Conspiratorial Hate Group Member Bob Noble Plagiarizes Editor’s Manchester Commentary MAY 25, 2017

Cornwall Ontario –   What a weird world the internet and social media are molding.   Out of the pain, fear, and suffering connected to the terrorist attack in Manchester this week an old nasty hate filled man decided to “steal” some poetic words.

It worked too with many praising him on social media.  Only thing was they were in fact not his words.

Lovely sentiments; only Bob didn’t write any of those words.  He simply stole them from editor Brendan O’Neill over at Spiked-online.


Word for word.   Hundreds of crazed local conservatives were full of praise for “Bob’s” words.

Even one local media wannabe praised him inviting him on his online radio podcast.

Now that’s comedy.   Because anyone that’s had the displeasure of meeting Bob Noble, or listening to Bob Noble, who was at the centre of one of the worst desecrations of the Poppy, would know that the words printed in that post would never emanate from the beer addled brain of a newspaper burning hate filled monster.

To try and gain at the expense of the Manchester victims is way beyond the pale for most of the hate spewed by Bob Noble……

Here is a phone conversation I had with Bob.  Does that sound like the voice of the words he ripped off?


To see some Bob’s shenanigans while his hate group was running you can visit

What an odd world we live in, in 2017…..


Noble actually published the below AFTER this story came out.   Eek, that’s some really weak spin Bob.  Ironically his fellow partisan political friends are trying to comfort him.   Of course Bob didn’t correct a single post praising him before this story was published including his invite to appear on a radio podcast.


  1. Bob Noble….seriously??? If you can’t come up with your own words to show disgust with the Manchester bombing it is totally unacceptable to plagiarize someone else. It’s no wonder people look at you and your group with disdain.

  2. At best a plagiarist is a thief. And right now, to milk this event with all its grief and tragedy simply to bask in the warm glow of attention… what a despicable act of self-promotion.

  3. You can see the racism and hate in this old fool Bob Noble that words are not needed just look at his face and you get the picture. There is no fool like an old fool – this old fool is heading to his grave to meet God who will throw him into the Lake of Fire. His face speaks louder than words as well as his actions.

  4. That’s a photo, that Bob can be proud of. A real loser.

  5. Nothing more pathetic than an old man “doing it for the views”, thinking he’s impressing anyone by drinking three beers like a college kid looking for acceptance. Seriously, go be an old man and get off facebook, acting more like a young girl trying to get attention. Hypocrite group they are.

  6. It’s funny he blames you for his email being in that database, like you KNEW it was going to be hack and email addresses released LOL hahahahahahaha Very good foresight Jamie, you should open a fortune telling shop! Dirty DIRTY old man he is, just disgusting.

  7. Famous for being an asshat.. 🙂
    Sad, really, that someone can get to that age without ever growing up.

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