Cornwall Police Charge DUSTIN O’BYRNE For Cenotaph Desecration JULY 12, 2016



Cornwall, ON – Dustin O’Byrne, 21 of Cornwall was arrested on July 11th, 2016 and charged with mischief to a war memorial, four counts of mischief and breach of probation. It is alleged sometime between July 9th and July 11th, 2016 the man spray painted letters on cenotaph located at the Legion Memorial Park on Second Street. It is also alleged the man was responsible for spray painting four other buildings in the area of the war memorial. Police were contacted and an investigation ensued. As a result of the investigation, members of the Criminal Investigation Division along with Community Patrol were able to form grounds for the arrest of O’Byrne. On July 11th, 2016 the man was located by police, taken into custody, charged accordingly and held for a bail hearing.





Cornwall, ON – A 15-year-old Cornwall youth was arrested on July 11th, 2016 and charged with take motor vehicle without consent, dangerous drive, fail to stop at the scene of an accident and breach of two probation orders for failing to keep the peace and being out past curfew. It is alleged on June 28th, 2016 the youth took a motor vehicle without consent, drove it in a dangerous manner along Montreal Road when he lost control and struck a sign and a tree on Montreal Road. Police were contacted and an investigation ensued. On July 11th, 2016 the youth was located, taken into custody, charged accordingly and held for a bail hearing. His name was not released as per provision of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.




Cornwall, ON – A 42-year-old Cornwall woman was arrested on July 11th, 2016 and charged with breach of undertaking for communicating with her ex-boyfriend. It is alleged the woman left a voice mail on the man’s phone and police were contacted to investigate. On July 11th, 2016 the woman attended police headquarters to deal with the matter. She was taken into custody, charged accordingly and held for a bail hearing. Her name was not released as it would identify the victim in the matter.




Cornwall, ON – A 21-year-old Cornwall man was arrested on July 11th, 2016 and charged with assault, threats, overcome resistance and breach of recognizance for being within 100 meters of his ex-girlfriend and for communicating with her. It is alleged during an argument on July 11th, 2016 at the ex-girlfriend’s residence the man assaulted the woman on two occasions, chocked her and threatened to harm her. Police were contacted and an investigation ensued. During the investigation the man was taken into custody, charged accordingly and held for a bail hearing. His name was not released as it would identify the victim in the matter.


  1. He should pay for the cost of cleaning!,

  2. Yes this idiot should be forced to clean up all the war memorials on the city as well as getting a criminal record for his stupidity, he is a free man in Canada because of our vets who fought for our freedom

  3. Yes this man should pay for the damage that he did to the statue and not only that he should be cleaning up the garbage around Cornwall’s shoreline and elsewhere. This man would never forget what he did after he is put to work for free doing menial jobs and anybody who does these and other crimes should be made to pay. I don’t believe in letting anyone off the hook and it will teach them.

  4. Best punishment would be first to pay for the cost of the cleaning in the form of community service which should include mandatory hours at the Cornwall Legion, Army Navy Club etc not to have a drink but to have a talk with those who have served for our country. Let him learn about the sacrifices made by so many. Let him try to look our vets in the eye while they describe the horrors they endured.

  5. You cannot just punish one and not the other. That idiot who defaced the poppy should have been thrown out a long time ago and made to clean the shoreline, etc. as well. I give equal punishment for their crimes. There is no law – only one for the rich and connected and the other for the rest. Who wants to respect the law when the big shots get away with it.

  6. No Canadian life was ever laid down in war for a “dumb” monument, and the dead (or worse) in “service to Canada” didn’t so much make a sacrifice, as were sacrificed — to powers and motives they never saw coming.

    Stones serving us as memorials to our war dead, serve our masters equally as a locus of obedience to their selfish ambition.

    Let the kid clean up and forgive him his trespasses.

  7. Make him volunteer with Veterans groups. He needs to understand what the cenotaph standa for, but some how I don’t think he will for he is 21 and if he hasn’t learned by now, he probable never will.

  8. This might be a good place for restorative justice. Have him clean his graffiti first. Afterwards have him discuss with some Veterans Cenotaphs meaning, finally, the govt should have a 8 week boot camp program for youth such as this, might do them a world of good and point them in the right direction. No, he doesn’t need another barrier with a criminal record, he needs to be given direction.

  9. Soo where was the outrage when someone knocked over that Inuksuk??

  10. So, the thumbs down eh?

    Listen, the legion’s not for Mr. O’Byrne, it’s for the lads that bought into the idiocy of King and country unaware – thanks to drink — that the legion was founded with government blessing to addle the tongues of veterans returning from the slaughter, lest they take up with anarchists and communists.

    Molson, Carling, O’Keefe, and Labatt were served well for a’ that.

  11. More money has gone down the urinals of Legion Halls, and to executive’s salaries and travel than ever made it’s way to where it was truly needed.

    The legion has nothing to offer Mr. O’Byrne… they’ve little more to render than does a reserve Honorary Colonel.

    Jimmy, You can wear a skirt in public these days — without scandalizing the Canadian Forces.

  12. I agree that this individual should clean the mess himself to its original condition. He should apologize publicly to the community of Cornwall and also to his indigenous community for failing to be respectful and failing to represent. Money and jail time seem to be proving the least effective route.

  13.’re surprised at the thumbs down?? With your comments I’m surprised no one has commented on them sooner. Your comments are disrespectful of the veterans and their sacrifices. If there is no stone cenotaph what do you propose we use a memorial to those who paid the ultimate price and those who survived?

  14. As a vet I would not want him any were near me or any of my comrades
    Do you really think he would get any more respect sitting with one of us as punishment

    He has no respect just shows a lot about today’s youth

    Let him pay for his crime

  15. Here in Ottawa there is the veterans statue downtown where the young soldier was shot by that man who was half Lybian and half French Canadian with a Canadian mother working in a good job in the government. That statue was always used as a urinal by people and a young soldier was hired to guard it and it cost him his life. People have no respect at all anymore and what a society and getting wors

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