Another Failure for South Stormont Under Jim Bancroft & Tammy Hart – Condo Project Folds

Long Sault Ontario – Sour pussed backwards South Stormont mayor Jim Bancroft can only scratch his head as the biggest development project in South Stormont failed recently.

The Bentley Boardwalk condo development where the old Long Sault Marina is has gone the way of the Norwegian Blue Parrot.

Developer JC Godard was quoted as suggesting that there was no market for the proposed project.  Of course the bigger question was if the project was properly marketed because clearly going in most people knew it would not be populated by the locals.

tammy parkway HSThe township lost its only print newspaper after Mayor Bancroft, Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart, and a few of those on council actually campaigned against the community’s only print newspaper.

The township has seen some development as people with jobs in nearby Cornwall, including many senior City managers like  CAO Maureen Adams live in the community to not have to pay the excessively high taxes in Cornwall.



  1. You must mean that it flew away like the blue parrot. When you don’t have your brains on right then nothing will work. You just don’t say I want to build this and it is in the wrong place and the wrong time. Only the elderly and the dead and dying live in Cornhole and area. Young people have to leave and Cornhole is dead – completely dead.

  2. No fear, the Godard project will reappear in Cornwall.

    J-C’s projects are well received and managed, and contribute to employment and taxes in Cornwall.

    No friend to fellow businesses like CFN — unnecessary if your bread is buttered by the under-the-radar “uber” clique — he’s eligible for some $200,000 of our taxes, promoting Cornwall this year, being used to steer investors his way

  3. Jules, Jules, Jules……Long Sault is not Cornwall and Cornwall is not Long Sault

  4. Dang it Jamie… Whenever I see that picture of Tammy, I have to take a brisk walk and a cold shower.. She is HOT-HOT-HOT!!!!

  5. Hugger I know that Long Sault is not Cornhole and Cornhole is not Long Sault. Both towns are dead like dead wood and for the dying and the dead. Those “condoms” is what I always called them are not that healthy to live in. Even working in those towers at Billings Bridge, downtown, etc. here in Ottawa is so unhealthy and I came home with migranes. Living in them is unhealthy.

  6. When you have the clique involved Cornhole is finished. I remember the intelligent people that I went to school with and they are all gone except for a mighty few who stayed behind. Cornhole lost a great deal of population and intelligent minds. I have seen Cornhole go down hill throughout time and that is the truth.

  7. Author

    You should see her within spittle range Furtz ol chum….

  8. That’s it! It is almost Halloween and Tammy will be flying over my building with her broom. I better get ready for this one coming up. What a horror story!

  9. Furtz the only hot, hot, hot of Tammy is Satan’s fire and brimstone in her. What a horrible person. I am going to stock up with plenty of holy water to chase her away on Halloween.

  10. Author

    Jules you are such a Jules… rolf rolf 🙂

  11. Jules, I went to the gift store at St Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal back in 2001 and bought a small bottle of Oil of Saint Joseph. It’s amazing stuff… Good for coughs, colds, and pimples on your bum… and everything else that might ail you. Well worth the trip and the twenty bucks that it probably costs now. It’s even good for expelling demons and impure thoughts!

  12. Dear Editor,

    Use of expressions such as “Under Jim Bancroft & Tammy Hart” should be preceded with a warning.

    Something along the lines of “may evoke gross and upsetting image” or, “may induce nausea” or, “may result in erectile dysfunction”.

    Trusting that CFN will act more responsibly in future,


  13. Jamie you are the best and I truly love you for who you are – gee I better be careful of my working but honestly Jamie you have the best paper. I just came on and I am roaring with laughter like a lion. That Furtz makes me roar – thanks for the oil idea Furtz – I am on the floor just now trying to get up – too much laughter. Love you too Furtz.

  14. I have to pick up plenty of holy water to chase away those evil spirits. You don’t know who flies by that you don’t want as a visitor. LOL LOL. ROLF! Honest to God I laughed all night and today as well – I can’t stop laughing;

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