Would You Like to Be Cornwall Ontario’s 11th Councilor? FEB 20, 2017

CORNWALL ONTARIO – As many regular CFN viewers know, CFN and its viewers played a strong role in dumping corrupt former Mayor Bob Kilger and half of his council last election.

While the progress in that exercise was getting people to think about issues and take action for change, clearly the mission hasn’t been accomplished.  People have to learn that an election should never be a popularity contest and that it really is important to know the issues and educate yourself to get what you want done in a community.

CFN will be supporting candidates that want to truly and honestly cut taxes and waste in this city, but more importantly effect change at city hall by removing the dead wood that has led to the higher taxes.  Too many of those on this current council are simply using the position to line their own pockets or step up the cronyism ladder.

It’s time to not elect people based on who their dad is; or see partisan politics enter municipal politics.

In the meanwhile as the election drums start to beat towards 2018 we are going to invite our viewers to submit articles and be Cornwall’s 11th Councilor.

If you have an issue that’s important and want to have your say email info@cornwallfreenews.com

If you have solutions to make Cornwall a more inclusive and progressive community our soap box is your soap box.

If you want to see more of our younger people find jobs and build  lives in Cornwall instead of seeing City Councilors try and find rides for our citizens to work in Ottawa like Justin Towndale did this weekend send in  your solutions.

If you want to hold our local agencies accountable as they spend OUR money send in your letters.

If you don’t want seniors to be cited for playing Abba at 7PM send in your letters.

It takes a village to make a community.   It’s time to be more active.

Now is your chance!

Send those letters, pics, and even your own video rants to info@cornwallfreenews.com

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  1. Jamie,

    I certainly am seriously thinking about running in the next election. Like anything else, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

    Take Care,

    Diane Shay

  2. Author

    Diane I think Cornwall needs more people like yourself to step up and make the change as long as it wouldn’t impact your health.

  3. Diane Shay you are one great lady and you deserve the job as councellor. The problem is that there are many and none of them are any good who are there just now. They are there for a pay cheque and the taxes are way too high and businesses are leaving one after the other. I noticed another business closed today here in Ottawa – high taxes and not enough revenue.

  4. This morning my husband and I went to Billings Bridge to go to Swiss Pastry to get some cake and found out that it is out of business. My daughter was speaking to her co-workers and they were aware of it 50 years in business and gone – the taxes kill businesses.

  5. Diane Shay Jamie is right Cornwall does need more good people like yourself to come forward and straighten things up down there. Taxes are way way too high even when we lived there and wondered what are we paying for. Things have to be done and you have to drain the swamp from the top to the bottom. Take good care of your health Diane – life is mighty short.

  6. At this point, y’all could make Billy Idol mayor and have a city council consisting of Kenny Powers, the Trailer Park Boys, and the Spice Girls and it would still be a tremendous improvement from King Leslie and Lady Elaine’s Neighborhood of Make Believe.

  7. Jamie.

    I will admit that my health could be an issue but I have unfinished business with the City and at the end of day it could improve my health should I have a small impact at changing their corporate culture.

    After over 20 years with the City I know all the players and I have actually taken the clerks/treasures course to understand government operations.

    Take Care,


  8. I would love to see Jamie as mayor and have the right bunch as council. What I see on council are a bunch of clowns who know absolutely nothing. Hard times are here and getting much worse and people need people with brains and know how to sort out the mess of Lez and his dingbat council as well as the mess from BOB. So many stores closing here in Ottawa – high taxes and no sales.

  9. Diane with the course you took you would know a little of how the wool is pulled over the sheeps eyes. LOL LOL. ROLF! Diane I don’t want to see your health compromised since you have been through enough but I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do. You would sure have your work cut out for you that is for sure.

  10. Jamie is my choice for mayor and always was but I chose Lez in order to get rid of BOB and I knew that both were not capable for this job but you don’t hear all the nuttyness that followed BOB around under Lez. Taxes (business taxes) are destroying businesses.

  11. Money that could be helping municipalities, lowering our tax burden, servicing our debt, and funding our infrastructure and social programs are being wasted on useless wars, mass surveillance, and black ops projects that do not help us fight far-right “Islamic” terrorism.

    By November, the NDP will be far better able to fix this debacle than the Conservatives or *barfs* the damn Liberals.

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