking about. I have laid down for a while today and getting ready for a bath and a load of dishes. My husband sure is concerned about me lately and he asked me lately if I was still able to go for walks in the park because it isn’t flat in some parts of the park and hills and rocks. I said of course but not the winter. I cannot walk as fast as that shortie husband of mine and I walk far enough behind him. We walk inside the malls during the winter for a short spin and then home. I am keeping my appointment with the doctor and I know that he will look at me sternly and give me hell. It wasn’t very long ago that I had tests done and now this came up all of a sudden.

  30. WOW Jerry you are young. Thanks for the compliment. I love CFN and that is the truth. There are plenty of very good people here and that is what brings me back again all the time.

  31. Admin I agree completely that we live in a scary world. People are not informing themselves, making decisions based on erroneous material or simply not engaging altogether. Apathy will one day have these people wake up and find that while they were sleeping freedom got up and went for a walk.

  32. Jamie and folks I was lucky to get into the dentist this morning instead of tomorrow and the dentist is young and Lebanese but born in Ottawa. This was my first visit to this doctor and I had more laughs than a barrel full of monkeys including my husband and you know me for laughter well my laughter rang out along with my husband;s that the place just shook, rattled and rolled. I told the dentist and his assistant to be careful with me since I am old and feeble. LOL LOL. He said people are living longer these days and I told him I sure won’t be one of the lucky ones and right near his office is a cemetary and I told him that I didn’t have far to go if anything happened in his chair. LOL LOL. There was a young native girl who is from North Bay and two other very nice young receptionists and it was a pleasure to be with nice people – more like wacky like myself. My husband said to the dentist that we were in Ottawa before he was born and he speaks Lebanese and eats that way but is very Canadian as well. Well the laughter just rang out in the place what he did to me and to my husband. Now it is to see the doctor himself and I shake more like a little dog in Cornwall who had to go to the vet and he knew where he was going. LOL LOL. ROLF!

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