Sexual Assault Charges After Teen Incident in Centrepoint Store in Ottawa JULY 27, 2016

Ottawa man charged with Sexual Assault and Sexual Interference


(Ottawa) — The Ottawa Police Service Sexual Assault and Child Abuse (SACA) Section has charged an Ottawa man, following an investigation into an allegation of Sexual Assault.

On July 6th, 2016, a teenage girl entered a store in the 200 block of Centrepointe Drive in Ottawa.  While inside the store, she was inappropriately touched by a male employee.  The girl ran home and police were called.  An investigation was commenced by the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit of the Ottawa Police.

On July 26th, 2016, Mahmud JAME, 61 years old, of Ottawa was charged with one count of Sexual Assault and one count of Sexual Interference.  He will appear in court later today.

Sexual Assault and Child Abuse investigators are concerned there could be other victims.


  1. Centerpoint is a good area and in the Nepean area of Ottawa. These things happen everywhere since society is very sick and a mix of different people from all over. We have a friend who lives in Centerpoint with his family.

  2. In Arabic the name Mahmud means “praise worthy”. Woman are not equal in some religions and cultures. These instances will likely increase in frequency as our demographics change.

  3. Yup.. You just never hear about white Christians of European descent committing crimes of a sexual nature.

  4. Mr. Oldham in the Middle East women do not sit with men in the Christian churches nor in the mosques. Each one is separate to the other. The same in government you will not hear of women having important roles at all and the same in business. There are white men who do rapes here but it seems to be either Middle Easterners or Africans the most.

  5. The guy’s 61, it’s time to advocate for euthanasia, and STOP letting seniors into the country!

    In Canada men don’t pee with women. Each one is separate to the other.

    When men do their business, you hear if there’s no roll. But when women have no roll you don’t hear (they carry tissues).

    Some men do raps here, but most rappers are black as anything.

    Think… then post, LOL!

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