Little Historian Sara Lauzon Goes Facebook on Cornwall Community Museum UPDATED

Cornwall Ontario’s “Little Historian” Sara Lauzon took to social media complaining after receiving a private chat message, apparenlty,  inadvertently.


Lauzon, 25, is a history grad who has not been able to attain a job in history here in the River City.  There aren’t too many available.  With the Community Museum curator Ian Bowering nearing retirement the two people whose names get mentioned are Lauzon, and retired CCPS officer, broadcaster, and author Thom Racine.

To my followers, and to those who believe in Cornwall’s History;
Without prejudice

Many friends and confidents have told me, “leave it alone Sara, you are better, and you will do wonderful things one day.” I trusted them and still do, but today, I am standing up for myself. I am finished being bullied for what I believe in!

I received a message today that infuriated me. It was sent to me unintentionally, but if this person can take so much pride in not hiring me, I’m going to take pride in spewing the hell they’ve put me through for the last three years.

For the last ten years, I’ve been researching Cornwall’s history. I wanted to tell the world about some of our city history that I was discovering. At first it was difficult, not many doors opened for an excitable teenager. I stayed the course and with the help of some history minded people, Judge James O’Reilly was remembered in the very courthouse where he died in 1929. I began to use social media in 2013 to promote the city the best I could by digging up local history, stories, and sharing my historic pictures. I have lectured over 30 groups in Cornwall and SD&G, and spoke in front of my peers at the University of Ottawa several times. Last summer, I was interviewed by Canada’s History magazine, and not long after, I was interviewed by CBC Radio, not once, but three times. My project to recognize the history of our ‘House of Refuge’ is well documented, and in June of 2016, a tombstone will mark the 29 graves of former residents of the facility. In December of 2014, after applying, I was selected to the City’s Heritage Committee board, a group of history minded people who have a vision to preserve our area history.

I am 25 years old, I get excited about discovering our past, and I am certainly not shy to express myself. This is where I broke the mould. Instead of hiding history, I exposed it through social media.

I worked at the Cornwall Community Museum in 2013. It was the greatest job I’ve ever had to this point. I had never felt like I belonged somewhere more than I did that summer. I loved my job so much, the idea of leaving for University was actually painful. I asked the curator if I could keep working (on weekends, because I was attending University in Ottawa) until November, which I was able to do. While employed at the museum, I created this page in September of 2013. Shortly afterwards, the curator made a claim that I was using, and in effect stealing pictures from the Museum’s page. I scanned pictures and postcards from my own collection, I don’t need to steal anything. My Cornwall history collection has taken over my bedroom. It is piled floor to ceiling with boxes of papers and pictures, that you and many others have given to me.

It was discused and agreed upon that I would be returning for a second summer at our museum, and when I inquired about my start date, I never got one. This was the curators way of blackballing me from my dream job because he didn’t like the fact that I had this page. I’ve applied to the museum many times since, and I was told over and over that “there were no positions available.” But, the very person in this inadvertently sent message is now working at Cornwall’s Museum.

So I have to ask, and need to know: Why am I being bullied? Is it because I am proud of our history and I’m not afraid to show it? Is it because I wont stay quiet when I have something that I think needs to be shared? I am young and I have plenty to learn, but right now, I’m finished being bullied. If people are talking about me in emails and messages, and can’t get it straight as to who they are sending them to, then I have earned the right to rant about this and expose this. I am finished being silent about it. I deserve an explanation, and I hope it is understood that I am not going anywhere.

 Lauzon’s experience isn’t unique.   The local public art gallery had its funding cut to zero, and the 35 year charity is is about to face closure due to “local politics” as well.

While nothing Lauzon mentions in her diatribe remotely is bullying, it clearly shows the way politics can impact how things are done in our community.

Many of our local “institutions” in Cornwall are not run remotely to the spirit which is how they can get so political with boards protecting friends at the public’s expense and young people being either turned off because of the lack of opportunity based on merit; or worse, leaving for better pastures.

Sadly this is extended to City committees and board appointments with the Lay Committee  which is comprised of:

Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy/Ex-Officio
Councillor Bernadette Clement
Councillor Maurice Dupelle
Councillor Carilyne Hébert
Councillor David Murphy

Refusing perfectly good choices while seeing relatives (Carolyne Hebert’s mom for example) getting seats is sadly the norm instead of the exception.

Darren Bonapart - re Sara Lauzon

Even our friends in Akwesasne experience some of this according to Darren Bonaparte.

The problem is that the key “Alphas” in these control cliques rarely are stood up to which only emboldens the monsters.

In Cornwall it’s come to encompass everything from education & healthcare, to CAS, and area charities.   Frankly it’s unproductive and a huge factor in why our city can’t crest the 50,000 mark.

Mix in a large amount of young people leaving and a large amount of seniors retiring to the community without knowing the who’s who, and you get a recipe for corruption and cronyism.    Toss in a dollop of media that look the other way at risk of losing clique generated ad revenue and you have our current situation.

While going public may not ultimately benefit Ms Lauzon; enough of these incidents going public just might help the community.

The big question is how do you take this kind of high school politics out of the spending of public dollars?  Surely any company should be able to compete for the public’s purse and any person should be able to compete for a public position?

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comment below.

Ms. Lauzon answered with a “no comment” when asked to offer a statement.  L.A. Ellis & Ian Bowering had not responded as of publication time.

Lauzon runs a website where she posts images and material of yesteryear.


L.A. Ellis responded to our query publicly.

L.A. EllisJamie, as a journalist, I am sure that you understand that there are about a million sides to every story. As to what has gone on with Ms. Lauzon regarding her employment status, I have no idea. I was alerted to this post by someone. I understand that Ms. Lauzon is having a bad day, but this is a public page. 1. She applied for a job at a Museum NOT in Cornwall that was funded by a grant that she did not get due to a BOARD decision, on which I was ex-officio. I no longer work there 2. I have never even met Ms. Lauzon out of that environment. 3. Before I had seen this post, I had written to Ms. Lauzon offering to help her with research methodology and citations for her work. 4. I have nothing against Ms. Lauzon and wish her the best of luck. I feel though, somehow, that I have been caught in the middle of something larger and that I truly do not deserve this kind of defamation. Thank you.


Ms Ellis has stated that the museum in question that Ms Lauzon interviewed with her was in fact not in Cornwall.

Ms Lauzon has not responded to our query to confirm that.

Sara finally responded publicly to clarify some of her statement.

Sara Lauzon To clarify, Lisa Ellis interviewed me last summer at the Nor’Westers and Loyalist Museum, in Williamstown. My issue did not lie with her until she decided to inadvertently send me a message addressed to “Becky” talking about me. (I have no idea who Becky is, or why they would be talking about me at all, when as she told you, Lisa and I have only met once – During that interview.)

Lisa Ellis LIMy issue has nothing to do with “not getting a job.” I reacted to Lisa Ellis’ message because she is now associated with the Cornwall Community Museum and frankly, I am sick of being treated so poorly for simply trying to do some good in our community.


  1. Cornwall never did like any digging for fear of what a smart person will find, keep digging Sara ,you are a smart girl & appear to be driven,I hope that you find what is hidden beneath it all, good luck & God speed


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  3. correction i like to know how its defamation when ur name is attached to the comment n everyone to see explain that keep the good work going Sara u have my support

  4. Sara keep your head up. Now there trying to twist the real story.

  5. Author

    Editor’s note. George you need to post with your last name as well as a first name. Thanks.

  6. As an outside observer who has never lived in or near Cornwall, I have to wonder why anyone would want to move there or stay there. This sort of BS seems to have been built in to the local culture for a long long time. Am I wrong?

  7. Your doing a amazing job sara! I love reading your history articles!

  8. Sara beware.Theres something just not right here.I don.t belivie for one minute this message was sent to you by mistake from L.A Ellis.Like what she said theres a million sides to every story, but everyone knows there is only two sides to every story.Theres and yours.I,m sure this will all come out. and you have every right to be upset.Yes Jamie she has been bullyed for quit awhile now thats why she has finally stood up to this sitution.

  9. Has anyone asked why she has not been hired? maybe she was not qualified? this is how she tries to get a job by bullying her way in? I guess everyone who wants a job they cant have should take to social media. smh … way to go cornwall ,,, and good for those people who are not saying why they didnt hire her and what is wrong with her….

  10. You want a job Sara, you have to leave Cornwall and don’t look back. Cornwall is literally finished for life and can never be ressussitated. You cannot revived a dead horse. I am old enough to have seen Cornwall go down throughout time and today it looks a great deal worse than the 30’s Great Depression and another is on the way very soon and we are at the beginning stages of this horror along with so much more. It will take that horror to wake people up. During the Depression of the 30’s the mills operated at half time but half a loaf was better than none. The sheeple got greedy and wanted more and the global elites wanted slaves and the sheeple in Cornwall and N. America wanted to live beyond their means and the mills went overseas to the third world to get things done at a fraction of the price and they are not coming back at all. That is the price that people pay for greed.

  11. If you don’t go on to teachers college after graduating history, you will not get a job. Thousands have graduated from very expensive universities in courses like Canadian History or Native History only to find themselves pumping gas or telemarketing. Go to St Lawrence, take a REAL course like nursing and get a REAL job.

  12. So they turn this story around so you Jamie and a few others think this is because she didn,t get a job.But you gilicig no the real reason but you wouldn,t post my other comment.Jamie you are no better than the ones that spread lies about SARA.
    Hey Jamie try and get a job here in Cornwall or surrounding With all the lies that were told about you.You no very well what im talking about.

  13. Author

    Marc I haven’t taken a position. I reported a story. I gave both sides a chance to have their say. Sara still hasn’t answered whether this interview was for a museum in Cornwall or not. Ms Ellis states it was not. If that’s true it reflects even more poorly on Ms Lauzon.

    Never make assumptions Marc.

  14. Furtz there was a very famous engineer who moved to Cornwall back in the early or mid 1950’s from Southwestern Ontario and he moved there because there was nobody like him in Cornwall and he made a big business down there. My mom babysat for the man and I used to skate on his homemade rink at the back of his house with his children. This man said to mom “Cornwall is “sticky town” meaning people don’t want to leave besides being “stinky town” and he was absolutely right. Furtz it must be something that Cornwall lets off in it’s air that sticks people to that mighty strange town. Those who are well educated do not stay in that town. The children of that engineer left Cornwall and never to return like anybody with any intelligence. Cornwall has failed most people and people have prospered elsewhere.

  15. Arrgghhhh!!!!! Here we go again….the Great Depression is returning, Cornwall is not good for anything. Some people could see it as being greedy leaving Cornwall for Ottawa. Putting your well-being ahead of your community….who does that??? LOL ROFL

    What was done to Sara was not bullying, it was politics. There is a very big difference. But was going public with this her best move? IMHO probably not.

  16. The updates provided spin this story in a whole different direction.

  17. Hows it politics? she applied for 2 jobs she didn’t get n it sounds like at 2 museums. maybe she just wasn’t qualified? My mom has an MA in museum education and was working part time jobs. what does sara lauzon do on her FB page that make her think she can get a museum job? seriously cornwall. this girl needs to get a life n stop playing victim. why should museums hand her a job cuz she is crying n whining on her page? IMO who would want tohire someone like that nyway?

    EDITOR’S NOTE – please post using a first and last name. Thanks

  18. So, now we’re uneducated if we stay in Cornwall?? Please, please do research or avoid nonsense statements.

  19. Author

    Hugger this is Jules. Why do you bother? 🙂

  20. I ask that myself sometimes. Why do I bother?

    As for Sara E…I agree with you. A lot of people like to play victim and blame everyone but themselves when they don’t get what they want. Her not getting one or two jobs is not bullying, it’s politics…..who you know. Latest example is Brooklyn Beckham getting a job as a photographer shooting Burberry’s latest ad campaign. The kid has shown an interest in photography. Does that qualify him for doing a major job like Burberry’s?

  21. Author

    Today I ran into a “gentleman” that many consider to be a very nice person. Only like many people, he puts out a VENEER. This gentleman’s private facebook chat was shown to be quite abusive towards myself. To my face it’s all smiles, including today. On top of it all he not only got a patronage gig at the library, but helped get this person’s son a gig there too. When I shared with him that I’d seen his words the veneer was dropped.

    See, I personally like to cut through the bs. I really don’t judge people, but I do notice people’s actions or those lacking action.

    Toads like Frank…well….that’s what’s wrong with Cornwall. If you need cronyism to survive you really shouldn’t be judging those of us that have to fight for every square inch of ground, and every penny we earn. That’s sleazy.

  22. Make assumption Jamie.Where in any of this do you hear Sara complaining she did not get a job at a musuem?She has been accused of stealing pictures and post them on line from yours truely Bowering.This person Ms ellis has said, the behind the scences story of Sara is not so great.So whats not so great?Ms Ellis you never met Mrs lauzon Before the interview again what was not so great?
    Ms Ellis Where do you work now all though its not my buissness?

  23. Poor girl… a bantamweight at history, a flyweight at politics, and a strawweight at public relations.

    Adopted and patronized by the “sweet-news only” media, and pampered by Cornwall’s pathetic politicians — it seems that their lttle pet has spoiled, and turned to snap at the hand that feeds.

    Used and trifled with; why shouldn’t she snap? It looks good on our third-string clique wannabe’s.

    They deserve to wear the exposure — as the lowest rung of nepotism, favouritism and corruption in Cornwall.

  24. Jamie I whoever this girl is with a history degree (if it is just a BA it is not enough today to be a historian and you need a minimum of an MA and a PHD). We all had a good laugh in my household about this girl wanting to take over the “so called museum in Cornwall” and if she is on Facebook she would have a lot of laughter and comments maybe far beyond what I can come up with. I do have an idea she can go and catch minoes and worms and try to sell that and even do some ice fishing and sell her catch. That is all she could do in Cornwall.

    About teaching there are plenty of teachers coming out of one’s ying yang and the teachers that they need are in math, science and computer science. Those with degrees in English, history, geography and things like that are a dime a dozen. Whoever this girl is would have a tiny boost if she went to Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg and try out her luck out there. There is a site for professional people who are searching for work and that is:

    This is a professional site and not for push button monkeys. This girl would have to make a professional presentation of herself as well as a picture to be included and a professional resume and not the usual crap that people would put together. If this girl doesn’t know how then she is in trouble. Dodge is Dodge ice fishing anyone? LOL LOL. ROLF!

  25. Thank you Jamie for the compliment. You can keep your paper. You asked me to come back and it wasn’t my intention. You wonder why people are putting you down and I am one of the very few who puts you up and you put me down. Thank you so much Jamie I know where I stand with you.

  26. Marc L… said “Where in any of this do you hear Sara complaining she did not get a job at a museum?” From Sara’s post “It was discussed and agreed upon that I would be returning for a second summer at our museum, and when I inquired about my start date, I never got one. This was the curators way of blackballing me from my dream job because he didn’t like the fact that I had this page. I’ve applied to the museum many times since, and I was told over and over that “there were no positions available.”{MODERATED}

  27. Author

    Jules you were not asked to come back. I emailed you conditions to come back including no more name calling. It’s your choice. Honestly, but we have guidelines for a reason. If you can’t or don’t wish to observe them then your posts get deleted or moderated.

  28. LinkedIn is NOT a job search site. It’s a site for people (professionals) to connect with each other. Sort of a Facebook for professionals.

    From their “About” page: Our mission is simple: To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do.

  29. You no hugger I,m kind of glad this has happened to Sara.Like yours truely jamie. She will have to sprout her wings and get the hell out of Cornwall.This is how they ruin peoples dreams in Cornwall behind the scenes lies and back stabbing.Like Jamie said nice to your face but its a totally diffrent story behind your back.
    You see all it was,was a dream of hers oh it will come true maybe not in Cornwall but it will come true.
    Oh a great dream job she had hugger at the museam that one summer dusting stuff and giving a few tours.

  30. I sort of agree with Marc L. People have to realize that Cornwall is a small city. If you want to go further you must spread your wings and escape. If she thought there were no politics in Cornwall because its a small city….well surprise surprise politics raises its ugly head everywhere.

  31. Dear Ms. Lauzon,

    I would like to point out certain things that seem to escape you. 1. The conversation was never had with Becky. It was erased, after it was sent to you inadvertently in draft form. As you can see from your own screenshot, it was sent ONLY to you. You made this public. Believe me, Ms. Lauzon, I have plenty to talk about in life and none if it is about you. Frankly, Sara, who? 2. I was very polite in my response to you when you challenged me by private message, which you did not post to your legion of fans, as it made you look like a fool. In those messages, saved on my computer, I offered you support and encouragement. Whilst I was sending those messages, you were busy trying to solicit attention on FB. Maybe you were having a bad day. According to your own posts on your public page, you have those a lot. I suggest that in the future you turn to therapy and/or medication and not take to social media to try to destroy someone else to make yourself feel better. 3. It is obvious that aside from any alleged issues you have, this smear campaign is because you are upset that you were not hired at a certain museum in Cornwall. What does that have to do with me? Does everyone who gets turned down for a job denounce the successful candidate all over Facebook? That is hardly professional, and I am guessing your immaturity is partly why no one will hire you. And the answer to that question is no. People do not slam the successful candidate with impunity. In fact, it is at a level of low that is unheard of and I am sure this whole situation can be used as a teaching tool in “What Never To Do If You Want A Job” courses. 4. You have claimed all over FB and elsewhere online that you have a history degree. Since when does this entitle you to work at a Museum? Tons of people have history degrees. Many of them are slogging at non-museum jobs AND have advanced degrees and credible publications. What are your credentials, really? You have a page and post a few pictures on the internet, with barely any accompanying information, and nary a source in sight. You claim to have published articles; yet, they are not in any reputable History magazines, including Canada’s History. You were featured in the Community section and that hardly necessitates academic credentials. 5. I find it interesting that you would want to work in a museum setting when, by your admission, your ‘room is filled floor to ceiling’ with papers and photos that people have entrusted to you. You claim to have experience in archives. Show me a professional archives set up in any institution, museums included, that takes such a cavalier approach to people’s treasures. A museum’s mandate is to promote, preserve and conserve. Real museum professionals do not have their own collections. In the end, Ms. Lauzon, whilst I am appreciative of your taking the time to blast me all over Facebook and to share my LinkedIn profile, I suggest you stand down and cease your obsession with me. You should use your time actually to improve your writing skills, use proper research methodology, and stop whining when someone does not hand you a job. As a final note, why don’t you apply at the Tourism office? If you are such an asset to Cornwall, you should use the skills you have honed self-promoting to put Cornwall back on the map so that it is not known as a tawdry place full of pathetic drama, or do you not care that you have put a black mark on Cornwall, a city you claim to love so much? If you did, in fact, want the best for Cornwall, you would have addressed this whole issue properly and privately. As I have said, best of luck in your endeavours. It is obvious you will need it.

  32. Ouch, to S.L. and kudos to L.E. for the most literate and error free (totally) comment to be found here in a long while.

    The only words that might be offered inS.L.’s defence would be that, she was a victim of media hype and political patronizing… and the bad taste left in her mouth — from an overated opinion of herself — will dog her for some time.

    And a cruel and self-interested fandom should be dragged over the coals for their own part in this.

  33. Author

    Actually Simon it’s a reflection of the culture of Cornwall. What we’re seeing here is what’s played out over and over again. Even with cases like Gilles Latour where his supporters still trumpet him and bash anyone that was connected with his arrest or simply shares an honest reaction to his charges.

  34. Obsession with you Ms. Ellis.Where have i heard that line before?Again this is all because Sara didn,t get a job at the museums.OK

  35. Holy Sara Lauzon! This is not looking good? Lisa Ellis M.A. has given me a combo litigious/literary boner with her above soliloquy. And I gave up on the spellin’ in the ‘oughts.

  36. Congratulions Ms Ellis on being the succesful canditate.You say you have plenty to talk about in life but none of it is Sara. Really.Could your comment be considered damage control.Why do you think this is about you beating out Sara and others for a job at the museaum?Why do you even think that, could it not be about Ian and yourself talking trash against Sara and now her Web page.That message you sent Sara by i guess mistake.Did you get the responce you were looking for.
    How can Sara be mad at you for beating (as you say)her out of a job at the museum When she didn,t even apply for it?All i no is ive lived in Cornwall all my life and never seen people so interest in our local history.So Sara must be doing something right.Again Congratulations on being the succesful canditate

  37. So Sara blasted you on facebook Ms return you blasted her on social media.
    You seem upset at Sara for doing that, but you yourself just did it.Ms Ellis
    So whats the difference?To me there is a big difference.
    Thought you said you would be glad to help her.With that kind of help well i just don,t no.

  38. I first met Sara the day she started grade one at Central Public School. Sara is part of an unfortunately all to small number of Cornwall residents who have embraced education beyond the high school level. I have enjoyed and been enlightened by Sara’s contribution and commitment in bringing about greater awareness and understanding of Cornwall. I have been touched by Sara’s “House of Refuge” project. I will always encourage and support an individual like Sara Lauzon who brings something to the table. Something that promotes unselfishly a greater understanding of the world around us. Thank you Sara.

  39. Author

    David perhaps you could ask Sara why she refused the opportunity to be the archivist for the art gallery or why she’s refused to contribute to CFN? Maturity sadly and wisdom are not gifts that not everyone gets endowed with.

  40. I hear you Admin I guess I am cutting some slack here on the reality that most of us likely were half as smart as we thought we were at age 25. While some are wise beyond their chronological age the rest of us require a little more time/experience.

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