Redneck Revolution as President Trump Looms by Jamie Gilcig – NOV 9, 2016

Cornwall Ontario – In what has been one of the ugliest elections in human history Donald J Trump has taken his candidacy to the bring of victory as I type this.

This election was never supposed to be close.   The odds makers all over the World supported Hilary Clinton.

Social Media was the biggest winner of the day.  Listening to the Young Turks complain about Hilary’s team refusing to grant them an interview reminds me of the treatment that CFN gets here in our riding even though the bad guys know our impact.

Social media impacted this election like no other.   If Trump closes the deal, as is expected, he owes a lot to Matt Drudge and people like Alex Jones, who are big winners as anyone that wants to run for office Nationally will have to kiss the rings in elections moving forward.

The ugliness of watching traditional media lean so off the branch to support a candidate and essentially impeach their integrity essentially blew any essential journalism.    Main stream media will ultimately be the biggest loser.

Right now many are expecting the sky to fall, markets to plunge, and who knows what at the prospect of a President Trump.  If course if Mrs. Clinton were winning Mr. Trump’s supporters would be complaining as well.

Ultimately this election, at least to this writer, is about a rejection of the status quo for the powers that be.  For those with bad water in Michigan, hopelessly unemployed, struggling day to day with very little opportunity in site even when trying to follow the American Dream, the promises of Donald Trump overcame his clearly visible weaknesses.

That he wasn’t as polished as a traditional politician who might better cover up their deficiencies doesn’t mean that said politicians didn’t have said deficiencies.    Armies of the uneducated, the rural, the fringers, the center of the country essentially won the Redneck Revolution.   In the end they worked hard after swallowing his promises than all of the resources of the establishment who now will have to figure out what to do, win or lose.   Because you simply can’t ignore this election.

It has changed the World.

His candidacy tapped into the subjects that people talk about in their day to day lives as weird as they may be.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.  What we do know is that tomorrow we’ll know who is President Elect.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.



  1. Pure and simple the liberal dominated media got caught with their pants down after a failed attempt to influence an election with misinformation and bias. Obviously the votes that counted have spoken the simple truth. The American public is tired of electing career politicians who fail to deliver and fail to adequately represent their interests. Social media had it pegged from the start.

  2. A bad day for Hillary Clinton is a great day for the average American struggling against ever increasing taxation, failed policies and yet to be proven junk science. Not to mention thousands of Islamic terrorist attacks in the name of Allah. Obama called the attack in California work place violence. Right. We had work place violence on Parliament Hill. Ya, right. Make Canada great again someday.

  3. My reaction to Donald Trump winning was and still is HIP HIP HURRAY HIP HIP HURRAY HIP HIP HURRAY!!!! I am as happy as a clam and he is the only one to turn things around. Donald doesnt need the job he is too rich but wants to turn things around and can do just that since he is a very savvy business man.

  4. Author

    Jules I’m shocked that you’re a Trump supporter 🙂

  5. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton I know too much about them and will not speak about them here and up to all of you to investigate. We are stuck with the village idiot here in Canada and I hope that Donald will put him in his place. I am so happy and went out with my daughter and I smiled from ear to ear. Donald is absolutely right on.

  6. The odd time I listen to the Young Turks but very rarely ever. I used to listen to Alex Jones for 4 hours straight but I cannot do that anymore since he gives me migranes and I only nit pic at certain news stories and believe him to be 70 – 80% accurate and caught him with many lies in past years. I listen and I investigate whether he is telling the truth or not. Alex almost caused heart attack

  7. Jamie on all my replies and e-mails to people in the US and Canada and Europe and around the world I supported Donald Trump. Did you feel the earthquake under your feet. I am smiling ear to ear and very happy – he is a leader and strong. We need strong leadership not what we have here now. That is your wacky Jules and I mean it Jamie.

  8. Jamie I wish that we had a good leader here in Canada but we dont we have the village idiot and I never held that back at all and I mean that fully. Trump will put Justine in his place. Trump is very very wealthy and he doesnt need the money and was thinking about running many years ago when he was much younger but declined. The US and our Canada are in terrible shape.

  9. So Tonald Drump won. A savvy business man?? You can’t be serious. His companies have filed for bankruptcy six times. And let’s not forget Trump University. I see him as a one-term president. That is if he makes to the nd of his first term.

  10. Jamie we need our jobs back here in Canada like the US and our people are unemployed like the US. The Donald is a sharp and savvy businessman and politics will be something new for him to tackle. You never know that maybe he may speak for Hillary and Bill to be put in very high posts. Do you know that they are related 19th cousin to Hillary.

  11. Mrs. Trump (the present wife) is a sharp business woman and so is Ivana the first wife and both are East Europeans and very intelligent and they remind me a little of Jackie Kennedy (JFKs former wife). My husband was routing for Hillary and wanted to see Bill back in his playpen of all things. I routed for Trump and won.

  12. There is another thing that I wanted to add. Obamacare is a failure and was going to cost the US taxpayers a ton of money that the people could not afford. Dr. Ben Carson who was running for president said that they will all get together and figure out another system for the people. Trump is still the best one out there just now besides that doctor.

  13. America’s political elite failed to consider, the number of poorly educated, financially strapped, and morally disoriented citizens — frustrated and angry with their lot and with nothing to lose — that would find Trump appealing.

  14. A Redneck Revolution is far better than what Canada has come up in allowing Premier Wynne ruin Ontario. And seeing we, the people, gave her and our Prime Minister a Liberal majority for change, we lovingly and with great pride embrace our Ninny Revolution. By the way, I did not vote for either Trump nor Hilary.

  15. They say Tronald Dump was elected because people were tired of the old boys network. But yet they elect the poster boy of the old boys network.

  16. Jamie and folks if you look at who is protesting Donald Trump it is the extreme leftists of communists, illegal immigrants, as well as Muslims. Those of us who are educated, want peace and prosperity, as well as against terrorism vote for Trump. I am 100% behind Donald Trump and yes he has his faults like all of us – nobody is perfect. If you all knew about Bill and Hillary Clinton. OMG.

  17. Hugger do you ever think of how many businesses have gone bankrupt and came back again. Business is risky no matter what you do and I have seen many come and go throughout my 65 years. Even the best of people have made bankruptcy and I know some in Cornhole – not Frosty the Showman but good people.

  18. Hugger bankruptcy is a way of getting rid of bad debts. In bankruptcy the bankrupt person still has to bake payments of a certain amount for a certain amount of time before being discharged. Donald Trump is a very savvy business man and started out with a million dollars from his father and made billions and billions of dollars. Yes he is a very savvy business man. Bankruptcy is not the end.

  19. No human being is infalible – only God is infalible. Sometimes I wonder what mistakes God has made with having certain people who do a great deal of harm to others here on earth. Trump made bigger mistakes than bankruptcy and so have many others. If you knew about the Clintons you would be in terrible shock.

  20. To think a person that has bankrupted his companies six times would make a good president is just wrong. And with no political experience. Seriously?? And yes Jules someone who goes bankrupt does make payments, but no where near what they actually owe. Just look at Brock Frost paying $80k on over #2 million in debt.

  21. Author

    Which post Tom?

  22. Hugger many people fail in life and like I said nobody is perfect. Trump has many companies on the go and the man doesn’t sleep more than three or four hours a night – he is constantly working which is not good for the health. Brock Fraud got himself in a huge financial mess and yes ini bankruptcy they only pay a portion back and the rest is on the taxpayers backs.

  23. Pastor Newton join the club. Most of my posts do not make it here on CFN. LOL LOL. Jamie has quite a collection that would make your head spin. There has to be no less than 1000 of my posts not posted. LOL LOL. Jamie uses them for his headache days. Something to laugh and curse at.

  24. Pastor Newton it takes dimwitted Canadians who voted for two libtards Winnie the Poo and Justine. Honest to God as my witness when I go on line on US forums, etc. I poke plenty of fun at Justine and I use the names that Jamie will not print – that is freedom of speach. LOL LOL. ROLF! I wanted someone hard line and Trump is it. Maybe he will serve only one term but better than the same crimina

  25. If Trump gets wind of the sink holes here in Ottawa he would just scream. Today some of the workers on the LRT were trapped below and it took the fire department to get them out. Both Canada and the US are falling apart at the seams and with Justine and Winnie the Poo there is no hope. I wanted to exchange Justine for Trump and was begging the Yanks to take him off our backs.

  26. Failing in life is one thing. Bankrupting six companies and expecting to be a successful President is quite another. As for Brock Frost lying to a bankruptcy trustee is a no-no. That will get him into trouble like he has never see before.

  27. Jules, once again, please read before posting. The three LRT workers were not trapped. They just need help getting out as some rebar had fallen on their lift. And don’t compare Trudeau to Wynne. The two are totally different. Yes they are both Liberals. but that’s where the similarities end.

  28. This Trump University would be the same as what Benson University would have been if it went through the cracks in Cornhole. All these rich people feel that they are above the law. Out of the two candidates Trump is still the best. If only all of you knew about Bill, Hillary and the Bushwhacks you would be hiding in caves. OMG Almighty.

  29. Donald Trump might be assassinated and I listened to that yesterday and was in tears because I will never forget what happened to JFK. I refused to go to church after that happened and I kept my promise because I know everything from top to bottom who is behind all of that assassination and not the man who was accused falsely but was in on the plan – he was only their patsy.

  30. All the bad that is happening to all of us today and in past years had to do with the banksters as I call them as in gangsters which they all are. You wouldn’t see me invest at all into anything from what I know. A big economic crash is coming and all done by the banksters and Trump knows it very well and there is no way out except to crash it globally.

  31. More of I know because I know rhetoric?

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