North Dundas Conservative Mayor Eric Duncan Comes Out of the Closet MARCH 8, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – In 2014 I asked if politicians should still be in the closet.   Today, in 2017, rising conservative star and North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan surprised very few people by coming out.  He came out on of all places Linked in.  He didn’t issue a press release; at least we didn’t get one.   There were no stories blaring on other area media.  It doesn’t show up in a simple google search.

Today, I’ve made an important decision in my life. I hope you will take a few minutes read about my decision to come out publicly as gay. Being in public life, the decision wasn’t easy or taken lightly, but I am ready to live my life more open and proud. My friends and family have been amazing these past few years. Their unconditional love and support has meant so much.

It was very apparent to people that met him and worked with him, but there has been a historical glass ceiling in his party when it came to gay politicians.  There are plenty of gay conservatives.  It surprising that so many would support a party that clearly didn’t publicly support them.   “Pink Politics” play a major role in many communities and regions as many in the gay community are extremely active politically.

PC leader Patrick Brown was flamed for showing up at Pride Events, as well as other PC MPP’s by the angry old white man segment of the Conservatives in Ontario.

It’s not that Eric didn’t have talent or wasn’t successful.  Much of the credit for MP Guy Lauzon’s success can be give to Mr. Duncan who was the MP’s executive assistant, according to his linked in profile, until 2016.

Eric should be judged on some of the slimy things he’s done politically rather than for his sexuality.  Sadly many in this region and in his own party may not continue to support him for coming out which is insane.

The argument for politicians coming out is simple enough.   If they lie about that part of their life or hide it; what else could they possibly be lying about or hiding?

In our 2014 piece, when asked about whether a politician should still be in the closet, Matthew Hays, activist, and long time journalist answered:

I would be genuinely surprised if a candidate were to run in 2014 in Canada and somehow expect to remain closeted about their sexual orientation. I suppose if they were in a very conservative party whose base was anti-gay, then perhaps they would remain closeted. But in this day and age, I would still find it surprising. I think what puts off many voters is hypocrisy and dishonesty in politicians and the system. If someone has the guts to be open about their being gay, my suspicion is that might even set them ahead of the pack.

Congrats to Mayor Duncan, who has been pointed to as the heir apparently to MP Lauzon.    If he earns the nomination from his party if and when Lauzon retires, it should be interesting as Eric has been a political zealot since he was a wee gaffer.

Here is an interview we did with Mr. Duncan before he disrespected this newspaper and our audience.


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  1. I am not a Conservative, but it speaks well to Canada’s maturity as a political community and as a society that minority demographics don’t reflexively back a catch-all party.

    We don’t have a Democratic Party or an Indian National Congress monopolizing these demographics, much as the Liberals try

    May our electoral system grow up to reflect this reality, though Justin’s lying about reform.

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