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  1. Assisted suicide no matter who does it whether it be a physician, a nurse or a common lay person it is MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE! Nobody has the right to take another life. The Lord givith and the Lord taketh away. This is a mighty big sin and what goes around comes around and hits much harder on the one who gave it. Anybody who agrees with this deserves the worse that can happen to them.

  2. Jules, I don’t think anyone will be asking for your approval when they decide how or when to die.

  3. No one, but the individual themselves, should be able to decide if they want to die with dignity. Staying alive to live out your life in pain should not be decided by the church or any other entity.

  4. Murder in Canada is defined as a culpable homicide with specific intentions.Culpable homicide which is defined as causing the death of a human being, By means of an unlawful act; By criminal negligence; By causing that human being, by threats or fear of violence or by deception, to do anything that causes his death; or By wilfully frightening that human being,in the case of child or sick person

  5. Having options usually allows us to make a choice that meets our individual needs. This option allows anyone to consider the option of how to die. “Option” being the definitive word. I am personally relieved that our Supreme Court has recognized personal choice on this matter as a right. Respect does not have to include agreement. I would hope that most will give others respect on this issue.

  6. Furtz the best thing for a person to do is to kill themselves instead of having someone else to do it for them. I would never ever go to a doctor who kills patients with euthenasia. No wonder Canada is literally finished and God is Great and the punishments are going to be severe when they come and believe me they are coming very soon.

  7. This is the very reason why my daughter didn’t go to Law School because of the idiot Canadian law which isn’t a law. My daughter is a top honor student and she joked about law school years ago and she was tested back in high school that she was capable of going into this area and no way. Our faith is very strong and we don’t go into that circus.

  8. Hugger you will soon see the US fall as well as Canada and any country who goes along with such a law and I guarantee that. The only law that is a just law is the law of God and not any man made crooked, no morals of a law works. God’s law is what rules and anything else doesn’t matter in my mind. I would not go to a doctor who supports killing his/her patients at all even if my life depends on

  9. Jules, nobody with a functioning brain gives a rat’s a$$ about your imaginary god. Most people are quite capable of making their own decisions without seeking approval from you or your god. Live your life the way you see best, and let others do the same.
    The problem with religious nut-bars is that they want to force their BS on everyone.

  10. Stories, stories, stories. Arrrggghhhh!!!!! I’d rather decide my fate than rely on god. I answer to myself, no one else. I’d rather die with dignity than be kept alive because some god said I can’t decide my own fate.

  11. The right to die! Plato in his new republic sought for that right. Adolf Hitler the same, as he sought the “super race”. Maybe the question should be changed – the right to live? That’s better. The unborn doesn’t have the right to live. Euthanasia takes this right to live away from the old, the infirmed, the unproductive. Who will decide tomorrow who will have the right to live? You or I? no way!

  12. PTN….I’d rather not “live” as a vegetable in a hospital bed. There is only one person who will decide my fate. That person is me. God will not decide, I will not let someone with a warped perspective on life decide whether I live or die. I WILL DECIDE; NO ONE ELSE!

  13. Hugger1 – you like the word “fate”. Do you know what that means? One definition “- that which is inevitably predetermined; destiny”. So who does the predetermination? When does this occur? It sames if you use the word “fate”, than a god, a force, or some one else besides you has determined already the day, the hour, and how you will die! Hello puppet! I guess you are not so in control after all.

  14. Puppet? I don’t think so. You may see it that way. But who says you’re right? I alone determine what happens to me. All that fancy talk PTN and you still believe that others should determine that if I should / shouldn’t be able to have a say in whether I die in dignity or hooked up for eternity to a machine. SORRY NO!!!

  15. Furtz God is not imaginary at all and even the Indians (our Native people) have always known that there is a power beyond them and their religious leader was always consulted as well as the Pagans (Masons and other secret societies) know that there is a power beyond them and so do HIndus, Buddhists, etc. know that there is a God. Those who do not believe will pay the consequences and that is true

  16. Furtz your pastafarian god is witchcraft and I saw a piece on about it and I sent it in to Jamie to give to you to see and he didn’t put it on his paper but I saw it and I was in shock. I thought that it was all a joke of yours until I saw it on just lately.

  17. Jules, of course The Flying Spaghetti Monster is an imaginary god, like the imaginary god that you and Newton believe in. The big difference is that The Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t condemn non-believers to eternal torture in an imaginary lake of fire. LOL LOL ROLF etc… Even my talking chicken agrees that The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a way nicer imaginary god. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Pastor Newton and I have the same God and He is the only real God. I am an RC and Pastor is Baptist and the difference is in the doctrine but otherwise most is the same. There was a war of refermation and I know that the Catholic church is guilty of a lot of things but one thing is that there is only one true God.

  19. Pastor Newton spoke about Plato and then about Hitler and wanting to make a master race and this is exactly what old David Rockefeller, as well as ancient George Soros among other elites want to do today. These people want to live forever and go off to the moon somewhere together and they are going against God like the Tower of Babel but they will be punished and land in hell.

  20. No Jules. There are as many imaginary gods as there are people who imagine them.

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