Cornwall Square Child Rapists Mall of Choice NABBED by CCPS Jan 27, 2016

CORNWALL ONTARIO – David Maracle was convicted of raping a 14 year old girl in 1997.   The 51 year old was picked up at a shopping mall after a tip by a CFN viewer.

He’s an example of the system failing.     Convicted in 1987 of sexual assault, he raped the 14 year old after going through the system.

He escaped from a Halfway House in Kingston Sunday, and was picked up in a shopping mall Thursday night.

Think about that?

Luckily there are no reported crimes that he committed while escaped from the Henry Trail Community Correctional Facility for five days.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Do people who commit these kinds of crimes deserve tougher sentences?

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  1. Sure shows what can be accomplished by people who read CFN , congrats to that reader..well done

  2. That touched a core in me!!! They should NOT allow rapists to live in halfway houses or leave them out of jail for any period of time!!! They should definitely have a stiffer punishment, when it comes to jail time!! They also need therapy!!! As being a survivor myself, I lived in my own jail cell, trapped by an abuser who inflicked unmentionable things to me! THE SYSTEM HAS TO CHANGE!!!

  3. Thank God, they caught him!!! I pray for the girl he destroyed! May she find peace within herself!!

  4. Jamie you have the very best paper and I mean that fully my friend. The toilet papers of record are not being sold anywhere in North America and are going under because it is all crap. You are the best. If it were not for your paper then the culprit would never have been caught going on to destroy other lives. I believe in castration for these people and the death penalty.

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