BREAKING – Medical Emergency Sends Man to Hospital As Vehicle Ends at Splashpad in Cornwall

Cornwall Community Police Service confirmed that a single vehicle incident occurred this afternoon sending one male to hospital in what has been termed a “Medical Emergency” according to Cst. Dan Cloutier.

The vehicle ended up on or near the Splash pad downtown.  Ambulance, police, and fire services attended.

CFN will be updating as more information becomes available.


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  1. There must be an epidemic of drivers losing control of their cars in Cornwall. It must be the heat that drove one man through a store window – something must have had a good sale that day and now to plunge into a splash pad – one has to be mighty hot to do such a thing. Too many drugs being sold on the black market these days – too many wacky and out of sorts people.

  2. Wow way to be heartless when you obviously don’t know anything about the incident. The poor man suffered a heart attack at the wheel! Have some compassion or at least a little respect to keep your mouth closed.

  3. Jules…seriously?? Both have been determined to be medically related and you say that?

  4. It may not be very long that insurance companies will have everyone go through medicals and hard driving tests before being issued licences for the road. Here in Ottawa the LRT is going to replace many cars and taxis and this is how it should be. It should be more difficult to get a licence as well as insurance to drive. Way too many crazy people on the roads as well as health issues.

  5. There is no compassion from me when someone has health issues and takes the car on the road which is a lethal object out to kill or mame. I will be very happy when the government along with the insurance companies come down hard on the people who drive. Something has to be done about the bozos on the roads and we see it everyday here in Ottawa. I just heard another siron.

  6. There are driving tests now. Having insurance companies run tests to get a driver’s licence will never happen. If you think our medical system is overload now that would just push it to a point that would break it totally. It is hard enough to get a license now. How is someone to know if they are going to have a medical emergency while driving? Please be realistic in your expectations.

  7. As for the LRT replacing cars and taxis it won’t happen. The LRT will replace buses only. No executives or business people on a schedule will rely on the LRT. Can you imagine an executive relying on the LRT? I still say the Ottawa LRT is going to be a disaster and will eventually run way over budget.

  8. LRT is going to replace cars, buses, as well as most taxis and it is all part of Agenda 21. If you don’t know about any of this then you are in the dark. All those condos are going up instead of single homes for good reasons besides saving on land. It is how people are going to live soon. People will be walking to work as well. This is all planned years in advance.

  9. My husband’s sister in Beirut gave up driving as well and just because she is elderly and fell at home. Can you picture if people were in the park (splash pad or anywhere else) when that driver flew up into the park – he could have killed many people with his negligence. We don’t drive when we have an illness. Turn in your licences to the motor vehicle association. It is going to happen soon.

  10. Yeap, okay. The LRT is going replace cars, buses and taxis. You can’t seriously believe that. People are not going to give up their cars, etc. so they can ride on a glorified bus. It might happen once the whole LRT is completed; north, south east and west. But that won’t be in our lifetime.

  11. My husband’s brother in Sydney Australia quit driving three years ago because he developed diabetes and didn’t want to take any more risks. His eldest daughter was born with type 1 diabetes and doesn’t drive. There are a few drivers in the household but one moved on to work in Melbourne and purchased a house there. You always know when an illness is coming on so don’t drive.

  12. There was also someone who lost control of their vehicle was it last winter right in front on of the former Hotel Dieu Hospital on McConnell Avenue, then someone in the east area of Cornwall went through a business, then lately someone went through another business. This is all very insane to the hilt. Not everyone of these people had heart attacks or diabetic reaction to insulin, etc.

  13. missed my point when I said “How is someone to know if they are going to have a medical emergency while driving?” You seem to be saying that we should give up driving because we MIGHT have a medical emergency. When someone gives up driving they also give up their independence. Con’t

  14. You try being the one to tell a senior that they have to give up driving. In most cases families ask the doctor to tell the senior that they can’t drive any longer. It’s not easy giving up a privilege that you’ve had most of your life. I’ve seen and heard of grown men crying when they’ve been told they can’t drive any longer. If that person is the only family driver, well it does not bode well.

  15. Hugger our former director of Revenue Canada, Excise at the head office on Sussex Drive left his car at home and took OC Transpo cattle cars to and from work and only took his car when he had to go out of town or to a business meeting. He was earning $100K way back in the 80’s between his director’s job as well as training the reserves in the military. He owned the smallest house on Alta Vista.

  16. Hugger there are people who earn very big money and are not snobs. The ones who are snobs are those who have never seen or had anything and want to show off. People who show off are nobodys and there are plenty out there. I would rather ride OC Transpo cattle cars than the taxis here in Ottawa not because of cost but dirty drivers. Yours truly should know after all the years hubby was on taxi.

  17. Hugger a lot of the LRT will be ready by 2018 and the rest by 2030. I will be very old in 2030 if I live that long. Ottawa is a growing city and growing through immigration and they have to have that system even now since people who live in Orleans cannot meet the buses for their work in the far west end. My daughter used to travel 3 hours and more per day on OC Transpo cattle cars no kidding.

  18. Hugger I sure do know what you mean because my husband drives and he is going to be 71 years old this year and he has relied on a car all this life but admitted just lately to all of us in our household that maybe one day he will have to give up driving altogether and take a taxi and the OC Transpo cattle cars. Yes it is hard but when it is a must then he would have no other alternative.

  19. Hugger Cornwall is a very small town and the bus system in Cornwall has to be fixed for everyone as well as having a Voyageur Bus System (Terminal) in Cornwall as well as a decent train system and not only that but buses that go out to Long Sault, Ingleside, Morrisburg and all the other tiny communities and yes it will cost but it is a necessity. In order for Cornwall to get ahead that is one way

  20. Hugger Cornwall has it a great deal easier than what it is like here in Ottawa. You lived here all your life except for whatever amount of years you went to Corwnall and the traffic here in Ottawa is utter insanity. People in Cornwall can get around easy compared to Ottawa and lots of parking. Here in Ottawa parking is unbellevably rare and when you find it at highly atrocious prices.

  21. Author

    Jules I am not at the controls 24/7 – please do not keep posting until you see one of your comments through. Patience 🙂

  22. Author

    Jules did you actually say something nice about Cornwall?

  23. My issues with the LRT are with the lack of proper planning. Yes, the LRT will be ready in 2015 and completed, theoretically, in 2030. Those plans are relying on current population trends. If those trends change the LRT will be be useless. As well, if they plan on using the same scheduling/maintenance practices they use on the buses and O-train then it will become a glorified bus service.

  24. Yes, some high earners do ride the bus to work. But to get to meetings, etc do not expect executives to ride the LRT. Take a look at the mess the TTC has been in lately.

  25. For inter-city bus and/or trains to work for Cornwall the demand must be there. It is a Catch 22 situation. For the demand to be there the service must be there. And for the service to be there the demand must be there. And yes I prefer Cornwall, it’s easier to get around. In Ottawa in 10 minutes you get a few exits on the 417. In Cornwall you can get almost across the city.

  26. Jamie did I say something nice about Cornwall? Oh dear I slipped this time. I don’t know what I said to go against my usual character and shock the living hell out of Hugger. LOL LOL. ROLF! I literally just fell to the floor with laughter and wondered what I said that was so nice about Cornwall. I have been piecing a difficult quilt here and something awful strange must have come out of me.

  27. Hugger everything is a real mess here in Ottawa from Herdman Station to Riverside Drive and all throughout the city is a mess as we speak let alone what the LRT will bring. I am kind of weary about this system and at the same time it will help people get around faster. The population is a lot and growing all the time. I don’t know what the outcome will be of all of this.

  28. Hugger if you blink in Cornwall you find yourself just about at the other end of town. Here in Ottawa you are stuck in traffic and then the race begins like a horse race with the cars. I just cringe at the traffic here and I never wanted to learn to drive at all. I had a dream while in Cornwall and a nightmare of me driving at night on empty streets. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  29. Driving from one end of Cornwall to the other takes no more than 10 minutes at tops maybe even less. Cornwall is mighty small and if you blink you are in trouble because you will miss out because you will end up outside the town. LOL LOL. Ottawa has the worst drivers in the country and maybe the world itself. I just cringe while hubby curses at everyone on the roads. It is very stressful.

  30. Jamie, Hugger and folks I spoke about the LRT and had Hugger’s shorts all up in knots well knots would hardly be the word if he saw all the construction of LRT all over Ottawa and here is something to see and read just on Queen St.
    Egan: The price of LRT: The royal mess that is Queen Street

  31. Hugger I worked as a receptionist at a temporary job back in the 80’s after I left my permanent government job and I had a two week assignment and went around with agencies and public service and I had control of the “taxi chits” and had to refuse many executives their rides with taxis and there were controls put on back then.

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