SIU Ottawa Cst DANIEL MONTSION Charged MANSLAUGHTER of Abdirahman Abdi MARCH 6, 2017

Cornwall Ontario –  Please see CFN’s earlier coverage of the Abdi death.   LINK

SIU Lays Charges against Officer in Relation to Death of Abdirahman Abdi

Case Number: 16-OCD-193

Mississauga, ON (6 March, 2017) —  The Director of the Special Investigations Unit, Tony Loparco, has caused charges to be laid against an Ottawa Police Service officer in relation to the death of 37-year-old Abdirahman Abdi in July of 2016 in Ottawa.

The SIU investigation determined that in the morning of Sunday, July 24, 2016, officers were dispatched to the area of Wellington Street West and Fairmont Avenue. There was an interaction between officers and Mr. Abdi on Hilda Street, and he went into medical distress. Mr. Abdi was transported to Ottawa Civic Hospital where he died the next day.
As a result of the SIU investigation, 36-year-old Ottawa Police Service Constable Daniel Montsion is now facing the following charges under the Criminal Code:
  • One count of manslaughter, contrary to section 236(b);
  • One count of aggravated assault, contrary to section 268; and
  • One count of assault with weapon, contrary to section 267(a).
Constable Montsion is required to appear before the Ontario Court of Justice at 161 Elgin Street in Ottawa on March 29, 2017.
The matter is now properly before the courts. In consideration of the fair trial interests of the accused, the SIU will make no further comment.
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  1. Constable Montsion should have been dismissed from the Ottawa Police force immediately after he was charged with manslaughter and aggravated assault. The video evidence and accounts of several eyewitnesses reviewed during the 8 month police internal investigation makes no other choice possible. Obviously, there are no circumstances that could justify beating an unarmed suspect to death while att

  2. Under the police services act he keeps his job and pay until final determination is agreed upon. Sad, but true.

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