Romanian Nationals Charged in Ottawa With Short Change Scams DEC 14, 2016

A total of eight “short change scammers”arrested and charged


(Ottawa) — The Ottawa Police Service Organized Fraud Section has charged eight people involved in an organized fraud scheme.

The seven adults and one young offender are believed to belong to a criminal organization of “short change scammers” that have been targeting retail stores in the Ottawa area. They use “sleight of hand” tactics to confuse and subsequently short-change retailers, often walking away with hundreds of dollars.

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The eight have been charged with Fraud, Conspiracy and Possession of proceeds of crime.

Charged are:

*       Andrei KVEC, 29 years old (m), Romanian national

*       Ion KVEC, 31 years old (m), Romanian national

*       Mariora ROSTAS, 27 years old (f), Romanian national

*       Simone SAVA, 25 years old (m), Romanian national

*       Huliv ROSTAS, 24 years old (m), Romanian national

*       Nicolas ROSTAS, 19 years old (m), Romanian national

*       A 17 year old young offender (f), from England

Andrei SAVA, a 31 year old male described as a Romanian national, is still outstanding.

Simone SAVA has appeared in court on December 13; the others will appear on December 14.

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