Another Ottawa Stabbing ELMIRA IRIS Streets JAN 9, 2017

Stabbing Elmira Drive/Iris Street


(Ottawa) — The Ottawa Police Service is investigating a stabbing that occurred during the late night hours of January 6th and early morning on January 7th 2017. Police were called to the area of Elmira Drive and Iris Street, where they located an adult male with stab wounds. The male was transported to the Ottawa Hospital with non life-threatening injuries. There are no suspects in custody.

Anyone with information regarding this stabbing is asked to call the Ottawa Police’s West Criminal Investigations Section at 613-236-1222, ext. 2666.


  1. Iris Street in the far west end is a very bad place – lots of low income housing and people are nuts. You would all be shocked to see what is happening here in Ottawa. Cornwall’s cops would go totally nuts in less than an hour working with Ottawa’s cops.

  2. Iris,/Elmira is not as bad as your saying. Yes there are government subsidized housing but there is also a private school, a nursing home, strip plaza, plus many residents that own very nice bungalows. The crime rate is actually pretty low considering the government housing and other cities have much higher.

  3. I live in Ottawa South and we have very nice homes and in fact just in the back of my building has homes in the value of around $1 million dollars and it means nothing. The crime is something else and the bad come out at night most of the time. There is a lot of social housing as well. I will have to look at Ottawa’s papers now. Iris is a well known street of trouble here in Ottawa.

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