78 Year L’Original Old Man Thanks CCAC for Help in his Recovery APRIL 19, 2017


Ottawa Ontario – Edgar Godin, 78, is known for his practice of sharing kindness with people who could use a helping hand. A former school principal, he was committed to his students and shared a special interest in those who could benefit from additional support and guidance. After suffering a serious heart attack followed by brain anorexia in May 2016 he suddenly found himself needing to rely on others to literally get back on his feet.

Godin spent six weeks at Ottawa General Hospital Rehabilitation Centre where he relearned how to walk and speak. During one of his follow-up appointments, his physician referred him to the Champlain CCAC to get the supports he would need to return home. He would require ongoing physiotherapy and follow-up appointments to support his recovery. This presented a concern for him as getting to and from scheduled appointments would be costly and challenging as he was unable to drive. Most of these appointments were in Ottawa—more than an hour west from his home in L’Orignal which is in the Champlain townships.

Godin’s adult son Benoit, lives with him and has been a wonderful source of support in assisting with daily living such as cooking meals and helping to keep their home tidy. The two have been great company for one another for many years and share a strong bond. Unfortunately, his son has medical issues that prevent him from driving and limit his ability to do heavy lifting such as snow removal. Determined to stay in his home, Edgar discovered that he would qualify for additional support from CCAC through their Respite and Relief Program. This allows him to receive some financial assistance to help with such things as snow removal and transportation to his medical appointments.

“The service is unbelievable!” said Godin. “It is because of the professional help that I have received from the CCAC that I have been able to recover from my heart attack and overcome my challenges with transportation and snow removal. I knew that if I had the right help, this could work. I can stay in my home with my son and continue to progress with my recovery.”

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