Has Long Time Commentor JULES Left CFN? JAN 26, 2016 Lol ROLF!

Has Long Time Commentor JULES Left CFN? JAN 26, 2016  Lol ROLF!

Long time CFN commentor Jules seems to have left the site after being sent an email asking her to self censor herself.

The “Wacky” woman who originally is from Cornwall, but now lives in Ottawa is known for her abusive comments towards politicians and authority figures.

She also seems to have a love hate or love to hate relationship with the city she grew up in, Cornwall.

Of the near 2,500 posts she has published on CFN there are over 5,000 that were deleted and didn’t make the grade as she has a propensity of letting loose some very Juleslike tirades.

This was her second to last post on the 19th in which she complains about moderation.

Hugger Jamie doesn’t print all what I write and he is making me out like as if I am stupid and I bring up a lot of good points that are not printed. If I am a piece of laughter as something of entertainment then I think that I might end here just now. I have brought up lots of things but I am the clown of the paper. No tanks I don’t feel like I can continue as CFN’s clown.

CFN has had a policy in place where viewers have to post with their real first and last name as well as a working email address.  About a dozen viewers were grand-fathered and allowed to register their long time user ids, but are not allowed to make certain types of posts using a pseudonym.

The busy woman has been suggested to have been a creation by yours truly, but she’s a real flesh and bone person.   When she takes one of her breaks (she has health issues) people have queried from as far away from Alberta to see if she’s ok and seems to have her own legion of fans on the site.

She has not been barred, but has been told she can’t use terms like  “barney fife police department” “harpoon harpo” and “justine trudope” any longer and that her comments should actually be on topic as well as not any longer than a paragraph.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Do you miss Jules?  You can post your comments below.


Shortly after this story was published Jules emailed in the following.

Jamie I am shocked if people miss me and I don’t think so.  I remember commenting about a Professor Quigley that someone named Michael who posted and I agreed and he was Bill Clinton’s mentor in university and you didn’t even post it.  There were no funny names mentioned in there at all.  Politicians deserve the dirty names including the dirty cops.  There are many times that I post good things but only the funny things that I say are posted so as people can have a good laugh and think something kind of weird about me.  Well I am not weird and I am who I am and I don’t think well of people who press false charges like they did to you and other innocent people and get away with it all.  Cornwall has not advanced one iota and in fact Jamie they went completely backwards and much more backwards than what they used to be.  Cornwall was much better in the 50’s and 60’s era than what it is today and I swear to God that what I am telling you is the entire truth.  There are people who do post long paragraphs and they don’t get knocked down over that.  I am one who loves to talk and you can see that for yourself and it is my character.

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