School Closures Being Politically Massaged in Eastern Ontario by Jamie Gilcig MAY 4, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – One of the biggest problems in managing the school system in Ontario are the multitude of school boards and weakness of politicians to make the right decisions.

Four year terms pass fast, and making a decision like closing a school or library can cost at election time as many have threatened on social media.

The cost of running and maintaining a building is prohibitive.   If you multiply that over a community like Cornwall and the area it’s huge.   While we can point fingers at the high cost of our teacher’s income; the bureaucratic overhead is pretty darn high as well.

Four school boards mean four sets of management and bureaucracy.  It means excess buildings, different union contracts and ultimately less dollars spent on actual education. Is it any wonder why we get such poor rankings from our regional schools?

Does it really make sense to have both English and French public and Catholic school boards in 2017?  Could not there be one school board with mandates to fulfill all while sharing buildings and overhead?

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Frankly the amount of schools being closed is not enough based on the numbers.    In the Cornwall area we are seeing more seniors moving into the community; not families with school aged children.   Even Syrian refugees have ducked our area.   We also have lost families, and ultimately that’s seen in our empty seats in expensive buildings across the region.

Class size is a large factor in cost as well.   Teachers are not paid by class size directly.   While nobody would suggest over sizing classes, under sized classes bloat our cost per student dramatically.

All of these excess buildings need to be sold off or reused in the community so that funds can be available for newer schools as needed.    While we’re seeing some solutions involving some schools moving their student body into other schools more could be done.

And having one school board instead of four would dramatically reduce duplication of service.

At the end of the day our tax dollars for education should go into educating kids instead of where far too much of our budgets are going.

Of course that’s not popular, and at the end of the day would cost some people their jobs.  That’s not how you win an election, and that of course not how you get re-elected.

It’s a slippery slope that at the end of the day we all pay for.  Mostly our future generations that are passing through the system simply lacking skills and knowledge because resources are being spent on empty seats.

For the rural communities facing the loss of their facilities empathy and even sympathy may be warranted, but the  Canary has been singing in the coal mine for decades now.   Instead of communities like South Stormont that behave in the oddest of manners, perhaps they should look at behaving in manners that attract young families rather than chase them away?

Culture, entrepreneurial opportunity, diversity, openness,  the arts, and inclusivity is what attract people, especially younger people.    Not Bun Fest, or petty corrupt politics.

The status quo has us where we are today.  The challenge for many rural communities is whether they can pull together and work towards improvement or simply watch more facilities close in their communities.

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  1. In my day (I am a woman of 66 years old) we had two boards one Catholic and one Public and the Catholic would look after both English and French and the Public did the same thing. There were no four boards which is rediculous. Another important thing is no jobs in Cornwall so people moved away and no students to attend those schools so now they will close.

  2. What people don’t know is that Canada is bankrupt just like the US and Europe, etc. We are already in an economic depression and it is going to get a great deal worse. It is just a matter of time for the elite banksters as in gangsters pull down the entire thing like what happened in 1929. Our dollar is falling and the banks are going to have their grubby paws on our money. Cuts have to be mad

  3. Author

    My bank changed me nearly $1.42 for a US dollar purchase today. That’s nuts.

  4. THat’s what happens when the Canadian dollar is in the toilet. We used to go over to the U.S. for groceries, etc. on a weekly basis. Now we go about once every two months. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  5. I just got off a video from the US and we are all going into hyperinflation soon. We are already in a depression and things are going to get a great deal worse off. The mortgages will go like the credit card rates and fluctuate and I nearly fell off my chair when I heard what the economist was predicting. OMG I haven’t seen that since 1979/80 when mortgages went up to 20% and many lost their h

  6. Reminds me of the song “Dream On” by Aerosmith

  7. This morning my husband and I went for a short walk in the park and we saw a Chinese man rooting through the garbage and taking out cans and whatever he can find to get cash. Things are very bad for a lot of people and going to get a great deal worse. Learn frugality in order to survive what is coming.

  8. That so called Cnd dollar is the Canadian peso.

  9. I have stated this many times in the past to those I know in the ED business. There should only be one board for all four categories in this area. This board could have four umbrellas to cover the classifications needed. This will reduce the number of very highly paid directors and put the money back into educating the students under their care!!!
    Also busing would not be duplicated.

  10. Author

    I think you hit the nail squarely on the head Miss Steak 🙂

  11. I agree with Miss Steak (BTW, I love the name). One board with four sub-divisions is enough. This four board crap has to go. Talk about wasting resources, duplication of services, etc and ultimately taxpayers money…..

  12. Yes one board you mean to go for Catholic schools and represent Public schools at the same time might be a good idea but surely not 4 or more boards. If only you folks knew what I am reading about Sharia Law and Islam to be taught in public schools – I am on fire against this. I would remove my kids on the spot and other parents are in an uproar over all of this and so much more.

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