Cornwall Ontario’s High Percentage of Sexual Offenders Exposed JUNE 24, 2016

Global News hard work and patience paid off as they now have published access information to statistics regarding where convicted Sexual Offenders live in the Province.

Cornwall Ontario, home to Project Truth, a $50M+ inquiry into pedophile rings which essentially were high priced cover ups of VIPs that covered up for pedophiles, sadly rates in the top category

Population, 2011 census: 29,573
Registered sex offenders, May 20, 2008: 66
Rate per 100,000, 2008: 223.18
Registered sex offenders, April 30, 2014: 73
Rate per 100,000, 2014: 246.85

From 2008 to 2014 there were 7 more sexual offenders registered in the Cornwall postal code.   This does not include those registered in South Stormont or nearby counties.

The case highlights abuse within the Attorney General’s office in the province.

“It is unbelievable to me,” Cavoukian told Global News. “Why would they then waste taxpayer dollars to appeal it to the Supreme Court of Canada, knowing that the likelihood of success was very limited, given the previous two decisions, and the fact that we’ve been given deference by the lower courts?

The study shows that sexual offenders tend to reside in communities with lower costs of living and housing such as Cornwall.

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  1. I figured that Cornwall’s population was a great deal less than 43K and the sign on the highway had 43K for many long years that I can recall. Everyone left Cornwall for good and people are still leaving. What is left behind are the pedophiles and those that belong to a clique along with those who cannot live in other cities and towns and the dyring and dead.

  2. And it starts. Look at Northern Ontario. It’s at 450. They live in areas of lower living and housing costs? Not surprised, as some of them have little or no income.

  3. I have no idea where they got their stats on the population, but they are wrong. The city is 46k, not under 30k as stated. With a population of 46k the rate would be much lower. As my math teacher in h.s. said any statistic or number can be manipulated to fit a desired result. This is a perfect example of that. But that’s not to say Cornwall doesn’t have an issue with sexual offenders.

  4. Author

    Hugger it goes by postal code. This was the K6H postal code.

  5. Hugger there is no way in hell that Cornwall is 46K and the town fed you an illusion. The town of Cornwall kept 46K on their placard for as long as I can remember and boy that is a mighty long time to remember. As we get older our minds fail. lOL LOL. That is Cornhole that has the K6H postal code. Cornhole is no more ahead than a northern outpost. Look out for the moose and bears.

  6. Hugger the stats are not wrong. Everybody left Cornhole during my day and after and Cornhole has kept the population up at 46K forever as long as I can remember. Even the dogs, cats, cows, horses, pigs, etc. have left town. All that is left are the dead, dying and the losers along with the fraudsters and sex abusers. What’s left. Your wacky Jules is right here in Ottawa where she belongs.

  7. If this is by postal code then it really is unfair. As I said before any statistic or number can be manipulated to fit a desired result. Yes, K6H has a rate of 246.85. But K6J has a rate of 174.25 and K6K has a rate of 188.47. That averages out to 203.19. K1L in Ottawa has a rate of 352.11. So, don’t tar and feather Cornwall when others are as bad or worse.

  8. Author

    Now Jules I’m not a fraudster or sex abuser and I’m here. There are some good people in Cornwall. However we are losing some of our youngest and brightest.

    I have heard from four individuals this week alone who are leaving. One finally sold his house. It took far longer than expected. (because local real estate agents boycott their best tool for advertising, CFN.)

    The point is that for decades now Cornwall has been losing it’s young and talented and replacing them with older seniors. That’s not a recipe for progress or growth.

  9. Jules, PLEASE do some research. Cornwall, city, is slightly over 46k, the metro area is almost 59k. And as much as some would like us to think “All that is left are the dead, dying and the losers along with the fraudsters and sex abusers” it just isn’t so. We are not dead, dying, losers, fraudsters or sex abusers. You wonder why I defend Cornwall so much. Your last post is a perfect example why.

  10. No comments on parts of Ottawa having higher rates than Cornwall?

  11. LOL LOL. ROLF! Jamie and Hugger don’t count yourselves in my comments and no you are not a sex abuser only lstuck in Dodge. I haven’t stopped laughing and that is the truth I swear to God. My daughter wanted to pick up the cheese La Vache qui rie and my husband told her it is already here (me)/. LOL LOL. I can’t stop my laughter at Cornhole. Honestly Hugger the population is very little.

  12. Jamie and Hugger what the town of Cornhole is counting are the dead in the graves. Cornhole replaces its population with the elderly and you can’t suck many taxes out of people on fixed incomes. People are leaving Cornhole including many seniors. Schools are closing in Corhole and no jobs at all to turn to. The economy is going to get a great deal worse and I told you that before.

  13. Jamie and Hugger when I say something stop putting yourselves in that picture. I am making fun of many but you two are out of it. I think that Jamie has a lot of stuff from me to write quite a comedy. Jamie I like and respect you and in no way would I count you as one of the evils and the same for you Hugger. You both know who I am referring to. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  14. Jamie of course there are some good people in Cornhole and that is the truth. It isn’t easy to uproot oneself and leave for better. It takes courage and usually youth to start over or be transferred and that too is hard. People left for education and a better life and schools are closing down in Cornhole and no young people left. There are public schools closing here and I know why.

  15. What schools are closing? If you’re referring to East Front and Gladstone ye sthey are closing. But they are combining in the new Bridgewood opening in September. East Front has got to be at least 75 years old, the building is old. As for Gladstone it dates back to the 1960’s. It’s cheaper to build a new school with newer technology than rebuild either school.

  16. I know we shouldn’t include ourselves when you say things about Cornwall. But I happen to like Cornwall and find it offensive when you say some of the things you say about Cornwall.

  17. Jamie since my days in school the best and brightest left Cornhole and that is the truth. I ran into some of them here in Ottawa years ago and I won’t mention names but all have left. You can pretty well count your fingers on one hand if you are lucky those who have remained in Cornhole. Parents have encouraged their children to leave because there was no future at all and much worse today.

  18. Jamie if it were not for your paper the sheeple of Cornhole and beyond would not hear the truth and as you well know the mainstream/lamestream media is well controlled and the truth doesn’t come out to the people at all. Only certain truths come out and the rest is hidden and the same with the journalists on the TV. If these journalists told the truth they would be fired.

  19. Hugger you should not be offended at all about what I say about Cornhole. If you go on google and look up the term Cornhole you will get a good description. I saw it before and I don’t know if it was google or I had such a good laugh and said that is the exact description and thanks to a well known Hollywood actress for the description. You all know her very well.

  20. I went on google and youtube and could not get the proper definition that I once saw and all it had to do was a hole in a board – some sort of a game. The “cornhole” that I once saw was very vulgar and I don’t think that Jamie would post it so I will leave the description out. LOL LOL. You can pretty well use your imagination. The image is in my mind and very funny and describes it well.

  21. Who cares , the point is we have way to many sex offenders, and you fight the courts to prove they did what they did, and it takes many years to get a guilty plea, and all i see is them getting 6 months house arrest, how stupid is that, they can leave their home/apt for groceries, work , dr’s appointments, and other things, not much of a house arrest . I really hate the justice system.

  22. In the U.S, they have a site that lets you know where sex offenders are located in your town, If there is one for our area, please let me know, if there is a link can you please post it thank-you in advance.

  23. Authorities and government agencies make mistakes, and being mistakenly listed as a sex offender could ruin a life — errors, cases overturned, common names, etc.

    Once on the internet, information spreads unchecked, and mistakes are not easily fixed or erased.

    Let law enforcement handle public safety, and if you find the justice system is ineffective, take it up with your Member of Parliament.

  24. Angela there is no law in Cornhole since the “real big sex offenders” run the hen house and you know who I mean. The US has tough laws and that is the way it should be and Canada is a joke to the world. Willie Wise is behind bars but Holy Cow Gilles Latour and Frosty the Fraudster are on the lam.

  25. Cornwall is the most notorious town for sex abuse even though things go on elsewhere but Cornwall takes the cake for it all. I remember a priest who said mass at a church that was not mentioned in the courts and was sent back to the US in 1960 and was notorious for sex abuse back then.

  26. Hugger take a good look at the map and make a good study. That is not Northern Ontario that is on the map. That is our Southeastern Ontario and the dot on the map is Cornwall yes the notorious Cornhole. I know my geography including around the world which most people today don’t know about.

  27. Yes the map that shown here is for Eastern Ontario. But if you click on the link provided it directs you to the news article from Global News. From there you can zero in on any postal code in Ontario. And Northern Ontario is at 450 and K1L in Ottawa has a rate of 352.11. So, don’t tar and feather Cornwall when others are as bad or worse.

  28. Author

    Hugger there was no tar and feathering. There is a chart on the map and Cornwall registers at the most extreme. Are there postal codes with higher amounts? Sure. Are we in competition? Bad is bad.

  29. Yes, bad is bad. IMHO it gets ridiculous that people still don’t get it that ANY sexual assault is unacceptable.

  30. When I refer to tar and feather it is to point out to others that there are other communities that have just as bad or worse ratings. This is not a competition. And no one wants to be at the head of this class.

  31. Cornwall has the highest rate of sexual offences among the towns of its size or similar size. This is very well known. I wouldn’t live in Cornwall if I were offered a million dollars and that is the truth. My well being counts ahead of everything. Cornwall is the worst place to live and that is exactly how I feel. If I were ot ever move it would have to be somewhere else that is a good place.

  32. The thing about these rating reports is that it puts everyone on an even keel; whether you’re from a city of under 50k or from a city of over 1 million. The rating of per 100k makes everyone the same. It makes comparisons quite easy. But this is not a competition anyone should want to be in , let alone be the leader. It is sad that people still don’t get that any abuse should not be tolerated.

  33. I’m a 71 year old survivor of child sexual abuse. I was born and raised in Cornwall and attended Nativity Parish School, and SLHS before I ended up running away after sequential sex abuse from age 8 onward. I’m still in recovery. What was done to me and fellow classmates can never be forgiven or amended for. The city’s pedophile ratings aren’t the main story. It’s all of the innocent victims and the church’s cover ups that make towns like Cornwall a scourge. Been there, done that, and wear the t-shirt as a long term victim of child sex abuse. And yes, I’ve published a book, so parents don’t raise children there.

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