BREAKING – St. Felix Fire Started by Burning Trash in Front Yard MAY 17, 2017

Cornwall Ontario –  The quick thinking of a cute Cornwallite alerted Cornwall Emergency services to the fire that broke out in the 300 Block of St. Felix this afternoon.

A 911 call was placed stating that a senior on a wheelchair or electric scooter was burning trash on their front lawn which led to a three building blaze, downed power lines, one burnt truck, and allegedly the death of a few kittens.

I was driving by, and saw a man throwing garbage on to a fire that was lit on his front lawn only a few feet from his house. It looked dangerous, and it’s windy, so I called 911 and went back to my errands for work. We’ll by the time the fire trucks got there a minute or two later, the house and I think the car was on fire. You could see the smoke for blocks. On my way back from the errand I stopped and spoke to an officer. I told her that I had called 911 and what I saw…she said that if I hadn’t called it might have been much worse and the neighboring houses could have gone up too. She took my name and I will be giving a statement.

The witness continued:

Idk if he’s mentally ill or what….but the fire was deliberately set I’m almost positive. He was sitting there throwing stuff on it.

The desk sergeant at the CCPS stated no charges had been laid as of press time.

We will update as more information becomes available.

Original story link with video.


  1. What kinds of morons burn trash in the city. Complete and utter, uneducated idiots. That is against the law to burn trash in the city. This is too funny if it were not so sad for the neighbors around. Total insanity and no regards for others. Thank God I live in Ottawa and not down in Hicktown.

  2. I can just imagine what the insurance companies are going to say and do. OMG this is going to cost the owner of those houses a lot of money. We have tenant insurance but with a fire like that they would surely cancel the insurance of the homeowner of the idiot tenant who did this horrible thing. Jamie my daughter said that another crazy town is Hamilton Ontario.

  3. Here in Ottawa we are not allowed to BBQ on balconies. No more charcoal nor gas. We use a tiny electric BBQ which we only used once. Even in condos you cannot BBQ. There are too many crazy people around these days. I still cannot stop laughing honest to God this is nuts.

  4. Author

    Jules in 2017 crazy is all over.

  5. Jamie you are 100% right on my friend. As if going to Tony Graham wasn’t bad enough it took my daughter and I 3 buses to go to the doctor and 3 back. While coming back on the 96 South Keys to Billings Bridge there was a wasp in the bus on the window near us and she pushed me off the seat and I landed on the step leading to the very back. I just woke up a while ago – totally exhausted.

  6. There were two accidents when we went to the doctor and we all (of us on the bus) saw some near misses with the cars and there were two accidents. The doctor is against marijuana and I told her that I will be voting for Dr. Kellie Leach who is a pediatric surgeon and that I am 100% against drugs. I am wacky enough and sure don’t need any help.

  7. I happen to know the one who burned down there place and also other two houses and the truck trust me I can tell you lots about this idiot who did it and I guess got another place already and insurance money good to go. Not only destruction of property but also innocent animals died hope he gets charged

  8. Linda I hope that this nut case who burned the houses and vehicle and cost the lives of those cats gets convicted and put away for life in a mental institution. I had such a good laugh and at the same time I said that he has to be a nut case. My bedroom window screen went for a flight like Mary Poppins and I found it and contacted the owner and the super to fix it. Can you imagine the fire toda

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