Freshco in Cornwall Ontario One of First Grocery Stores to Sell Alcohol OCT 28, 2016

Cornwall Ontario – For those of us who refuse to purchase beer at the Brewer’s Retail in the Cornwall area, Freshco will be one of the first grocery stores selling beer in the province and only outlet in Cornwall.

Brockville and Kingston are not getting locations to start.

67 grocery stores will be able to sell wine, while another 57 locations are selling both beer and cider.

It will be interesting to see how competitive prices are and if that will limit runs to Quebec for local drinkers.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Will grocery stores selling alcohol here in Ontario impact your shopping decisions?

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  1. This will cause the complete breakdown of society as we know it!
    Look what it’s done to Quebec if you need proof. Gawd help us all!

  2. It’s about time. Good for Fresh Co. This store is ahead of it’s time. It is the first and only grocery store to provide transportation free of charge to Cornwallis senior citizens. Good on you Freshco, keep up the good work

  3. No kidding Jamie my daughter went to pay with her bank card and a good thing that I was there to use my card. My daughter looks so young and is short and doesnt look her age at all. I told her that she will be aging gracefully and most likely better than her old lady. LOL LOL. ROLF! I forgot that today was Saturday and I am always confused.

  4. Domestic violence rates in Ontario according to the experts -“disturbing”. Add another log to the fire! Any form of intoxication is considered wrong, as it is a result of our wicked, sinful desires. Moderation is a joke! Simple supply and demand – increase the availability, and ease of purchase increase the misery – drunkenness, further family break down, increase in violence.

  5. Pastor Newton is absolutely right and anything to do with alcohol and drugs leads to family breakdown. I wish that I didn’t have kids to live through such a world that we have today. There is no good life except for the worst kind and getting much worse. A life of extreme sin and no morality left. We are on the start of a global economic crash and WWIII at our door.

  6. When you save $60.00 or more when buying 4 cases of wobbly pops (beer) where the 401 becomes the 20 why would you buy in Ontario? The savings pay the gas, covers lunch and lets you enjoy some country scenery. All the same I am glad that Freshco got the nod.

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