Cornwall Works To the Rescue – Ducklings Saved on St. Felix Street JUNE 2, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – It was a Cornwall Works crew into action early this aft after a family of ducks ended up in a sewer!

Natalie Ann stated:

Around 11:30 this morning my daughter’s noticed a mama duck walking down the street with only four babies. Seemed odd. I went outside to try and get her off the road and noticed she was down to three ducklings. About 8 other babies were stuck in the sewer just below her. Sooo the neighbour called municipal works and within 20 min a rescue mission was under way!
These amazing men have been working since lunch hour to get the babies out and back to the mama!! So thankful to these guys who could have easily walked away. These men are everyday heroes… At least if you ask my three little girls who think the world of them. ❤ go Cornwall!! They have four out of the sewer ATM with 4 more to go!!

Looks like a bulk barn flyer on the bottom of blue bin.
It was reported that all of the ducklings were rescued.


  1. That is absolutely fantastic! Nice to see there are people out there who care. My Daughter and I walked a mother duck and her baby down to the college one year, because they were hanging out on Belmont.I walked with the baby in my hands, and my daughter walked behind the mother, who was following. My daughter even stood in the middle of the intersection on Montreal rd to stop traffic.

  2. At least there is some good news coming out of Cornwall. Those who work at the bottom positions are the ones who work and have a heart. Those who are at the top positions are the meanest no good for nothings who only want to destroy. Congratulations city workers you are good folks.

  3. Author

    omg, did you say something nice about Cornwall Jules? When are you moving home? 🙂

  4. Fantastic display by Cornwall Works employees.Thanks fellas. Job well done. Above and beyond.

  5. Jamie I would shock the living hell out of everyone if I moved back to Cornwall. I know that Ottawa is no longer safe and what we see around every day is on my mind. My daughter and I went to get material for me for my quilting and that is what I would miss if I moved to Cornwall. I need this store badly. My daughter is scared out of her wits here in Ottawa nowadays no longer like before.

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