Santa Denier In Trouble in Kingston Again POLICE BLOTTER Nov 21, 2016


Police Bulletin

Calls for Service

Kingston Police had 215 calls for service during the weekend of November 19-20, 2016. Of these 145 calls occurred in the city central area, 53 in the west end, five in the east end, and two north of Highway 401. Some of these included:

  • 5 domestic calls
  • 2 assault calls
  • 2 harassment calls
  • 6 fight/disturbance calls
  • 4 undesirable calls
  • 1 customer trouble call
  • 7 alarm calls
  • 1 neighbour dispute call
  • 7 noise complaints
  • 2 trouble with kids calls
  • 1 missing person call
  • 4 Mental Health Act calls
  • 10 medical assist calls
  • 9 assist citizen calls
  • 4 break and enter calls
  • 24 theft calls
  • 1 shoplifting call
  • 3 mischief calls
  • 1 fraud call
  • 24 motor vehicle collisions
  • 1 impaired driving call
  • 2 parking/vehicle complaints
  • 5 driving complaints
  • 1 traffic concern
  • 10 suspicious activity calls
  • 1 trespass/prowler call

There were 14 individuals arrested within the last 24 hours, with three men, between 20 and 35 years of age, held for later release or to attend bail hearings for the following offences: assault, theft and breach of Recognizance.

Residents are encouraged to view the Kingston Police Crime Mapping Tool that can be accessed through the website here. To further community awareness and improve accessibility to calls-for-police-service occurring in the community, Kingston Police has merged Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology with police calls-for-service data for user-friendly public consumption.

Former Santa Denier in Trouble Again for Assault during Holiday Season


A 28-year-old local man appears to have trouble behaving himself whenever the holiday season approaches.

After being charged with causing a disturbance in 2012 by drunkenly yelling in front of children during the annual parade that Santa Claus wasn’t real, the same individual assaulted a man the day after this year’s parade.

At approximately 4:00 p.m. on November 20, 2016, the accused approached the victim, a 51-year-old man, at an apartment building on Conacher Drive. Being upset with him over a matter the accused began striking the victim with his fists and then put him in a choke hold.

Kingston Police uniform patrol officers were dispatched and attended. They observed injuries to the victim and then located the accused in a nearby apartment hiding under a kitchen sink. He was arrested, transported to police headquarters and lodged in cells to attend a bail hearing the following day. He is facing charges of assault and two counts of breach of probation.

Impaired Driver Who Fled on Foot Following Collision Arrested


A 29-year-old local man is facing impaired driving charges after a series of events, including a search for his vehicle, a collision with a lamp pole, and his fleeing on foot, finally led to his capture.

Starting at 10:30 p.m. on November 20, 2016, a west-end licensed establishment called Kingston Police after a customer who appeared intoxicated left their parking lot in a blue Ford pickup truck. Officers attended and searched the area with negative results.

A short time later, at approximately 11:00 a.m., a single motor vehicle collision was reported in front of Frontenac High School located on Bath Road. The truck had completely knocked over a lamp post and then struck a hydro pole, sustaining heavy damage to the driver’s side and causing the airbags to deploy. A witness had seen the driver flee on foot.

At 11:15 p.m. a homeowner in the 400-block of Roosevelt Drive called police to advise a man had attended his door and appeared to have been involved in a collision. Officers attended and located the accused hiding behind a shed in the backyard. He showed signs of intoxication, was the same person employees had seen leave the bar parking lot, and was also identified to be the registered owner of the truck.

The accused was arrested and transported to police headquarters, where samples of his breath by a qualified technician revealed he had approximately three times the legal limit of alcohol in his bloodstream. He was charged with impaired driving and driving with excess blood alcohol.

The accused was later released on a Promise to Appear (PTA) with a future court date. His driver’s licence is automatically suspended for 90 days and would face a one year suspension if convicted. The vehicle was seized and impounded for seven days, with the accused being responsible for all fees and fines.

kps-collisionPhotos taken at single vehicle collision scene with lamp and hydro poles

Woman Who Made Numerous False 911 Calls Charged


A 30-year-old local woman who has called falsely called or hung-up on 911 emergency services ten times since the summer has been recently arrested for yet another occurrence.

The woman began calling the Kingston centralized 911 communications centre in July of 2016, in the majority of cases hanging up. This still caused Kingston Police to have to attend the woman’s Compton Street residence to ensure her safety and well-being, taking officers away from other priority calls for service and investigating false circumstances.

On November 5, 2016, the woman again called 911 but attempted to impersonate a very young child, advising communications staff that her mother required assistance. The woman had been warned by police regarding her misuse of the emergency system, but shortly after midnight on November 20 dispatchers again received a call from the same phone number, which once more was hung-up before any information could be obtained.

Two uniform patrol officers were dispatched to the residence, and after confirming once again there was no emergency or need for first responders, the woman was arrested for public mischief by misleading police to enter into an investigation. She was transported to police headquarters, processed, lodged in cells and later released on a Promise to Appear (PTA) with a future court date and placed on conditions through an Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Undertaking.

Kingston Police understand that people can misdial or pocket dial 911, even though there are easy ways to avoid the issue. If this occurs please stay on the line, explain the mistake and this avoids officers being dispatched to your location. For mobile devices it is recommended to have a lock on your phone and don’t assign 911 to a speed dial. Don’t provide children old cell phones as a toy, as 911 can still be dialed even if there is no cell phone provider subscription service. At the very least remove the battery so it is inoperative. It is also recommended to have an age-appropriate conversation with your children about the proper use of 911.

Lastly, 911 should only be used for recent or ongoing emergencies. It should not be called for obtaining weather or traffic reports, and any non-emergency incidents should be directed to our general line of 613-549-4660. Many non-emergent instances can also be reported through the Kingston Police online service found on our website.

Only use 911 for its intended emergency purposes

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