Dog Left in Vehicle Charges in Brockville #BPS Police Blotter AUG 23, 2016

Dogs Left in Vehicles

On August 19th at 11:44 am and 8:22 pm, Brockville Police Officers responded to complaints of dogs being left in vehicles for extended periods of time.

One dog was removed from a vehicle on Blockhouse Island while the owner was on a cruise.   The second vehicle contained three dogs and was parked in the King Street West area. Both owners were residents of Quebec and both issued fines under the city by-law for inhumane treatment of an animal. Officers seized the animals and took them to a local shelter until the owners were tracked down or attended the Police station.

These types of complaints have been far too frequent this summer. Five minutes is a long time to leave a pet locked in a parked vehicle. Police recommend leaving your pet at home on hot days. A partially open window(s) is not sufficient to protect the animal.


Intoxicated Male

On August 19th at 8:54 pm, Brockville Police attended the Brockville General Hospital to deal with an intoxicated man outside one of the entrances.

The local 39 year old was arrested and charged with public intoxication. He was taken to the station but after a short stay, it was decided that he should be monitored medically for his own well being. When sober, he was released from the hospital and issued a fine.


Probation Breach

On August 20th at 4:17 am, Brockville Police checked on a vehicle with two occupants, parked at the Mac Johnson Conservation area.

Officers spoke with a local 18 year old male and a 15 year old female. The male was found to be on a probation order with one of the conditions involving no contact with a female under the age of 16 years. He had been convicted of child luring originally.

The young man was charged with breaching his probation and issued a future court date.


Theft of Liquor

On August 19th at 10:28 am, Brockville Police took a theft complaint from the LCBO on King Street West.

The previous day, an unknown male removed a bottle of rye from the store. Officers identified the suspect as a local 47 year old, known to them, after seeing video footage.

On the day of the theft, prior to attending the liquor store, the accused man had an appointment at the Brockville Police station to have his fingerprints taken for other criminal offences. Officers noted that the suspect was wearing the same shirt for both the prints and the theft. The accused was also on conditions of probation and an undertaking for other charges. He has yet to be located but faces charges of theft, breaching his probation order and his undertaking.


Wanted Man

On August 20th at 2:28 pm, Brockville Police stopped a vehicle on Broad Street.

A local 51 year old male was an occupant of the vehicle and wanted on a warrant held by our Service. The man was arrested and charged with three counts of breaching his probation order. The warrant stemmed from an incident earlier in August when the man approached another male he was to have no contact with.

He was held in custody for a bail hearing later today.


Public Intoxication X Four

On August 20th at 6:18 pm, 7:35 pm, 9:35 pm, and then on August 21st at 7:56 am, four local males were arrested for public intoxication. The first three took place on south end streets and the fourth was near the 401 overpass on North Augusta Road. All four males are known to the Brockville Police. They were released with fines when sober.

Their ages in order of arrest were, 42, 50, 31 and 64 years.


Stolen Vehicle

On August 20th at 8:04 pm, Brockville Police took a report of a stolen vehicle. Sometime between 8:00 pm., on the 19th and 8:00 pm., on the 20th, a 2006 Dodge Durango was removed from a residence in the central/west area of the city. The vehicle is grey in colour and the keys had been left inside.


Domestic Assault

On August 21st at 9:15 am, Brockville Police attended a domestic dispute at a south end residence.

A local 48 year old male attended the residence to pick up his child at his ex-wife’s home. A verbal confrontation began between the female resident and a female passenger in the vehicle who was the current partner of the man. The 45 year old woman approached the vehicle and threw a glass of coke through the window. When the male tried to intervene, she slapped him across the face resulting in a small cut.

Officers arrested and charged the woman for assault. She was released later with a future court date and placed on conditions.


Break/Enter and Theft

On August 21st at 12:00 pm, Brockville Police responded to a break and enter to a north end apartment building.

The lone, elderly male, resident was recently admitted to a local hospital. Officers discovered his door insecure and began investigating. Several items had been removed from the residence, including a Toronto Police Service watch and a folding leather wallet badge.

If anyone has any information that may assist in identifying those responsible, please contact the Brockville Police at 613-342-0127 Ext. ‘0’



On August 21st at 5:11 pm, Brockville Police attended a north end box store for a theft complaint.

A local 46 year old female stole various items from the store making no attempt to purchase them. She was approached by loss prevention employees and returned to the store. Officers discovered she was in possession of a small quantity of marijuana as well. The woman was arrested and charged with theft and possession of a controlled substance.

She was released with a future court date and placed on conditions.

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