The Community Farmers’ Market Opens Softly by Reg Coffey

Long Sault – A new Wednesday farmers’ market has just appeared on the landscape. The Community Farmers’ Market opened for the first time at the business that it is named after. The Community Market, located on old Post Road in Long Sault, has agreed to sponsor a farmers’ market in their front parking lot. This market was created to provide fresh local products to the community of Long Sault and area during the week so people don’t have to wait unit the weekend to be able to buy locally grown produce or locally raised meat or locally roasted coffee.

This was a soft opening to give the market mangers a chance to work out the kinks with the location and with vendors. There was coffee from Coffey’s Coffee,  Jamaican food from Jambel Cuisine and perogies from Sleepy Sheppard Farms available to sample and some baby animals available to entertain children and adults alike.


There were indeed a few kinks which were easily managed by the market landlords. The vendors that were present were developing plans on how to accommodate the vendors who are committed to attend in the future and how to attract even more vendors and inform the public of the shopping opportunities.

The Community Farmers’ Market will be open every Wednesday afternoon from 2 – 6 PM until Thanksgiving. The market is located at 16113 County Road 36, Long Sault, formerly Post Road.



  1. I can’t wait for next Wednesday to drop by the Community Market again. It was wonderful to see the Heritage Livestock Club of Eastern Ontario and Sleepy Shepherd Farm’s baby animal display last week. The perogies I bought there were delicious and my new favourite plant is in the garden.

  2. Deb I am envious of you having a home and a yard. I live in a building way up in the sky here in Ottawa but we have plants outside but just a few herbs and a few tomato plants. Gee I want more a lot more. Life is mighty expensive here in Ottawa and that is out of the question here and the taxes would make anyone have heart failure.

  3. Aren’t these animals cute? Hubby is accustomed to lambs and better hide them since he loves lamb meat. LOL LOL. ROLF! The lambs (sheep) of the Middle East taste very different to the lambs raised in Canada and elsewhere. Here lamb meat stinks somewhat but not in the Middle East. Very seldom to people in the Middle East eat beef – mostly foreigners.

  4. Hubby’s father was in olive oil as a business and made a great deal of money way back when and he raised lambs as well for home consumption. Olive oil was a business that he had and made soap out of it as well as olive oil for cooking. I remember when MIL brought over some soap from olive oil and it was the best.

  5. I love farmers’ markets for the most part. I can tolerate lamb chops. But I do not like lamb as I find the taste greasy. To each their own, I guess.

  6. Hubby’s uncle was a doctor of internal medicine and he worked for the UNRWA at the UN in Beirut as a director. What uncle told my husband and I is that lamb is very fatty and that beef is healthier to eat. Very rarely have we eaten lamb here in Canada. Lamb is also very expensive. We always eat beef since he told us about the fat content which isn’t good for the health.

  7. I like Farmers Markets and you see many interesting things in those places. I have to get down to Cornwall when the weather gets nice. This weather is nuts and we feel shut in. I am cold and I put the little heater on to try and warm up a bit. Old age has struck this old carcass.

  8. Did I read right? Jules is coming for a visit?

  9. Yes Hugger I am giving it some thought of popping in to one of the Farmer’s Markets. I guess Long Sault from what Jamie spoke about. Too much rain lately and Hubby and I went out to the balcony to check on the plants and he lifted a tomato plant and water poured out. Today is a nice day but we need lots of nice days.

  10. All those in council should not be there especially Caroline Hébert – I almost threw up mentioning her name. I would never go down there and pay taxes to support such a person at all whatsoever. Hugger you were right about TG and they tried to jilt Hubby and he fixed them; they didn’t do the recall either and wants to contact head office. A big star up for you and your great honesty. Thank you

  11. Jules if you come down let me know and I’ll meet you at the market!

  12. Jamie I will be with my husband and I would be very happy to meet with you. I am honored to meet a good person like yourself. So much is happening in Ottawa’s market – nothing but trouble. I wouldn’t go there with a ten foot pole. I don’t know when I will be leaving this town it has gone to hell with all the crimes and not worth living like what it used to be.

  13. My daughter cannot stand what Ottawa became. I fear for her and for our son as well. The city that I used to know here is gone. Hubby keeps teasing me about wanting to live in Cornwall and he takes out the Cornwall Toyota emblem on his key chain. LOL LOL. ROLF! Every morning by the elevator he does just that. One thing is that Cornwall Toyota is much better than TG here in Ottawa.

  14. The Community Market in Long Sault is every Wednesday afternoon. Let me know when you folks are coming down.

  15. I am going to shock everyone but maybe if I went down to Cornwall I would not want to come back to Ottawa to live – only to pack up and leave here. Maybe Hugger is right. God forbid did I say that? LOL LOL. ROLF! Things are not what they used to be at all and my daughter feels even worse. I think about how Ottawa used to be and how it is today – what a shock.

  16. So when is your family moving back to Cornwall Jules? And I’m sure you can convince that nasty Troy Hickman to advertise with us. I might have to put you to work as our sales rep 🙂

  17. Jules Cornwall makes a lot of sense for you and the family. And you could run for council!

  18. Me run for council? Jamie have you been nipping into the bottle or smoking up something really wacky? LOL LOL. Oh my God no I would not run for council at all – I would have to be literally put away locked up with the key thrown away – no way my friend.

  19. I am giving it good thought about leaving Ottawa eventually and don’t know exactly when. I keep asking myself over and over again where to go. I don’t want to go near the US border at all (like towns near TO no way or any town in that area no way). Ottawa is getting more and more insane as time goes on and hubby hates it – you should hear his words about it on a daily basis.

  20. Jamie I have gained enough weight living here with worry and I am not the same as what I used to be. Everything has changed so much. Mr. Hickman was a good man when we purchased our car from him as well as his staff. Come to Ottawa and you will see the difference. Hugger has an idea from his sister and I put up a gold star for him being honest. Hubby doesn’t want to go back there again to TG.

  21. Cornwall’s cops and fire department should support you as well Jamie. You do an excellent job for Cornwall and you are an independent and not in with the big corporations who lie to the public. All info comes from AP and all journalists are (I am laughing at the word here) presstitutes and that is true. You write the truth and they post lies to the public. I wish the people knew about that.

  22. In Cornwall you can get around on foot and you don’t need three buses that takes a long long time to go somewhere in long distances and honestly I am bushed since the day we went out to TG – I must have aged somewhat – that was too much for me at age 66. LOL LOL. It is easier travelling to Ingleside and Morrisburg on buses than here in Ottawa. The system here is screwed up badly.

  23. Well Jules, so should some of those currently elected. Could you do worse?

  24. Jules most of the CCPS officers I encounter are pretty great. I have a hunch whatever is the issue at the CCPS is more up the ladder than down.

  25. Jamie if I were a councellor I would not put up with putting the town into debt. I would try my best to find ways of reducing taxes as well as putting important things first and then tackling with the lesser important and try to find savings. These counsellors are idiots and clowns. These clowns are there for a paycheque and to get another position and at taxpayers expense.

  26. Jamie I would not have the patience to deal with such clowns and I am not the one persuing higher positions at my senior age. I am not one who is cut out for that job and would not have the patience to deal with such clowns and people who don’t take the job seriously. I take things very serious especially when it comes to money. We live frugally and it is the only way to live.

  27. Cornwall is very small and many changes have to be done to get the town out of debt. The clowns have to concentrate on what is the most important like water, sewars, roads, bridges, police, fire, paramedics and then do ones best to attract business and of course the arts which attracts people to a town or city. There has to be a freeze on salaries as well otherwise it can go to the stratusfere.

  28. There is something that I would also encourage and that is volunteerism. This morning hubby and I saw some students in the park helping to clean up and they had something to do with their environmental studies at the university. All wore the same uniform. These young people learn hands on besides their studies. We met a nice young man in the field of Dr. of Trees a few years ago and very nice.

  29. Jules Cornwall is not in debt. We have a positive balance sheet thanks to the Progress Fund.

  30. Jamie I heard otherwise that Cornwall is in debt and that they went through that Progress Fund. What is true I don’t know and only know what I heard. You cannot go through the Progress Fund and not have savings. (MODERATED BECAUSE JULES KNOWS BETTER!)

  31. Jules the Progress Fund is intact. The revenue from it is all spoken for though. It’s going mostly for the Benson Centre. There are some at City Hall and on Council that would like to bust it up and use the cash.

  32. Jamie one cannot spend themselves out of debt. Many people are in debt with credit cards and homes that they cannot afford. Keep that progress fund in a savings and don’t touch it. That Benson Centre is a real “albatros” around ones neck. Cornwall has enough of the Civic Complex to look after and the Benson Centre was built on highly polluted cancerous land.

  33. Jules you know what’s really wacky? You’re more famous than Sue Stewart and most Cornwallites, especially in the clique. And what’s even more wacky is you’re probably more aware about Cornwall issues than most people living in this city.

    That’s really wacky 🙂

  34. I would put a mouse traps on the hands of those who want that Progress Fund money. I am so tight that I am almost as bad as old Jack Benny when he didn’t trust the banks and put his money so deep underground in a steel vault on his comedy program. That was a pun against the banksters as in gangsters which they are. He was right on.

  35. Hugger you never know when I convince hubby to go down to the Farmer’s Market and see Jamie down there. Is the Farmer’s Market open only on Wednesdays? My daughter would be envious of us and would love to go down to Cornwall – the job that she has is like going to her execution. This is no joke where she works is the very worse. There are no other places like it.

  36. Yes Jules. That market is open only on Wednesday. The store is open during the week, but if you’re going to make the trip you should do it on a Wednesday and get the Farmer’s Market there as well. Reg says that they are adding new vendors every week.

  37. Thanks Jamie that is good to know about. I will be doing my best to get down there and will let you know. The weather was miserable lately and only a few nice days just now. My little herb garden and 2 tomato plants are thriving on the balcony – I wish I had land to plant a real garden but this will make do.

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