Redneck Revolution as President Trump Looms by Jamie Gilcig – NOV 9, 2016

Cornwall Ontario – In what has been one of the ugliest elections in human history Donald J Trump has taken his candidacy to the bring of victory as I type this.

This election was never supposed to be close.   The odds makers all over the World supported Hilary Clinton.

Social Media was the biggest winner of the day.  Listening to the Young Turks complain about Hilary’s team refusing to grant them an interview reminds me of the treatment that CFN gets here in our riding even though the bad guys know our impact.

Social media impacted this election like no other.   If Trump closes the deal, as is expected, he owes a lot to Matt Drudge and people like Alex Jones, who are big winners as anyone that wants to run for office Nationally will have to kiss the rings in elections moving forward.

The ugliness of watching traditional media lean so off the branch to support a candidate and essentially impeach their integrity essentially blew any essential journalism.    Main stream media will ultimately be the biggest loser.

Right now many are expecting the sky to fall, markets to plunge, and who knows what at the prospect of a President Trump.  If course if Mrs. Clinton were winning Mr. Trump’s supporters would be complaining as well.

Ultimately this election, at least to this writer, is about a rejection of the status quo for the powers that be.  For those with bad water in Michigan, hopelessly unemployed, struggling day to day with very little opportunity in site even when trying to follow the American Dream, the promises of Donald Trump overcame his clearly visible weaknesses.

That he wasn’t as polished as a traditional politician who might better cover up their deficiencies doesn’t mean that said politicians didn’t have said deficiencies.    Armies of the uneducated, the rural, the fringers, the center of the country essentially won the Redneck Revolution.   In the end they worked hard after swallowing his promises than all of the resources of the establishment who now will have to figure out what to do, win or lose.   Because you simply can’t ignore this election.

It has changed the World.

His candidacy tapped into the subjects that people talk about in their day to day lives as weird as they may be.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.  What we do know is that tomorrow we’ll know who is President Elect.

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