Sweaty Sweaty Fat Bat PT 1 by Jamie Gilcig FICTION May 31, 2017

His brow furrowed deeply as he concentrated at the spot on the old stone wall.  One day he’d have bushy brows, but today they were sweaty with concentration.    A feeble beam spiraled from his index fingers and bounced against the wall.   A bit of smoke wafted as his feet pushed into the old floors.

No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t straighten out the beam and intensify it.

Lila Lou floated by on her back.  Her long ringlets of red hair hanging towards the floor.   She was wiggling her toes, and singing her emasculation chant.

Little boys think real hard

wanting to be big men

Which you can never do with a little pen…

She giggled and floated by him slowly turning around the room.   As he caught her in his peripheral vision the beams started to grow stronger and glow more brightly.


See, you can do it!  That’s it focus.  Don’t let go.  Push!

The beams lit up and he blew a hole in the wall.  The shock stopped him cold and he sat back sweat pouring from his entire being.


We needed another window.   You need some mead, now!

She wiggled the tiny toe on her left foot and an ice flecked flagon of mead popped onto the table.  She floated in front of him and took a long swig from the flagon.  Drips dropped from the corners of her mouth.


One day you’ll get it.  You’ll see.

But he’d already left the room leaving her aloft holding his flagon. 


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