Photographer John Lester Donates $500 to Kick Off Fundraiser for TAG in Cornwall Ontario FEB 7, 2014

While many know John Lester, formerly of JL Computers as a guru of sorts in Cornwall; he’s also an avid photographer.

Some of his work hangs currently in TAG Cornwall, the city’s public art gallery that is on the precipice of closing.

A meeting has been called for Tuesday February 9th at 7PM in the gallery to find solutions to keeping the 34 year old gallery running and he’s kicked off the fund raising with a $500.00 contribution!

The gallery seeks to raise $6,000.00 in emergency funding until the City decides to give it funding for 2016.   It has applied for $85,000.  In 2014 it was given $54,000.

Others are stepping up too.  Lawyer Andre Bourgon has sponsored a Seniors drawing class at the gallery which will help fund the gallery, pay the artist teaching it, and allow the seniors to pay via donation instead of the $40 to $60 in fees that it would normally cost.  The classes are being taught by long time TAG artist and supporter, Lorna Foreman.

Santa Moise Barrie WentzellBarrie Wentzell, (pictured on right) who’s amazing photos are on exhibit currently has also donated $5,000 worth of his prints for the gallery to sell, and has now joined its board of directors.

The challenge is to see if the community will step up and help save the gallery?

The gallery has also reached out to Ryan Gosling, who grew up in Cornwall, via his pr person in Los Angeles to see if he can help save the gallery.

The meeting is at 168 Pitt Street, and the gallery can be reached via or on facebook.

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