Canadian Legion Hypocrisy Over the Arthur Murray Cornwall 419 Case by Jamie Gilcig – MARCH 16, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Franckly (yes, spelled that way on purpose) it was most disturbing to see the Canadian Legion roll out the dog and pony show over Franck Gervais who misguidedly and apparently well intentioned, was charged under section 419 of the Canadian Criminal code for wearing a military uniform.

Legion Dominion Secretary Brad White was especially quoted on the Gervais file.

“The Royal Canadian Legion is concerned and angered that there are Canadians who for their own self-promotion and aggrandizement wear medals and insignia that they have no right to wear,” Legion dominion secretary Brad White said.

“It is an act of disrespect to all those who have served.”

This writer attempted multiple times to discuss the Arthur Murray situation with Secretary White and several other higher ups with the Canadian Legion without a single comment or response.

In essence they turtled and hid.   For an organisation that represents what the Canadian Legion is supposed to represent such cowardly behavior franckly (did it again) should be grounds for resignation.

Same for President Linda Fisher and the rest of her board locally.  They should resign for dereliction of duty simply for not pressing a charge against Mr. Murray who clearly has lied about his service, medals, and role in our great military while actually presiding as 1st VP of the local squad, and presiding over Remembrance Day activities.

Ms Fisher had a few spin quotes for other media.

Ken Heagle, immediate Past-President of the Legion and Veteran Services Officer said that at the Legion Zone Council meeting in March, branches in the region will be notified that Murray is no longer a member and that he is not welcome at any branches. Murray also will not be able to re-apply for membership.

Fisher said that had Murray not resigned the Legion Branch would have had to expel him.

All of the members of the Legion Branch 297 Executive Committee said that they were shocked by the revelations of about Murray.

“His own family didn’t even know,” said Bernadette Heagle, the new First Vice President at the Legion. “He was always very knowledgeable so why would you question it?”

But again, Franckly, you can’t lead the charge against poor Franck Gervais who was put through the ringer or even compare what he did versus the fraud that was Arthur Murray who actually was also entrusted with working with cadets at the Legion.

Franckly there was only one clear path to take once the truth came out and the Legion, from the local branch to Mr. White and other poobahs clearly did not do their duty in this situation.

The biggest question many should be asking is why?   This writer will not speculate on that answer, but when you have someone in military intelligence standing in the photo above with Mr. Murray clearly how he came to be in his position begs further questions.

This is no longer just a local issue as Mr. White and his confreres cowardly lack of response regarding this case, which CFN broke locally only after several vets brought the story to us.  (The Freeholder knew prior, but only covered it after our second release on the case.)

Likewise, the claim that Mr. Murray had been in the reserves was not supported or documented in any fashion.

Surely if Mr. Murray was in fact a veteran of the reserves he wouldn’t be barred from being a member if he so wished?

But again, Franckly, the Legion still hasn’t done anything about the Jim Brownell Poppy incident either.  Mr. Brownell, while actively posting in a hate group on facebook with his profile pic of him in the Glen’s uniform, typed the words “I am not by brother’s keeper.” in response to the desecration of the poppy which ironically is exactly what our brave men and women of the armed service in fact do.

What do you think dear CFN viewers and those that actually truly care about what the Poppy stands for and how important our vets truly are.   You can post your comments below.

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  1. Perhaps when a new law is proposed a set number of previous laws, simply redundant or not being enforced should be stricken from the law books. A less encumbered system might result in more respect for the law and adherence to the proper intent of the law in the first place. Just an idea thrown out to debate.

  2. Author

    A fair idea David, but personally I find it highly hypocritical for the Legion to whip poor Franck Gervais and give Arthur Murray a free pass.

  3. I absolutely agree Admin. If the premise of law is to create a level playing field for all members of a society then this inequity needs to be revisited and addressed. No one individual should be held unaccountable otherwise the system of justice is flawed and lacking fairness.

  4. Further to my previous comment Admin, if any individual in a position of authority or capacity to act elects to do nothing then are they not complicit in the demise of the very legal system they are sworn to uphold? Failing to act may be the ultimate demise of our society. Read history.

  5. Author

    They are David. Thus my statement that the Legion Prez and board should resign.

  6. Then it would appear Admin that the legion prez subscribes not to “Lest we forget” but rather let’s forget. Sad.

  7. Author

    David I waited an extra week to publish this story so that I could give the Legion extra time to respond or resolve the Murray mess. Dishonour should never be a term connected with our military or the Legion. Sadly that’s not the case right now.

  8. Hey Maybe they can get the Br229 President to answer for his fraud which was brought to the attention of Command and NOTHING done. He got re-elected because their committee shut down all info to do with MrMoore’s fraud.

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