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It is that time again for us to be aware of animals and children left in hot cars. Dr. Ernie Ward’s video at: http://drernieward shows him placing himself in a hot car and how fast he wanted to get out of it, suffering so quickly from the intense heat after only minutes. Another informative website is

If you see a child or animal left in a hot car, please call 911 or your local OSPCA or your police department, which in Cornwall is: : 933-2110…Every second counts.

DF June 3 16Our beloved priest, Father Claude Hallé, will be celebrating 50 years of priesthood in August. Father Hallé is best known for his many years as Chaplain at our former Hotel Dieu Hospital and in more recent years our new Cornwall Community Hospital as well as his ministries to the residents in Nursing and Retirement Homes. There will be a celebration Mass on Sunday June 12th at 2pm at the St. Felix de Valois Church, 620 Glengarry Blvd. followed by a reception in the church hall. Congratulations, Father Hallé.

A recent newsletter from CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons) had an article about a clinical trial program called MINDSET to help in Alzheimer’s disease research.

Participants must be 50-85 years of age and are having problems with memory loss or have already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. They must be also be taking Aricept (donepezil). If participating in the clinical trials, they must be accompanied by a caregiver or loved one who is willing to oversee the participant’s information about how the person is doing throughout the study.

The researchers s are hoping to use the information to develop new drugs to treat the illness.

According to the MINDSET site, MINDSET is a Phase 111 clinical research program to evaluate an investigation medication RVT-101 for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s. They will study how patients given the RVT-101 medication along with donepezil will benefit or not cognitively and how it affects the performance of their daily routine in contrast to just taking donepezil alone.

Transportation assistance for travel reimbursement apparently will be provided and compensation for study-related times may be provided also.

Call 1-855-241-6288 for more information and for the locations in Canada and the USA where the clinical trials are being held or to the MINDSET web site.

Our local Alzheimer’s Society office is 106B Second Street West, Time Square. Phone : 613-932-4914or visit their web site at for more information on Alzheimer’s disease. They have a sign in the window of their office that reads: “Welcome”…and you are.

There are a lot of wonderful people in Cornwall and our young people are part of it. It is always great to see our young teens out in the community for a good cause. Recently I met two young lads who were selling TAGS to fundraise for the Army Cadets one Saturday afternoon in front of the Giant Tiger store. They both looked great in their smart uniforms and didn’t seem to mind the heat. The TAG says that their motto is:’ Acer Acerpori’ which means : “As the Maple, so the Sapling.” Go to their web site: for more information.

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The spring Child Haven newsletter shows many happy faces as usual of the children and staff in some of the ten homes in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Tibet in China. Child Haven International cares for and loves destitute and orphaned children and some destitute senior women also. They sponsor many other children not living in one of their homes for education and provide opportunity for informal education in a women’s center in Uttar Pradesh, India.

This incredible organization was founded in 1985 by Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino (Maxville) and Dr. Nat Shah(Cornwall). Go to: for more information. It is an inspiring web site.

The recent earthquake in Nepal caused a lot of problems for the Nepal home but they are recovering.

In the Savarsai Home everyone was saddened by the death of one of the boys , Avinash, who died from a cardiac arrest. His condition, though diagnosed, had not been treated yet for a scheduled valve replacement. He was a full orphan whose uncle brought home to the home when he was 7 years old. The newsletter published this beautiful Pindaric Ode in lovely tribute to Avinash:

Four centuries ago, the poet, Ben Jonson, compared the relative worth of an oak tree that lives three hundred years and a flower that blossoms for a day:

It is not growing like a tree

In bulk, doth make man better be;

Or standing long as an oak, three hundred year,

To fall a log at last, dry, bald, and sear;

A lily of a day

Is fairer far in May

Although it fall and die that night,

It was the plant an flower of light.

In small proportions we just beauties see;

And in short measures life may perfect be.

Child Haven is in dire need of donations to an Emergency Medical Fund. Their present donations are carefully earmarked for day to day expenses. When a child or staff member needs heart surgery or other critical treatment, they have to scrounge for money. There is no Government Medicare available at any of the homes. Your help is greatly appreciated. If you can help contact Fred Cappuccino at 613-527-2829 or:

By the way, a Pindaric Ode was named after the Greek philosopher and lyricist of the 5th. century, Pindar.

The newsletter always finishes with a quote from Rabindranath Tagore ……

“Let me light my light, says the star, and never debate if it will dispel the dark.”


Have a good week, Dawn


  1. Dawn my husband and I remember Father Hallé very well since he was one of the priests that we had at St. John Bosco church back in the 70’s era and he was one of my husband’s favorite people. I showed my husband the photo here of what Father Hallé looks like and it brought back many good memories. My husband remembers the talks that he had with Father Hallé in French since he knew no English.

  2. My husband is Lebanese from Lebanon and remembers Father Hallé very well as well as Father Lebrun. Father Lebrun’s sister Hélène who was my home room teacher at St. Michael’s Academy who was also a nun and a very nice person. Gee I sure do miss those good years. I had a home ec teacher a nun who used to call me Marie Louise LOL LOL. Those were very good memories.

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