Cornwall Comments on Dysfunctional & Late City Road Construction DEC 8, 2016

Cornwall Comments on Dysfunctional & Late City Road Construction  DEC 8, 2016

Cornwall Ontario – One of the things I’ve always said about Cornwall that’s great is that you can get anywhere in less than ten minutes.

City Hall has found a way to ruin that; perhaps courting Montrealers to feel at home and move here by allowing construction jobs of major intersections to get bogged down.

The city commented about a few of them in a press release.

City of Cornwall provides update on road construction projects

The City of Cornwall would like to provide an update on three major road construction projects.

Work on the Brookdale Avenue, Fifth Street and Marleau Avenue projects are nearing completion for the winter season and they will be open to traffic, with final touches being completed in early 2017.

Given the extensive nature of the work at Fifth Street and Marleau Avenue, both projects were originally scheduled to carry over into 2017.

Fifth Street
The work on Fifth Street will be substantially completed by Tuesday, with a final layer of asphalt as well as placement of top soil and sod being done next year.

Marleau Avenue
The lanes on the north side are complete and open for one lane in each direction over winter. McConnell Avenue has also been paved with base course asphalt. The remaining phases of this major road widening project will be completed in the spring. Utility relocation on this project is a significant component, and is still ongoing.

Brookdale Avenue
The Federal Bridge Corporation Ltd. and its contractor, Louis W Bray Construction, has advised the City that Brookdale Avenue should be reopened by mid-December. The final phase involves the installation of new street lighting and that work is being completed at present.

In particular the 9th and Marleau mess is brutal as it’s a major four way intersection.   Likewise the late Brookdale access.

This also means that there will be further delays in 2017.   One CFN viewer emailed suggesting and hoping that this wasn’t because of botched budgets rather than just incompetence.

And of course the Second Street bike paths are impacting one of the busiest East West routes in Cornwall aggravating many who drive it regularly.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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