Strange Horsdal Private Robbery in Ottawa AUG 5, 2016

Suspects sought in robbery on Horsdal Private


(Ottawa)— The Ottawa Police Service Robbery Unit is investigating a recent robbery and is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the suspects responsible.

On Tuesday, August 2, 2016, at approximately 10:35 pm, a female suspect rang the doorbell of a residence along the 1-100 block of Horsdal Private. The female advised the occupant that she required assistance with her vehicle, and that it wouldn’t start. The victim accompanied the female to the vehicle parked nearby.  She entered the vehicle and appears to have pretended to try and start it.  At that point, the victim was accosted by a male suspect who placed the victim in a choke hold.  The victim was able to fight off the suspect, who then entered the vehicle. The duo then drove off, last seen on Blohm Drive. The victim had a gold chain taken during the course of the robbery. There were no injuries.

The suspects are described as follows:

#1-Caucasian female, English speaking with no accent, approx. 20 yrs of age, tanned complexion, approximately 5’4” (163cm), slim build, long dark blond hair (mid back). At the time she was wearing a beige top and light blue jeans.

#2-Male, unknown race/age, English speaking with no accent, approximately 6’1” (185cm) -6’2” (188cm), thin build. 

Suspect vehicle: Silver or white Honda Civic, 4d, newer model.

The motive behind this incident is unclear. At this time there is no information to suggest the victim was specifically targeted.

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  1. Horsdal and Blohm used to be a very good area and then all the unwanted moved in. There is a lady who is married with young children and she works as an interpreter in the federal government and works from home as a legal assistant as well as translation in Arabic/English/French for people and we hired her a few years ago. The area is beautiful but when you have a certain people there goes the n

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