Kingston Police Charge Man After Stealing Ex’s Window Screen MAY 25, 2017


Police Bulletin

Calls for Service

Kingston Police had 144 calls for service during the 24 hour period starting from 5:00 a.m. on May 24, 2017. Of these, 98 calls occurred in the city central area, 27 in the west end, 3 in the east end, and 3 north of Highway 401. Some of these included:

  • 5 domestic calls
  • 4 assault calls
  • 1 sexual assault
  • 3 fight/disturbance calls
  • 4 undesirable calls
  • 2 drunk calls
  • 1 alarm call
  • 6 noise complaints
  • 9 Mental Health Act calls
  • 8 medical assist calls
  • 12 assist citizen calls
  • 1 break and enter call
  • 11 theft calls
  • 3 mischief calls
  • 3 fraud calls
  • 1 motor vehicle collision
  • 5 driving complaints
  • 10 suspicious activity calls
  • 1 drug call

There were 8 individuals arrested within the last 24 hours including 7 men and 1 women, between 15 and 43 years of age, for the following: assault, uttering threats to cause bodily harm and cause a disturbance, harassment by repeated communication, theft not exceeding $5000, and prowl at night, possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, possession of proceeds of crime, breach probation and breach recognizance.

Residents are encouraged to view the Kingston Police Crime Mapping Tool that can be accessed through the website here. To further community awareness and improve accessibility to calls-for-police-service occurring in the community, Kingston Police has merged Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology with police calls-for-service data for user-friendly public consumption.

Appointment of Staff Sergeant Jody Armstrong to Order of Merit of the Police Forces

Chief Larochelle is pleased to convey that today His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, will be investing Staff Sergeant Jody Armstrong into the Order of Merit of the Police Forces at an official investiture ceremony at Rideau Hall.

The Order was created in 2000 to recognize conspicuous merit and exceptional service by members and employees of Canadian police forces whose contributions extend beyond protection of the community. It honours a career of exceptional service or distinctive merit displayed by the men and women of Canadian police forces and recognizes their commitment to this country.

The primary focus of the Order is on exceptional merit, contributions to policing, and community development, and there are three levels of membership: Commander; Officer; and Member. The latter level recognizes exceptional service or performance of duty over an extended period at the local or regional/provincial level.

Jody joined the Kingston Police in March 1989 after graduating from the Algonquin College Law and Security Administration program. He was promoted to his current rank in 2006 and currently oversees the Kingston Police Community-Oriented Response and Enforcement Unit. He is known for his remarkable work ethic and dedication to his profession, his flexibility in addressing multiple tasks, his respect for others, and his personal acceptance of responsibility and accountability in providing exceptional policing to the Kingston community. Throughout his policing career he has been a true proponent of engagement with the community, both in work-related and volunteer pursuits.

The Order also recognizes community contributions, and his local endeavours over the years have included his membership on the Board of Directors for the local Boys and Girls Club and his energetic and dedicated support of the Special Olympics program and its athletes.

Man Arrested after Attacking Family Member


A 41-year-old local man has been arrested after attacking a family member.

On May 24, 2017 at approximately 7:00 p.m. the accused attended the apartment of a family member on Conacher Drive. Shortly after arriving the accused became belligerent and aggressive with the victim. The accused grabbed the victim and pushed her around while making violent threats. Another family member called police and the accused fled.

Officers located the accuse walking on Conacher Drive while yelling and swearing and waving a large stick around. The accused was arrested and transported to police headquarters where he was held to attend a bail hearing the following day.

The accused was charged with assault, uttering threats to cause bodily harm and cause a disturbance.

Drive Safe Road Safety Campaign Results

During the week of May 15 to 21, 2017, Kingston Police participated in the annual Drive Safe road safety campaign supported by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police. This year the campaign theme was “Share the Road”.

Officers from our Traffic Unit were out working to promote safer roads throughout the week. In total the Traffic Unit laid 88 charges and issued 30 warnings for traffic related offences including: speeding, not wearing seat belts, using cell phones, running stop signs and red lights.

Harasses Ex and Steals her Window Screen


A 25-year-old local man has been charged after refusing to leave his ex-common law alone.

On May 8, 2017 Kingston Police Detectives began investigating the accused for on-going harassment of the victim (ex-common law).

Detectives learned that the victim ended the relationship in January 2017, but the accused continued to message her repeatedly. When the victim blocked the accused phone number and social media account, he began calling her from other numbers and emailing her.

On April 29, 2017 the accused approached the victim at her work place and demanded to speak with her. When the victim refused the accused had to be forcibly removed by staff. When the victim returned home later that night, she discovered damage to her door and later learned the accused had come to the house and had stolen a window screen.

On May 24, 2017 the accused turned himself in at police headquarters and was arrested. The accused was held to attend a bail hearing.

The accused was charged with harassment by repeated communication, theft not exceeding $5000, and prowl at night.

For those suffering domestic violence – no one has the right to abuse you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Kingston Police or some of the other valuable support services and resources in the Kingston area:

Kingston Police Alert – Fraudsters taking Thousands from Local Residents

Kingston Police want to alert the public that fraudsters are targeting the Kingston area and have taken thousands of dollars from victims. Fraudsters are getting $5000 on average, but in some cases they have scammed victims for over $10,000.

Kingston Fraud Detectives are advising that the ‘family member in trouble’ scam is very active at the moment. The fraudsters usually has some personal information such as the name of a family member or where they live, most likely sourced through social media. This information makes the fraudster seem very credible and by using the family member scam they are pulling at the heart strings of the victim and tricking them into making rash decisions to help out their loved one.

For the family member scam, the fraudster claims the family member is in some sort of legal or medical distress, but they can help them. The help comes with a fee which is typically requested to be paid through gift cards. The fraudster will have the victim run to a nearby store to purchase the gift cards. The fraudster will tell the victim that if they are questioned by store staff about the purchase to claim it is for a charity. Once the victim obtains the cards and provides the number on the back to the fraudster the money is gone and usually recoverable. Other payment schemes are Western Union payable to some person in another province or country.

Fraud Detectives advise anyone who receives these type of calls to do the following:

  • Demand a phone number and address of anyone calling you and asking for money or personal information. .
  • Tell the caller you will verify the information they have provided and call them back.
  • Call the hospital or police service they claim is involved, by finding the phone number yourself and not one they provide.
  • Take your time to verify the information and never be pressured into taking any sudden actions.
  • And remember no legitimate organization will EVER ask for payment in gift cards.

The family member scam is only one of countless scams and the public is ask to always be suspicious of anyone soliciting for money or personal information for any reason.

Please share this message with your family and friends.

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