Swarming Charges in Ottawa After OC Transpo Incident JULY 13, 2016

Charges laid in overnight swarming on OC Transpo bus


(Ottawa)— The Ottawa Police Service Robbery Unit has laid a series of charges following an overnight swarming in Barrhaven.

On July 12, 2016, at approximately 3:00 am, two males were aboard an OC Transpo bus travelling to Barrhaven, along with another group of teenagers. At one point, one of the suspects approached one of the victims and made a demand for a watch. When the victim refused, the same suspect produced a knife and made a demand for anything he had. At this point, the remaining members of the group joined in, assaulted the victim, and stole varying items from him. There was also an attempt to take property from the second victim. The group of suspects exited the bus at Fallowfield Station. They were located together a short time later by responding patrol officers and all arrested without incident. There were no injuries.

Brendan RENEGBANGA, 18 of Ottawa, is charged with the following offences:

  • Two counts of robbery
  • Two counts of Intimidation
  • Conspiracy

RENEGBANGA appears in court on August 9, 2016.

Five young persons, three males and two females, 15-17 years of age, are jointly charged with the following offences:

  • Two counts of robbery
  • Two counts of Intimidation
  • Conspiracy

One of the young persons is additionally charged with breach of a condition of a YCJA sentence, two others with possession of a weapon, and another is separately charged with Obstructing a Peace officer and Personation with intent.

Two of the youths appeared in court on July 12, 2016. One youth will appear in court on July 13, 2016. The remaining two suspects will appear in Youth Court on August 9, 2016.


  1. You will find a lot of insanity and low lifes on OC Transpo cattle cars and it is very dangerous at all times especially the evening when the insane go literally off their hinges. When the law is almost non existent and youths know that they can get away with crime and see the well connected get away what do you expect of society. It is a society of low lifes gone mad as hell.

  2. Parents today are not parents at all. Kids today need to be hung upside down and whipped for their crimes and a lot of adults as well need the same punishment. Society is getting a great deal worse than ever and there are no laws. If only I was the PM my God Almighty the laws that I would enact would scare the living hell out of everyone. I would be mighty strict.

  3. Goes back to a lack of discipline from the parents

  4. Hugger this is it like you said the lack of discipline from the parents. You grew up in the same era that I did and when we did something wrong in school we had the strap and parents disciplined their kids back in those days. Today it is a society of let them do what they want and look at what we have to show for it today.

  5. When I enrolled by daughter in a French school nearby St. Geneviève way back in the early 80’s the principal had the old desk and a dummy sitting on the seat of the desk and the strap with the metal pieces on the end. I told my daughter what all that was about and she just became frightened. That was how things were and we were much better for it – there is no discipline at all today.

  6. There have been many swarmings here in Ottawa that would fill Jamie’s pages and one happened in South Keys not long ago – lately in fact. If you go on youtube.com and bring up about the fights on OC Transpo Buses you will get yourselves a load of laughs. Even outside at the bus shelters – it is terrible. This isn’t a civilized society today. Even old ladies getting purses stollen, etc.

  7. I’m surprised it happened in Barrhaven or as some call it BBQhaven. Barrhaven is fairly safe. But the bus was travelling to Barrhaven, so no telling where everyone got on the bus. If you had said it happened in South Keys or Foster Farms area it wouldn’t have surprised me.

  8. Hugger Barrhaven is also known as “Farhaven” and the crimes are happening in all neighborhoods these days. My son was telling me just a while ago that OC Transpo is putting in more cameras everywhere on the buses. South Keyes like all areas are a mixture of people and lots of low lifes because of the low incomes. There are good people in that area as well as the worst.

  9. Hugger you also hit it on the nail about Barrhaven being BBQ haven and some of the people remind me of those of Corhole. LOL LOL. Yes you got that one right. Crime is everywhere anymore and we are surrounded by a lot of the low lifes of Ottawa Housing. Here in Ottawa the neighborhoods are mixed unlike in Cornhole. You can have the rich and nearby the section 8 housing.

  10. Foster Farm and those areas are very bad. Cornwall’s low income housing is very safe compared to what is here in Ottawa. All we see are the emergency vehicles going by and we always seem to know where they are headed. Things are so bad here in Ottawa compared to what they used to be. Society has changed so much over the years. Ottawa is no longer safe.

  11. Hugger do you remember the case where a man who lived in Winchester and was in the military killed his wife and dumped her body in South Keys near Wal Mart. He placed her body in a ditch in front of Wal Mart to make it look like one of the low lifes killed her when he was the culprit. These things happen everywhere and there is no safe place because society is very sick nowadays.

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