2 Car Collision Maitland & 417 in Ottawa by Roy Berger SEPT 2, 2016

Ottawa- A two car collision at the Maitland and Highway 417 turn off at 4:17 PM was responded to by two fire trucks and a paramedic team.

RB 2The messy accident did not result in any fatalities. No injuries are known at this time. Maitland can be a fairly congested boulevard especially during peak hours.

RB 3One car appeared to have turned into the other car’s lane. Cars behind the crash used an oncoming sidewalk to get by.

rb 4People can be in a rush on the Friday of a long weekend. Judging by the looks of the wind-shield, air bags can be helpful. This labour day weekend, slow down and look thrice.


  1. That “intersection” has needed to be redesigned for years. It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed at the intersection. It is very dangerous.

  2. Hugger did you hear about the Bangladesh diplomat’s daughter who was killed downtown pinned under a Tomlinson dump truck? One taxi driver that we knew way back in the 70’s and 80’s era accidentally hit a woman who was pregnant and pushing a carriage at the time and so many blind spots. Riding a bike here in Ottawa is complete and total insanity let alone driving a car.

  3. There is so much high speed driving here in Ottawa and all we hear are emergency vehicles going by. People are literally “INSANE” and I don’t say that lightly. They race and they don’t get any further ahead. If you are a pedestrian or a cyclist you risk your life out there along with other cars. There is a huge lack of cops on the road and you see none anymore not like what it used to be.

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