The Rendez Vous in Cornwall Ontario Lost to Fire Saturday APRIL 16, 2017

Cornwall Ontario –  Fire struck landmark bar, The Rendez Vous (1213 Pitt Street) in Cornwall Ontario Saturday.

Sadly the fire struck after the bar had just had its patio licensed according to owner Guylaine Lefebvre’s facebook posting for the bar.

From Ms Lefebvre’s facebook post:


Very sad day indeed. Thank god noone was hurt. Nothing left to salvage. Will have to start everything from scratch. The Rendez Vous has been my whole life for almost ten years. It’s been my home with the good and the bad. I’m totally devasted but I have wonderful people in my life; friends, family, staff, and all the great patrons who all together made this bar the best little bar in town. Thank you all for your kind words and your support. Hopefully we can rebuild quickly. Will keep you posted with the progress.

We’ll update the story if the Cornwall Fire Service sends out an actual email of the incident.  (the CFS doesn’t seem to email media any longer….)


  1. LOL LOL. ROLF! So the cockroaches and bedbugs went up in smoke. I remember that dump very well. It was another owner at the time Gary MacGregor who also owned another dump on 3rd Street. This is news and I just broke it to my husband.

  2. No matter what one’s feelings are about a particular eatery or Cornwall in general. Laughing at a tragedy such as fire or loss of a business shows a total lack of judgement and even cruelty. I would expect nothing less from you Jules. People could have lost their life and many have lost their place of work. Very sad commentary Jules but as I said expected.

  3. I totally agree Brian. Her endless negative comments are really getting tiresome.

  4. Whatever or whoever can crawl out of that place on all fours and some on all six would have made a miracle. There are no jobs in Cornwall and that place had a lot of them plus most of the drunks in town. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  5. The loss of the Rendez-vous would be called Urban Renewal and the same thing with the dump in the east end who cooked up hashish and made quite an explosion before July 1 came around. Nothing is dull in Cornwall when you have all the drunks, drug addicts and the like on the go.

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