CFN Needs 100 Subscription Donations by Monday 6PM To Avoid New Digital Ads JUNE 10, 2017

Your favorite online newspaper needs your support.   In the first 9 days of June we have had over 50,000 unique visitors.

We need 100 new subscription donations by Monday June 12th, 2017 at 6PM EST to avoid having new digital ads appear on the site.   It truly is up to you dear viewers!

All you have to do is hit the paypal donate button below or send an e – Interac transfer to

100 donations is not a huge amount.  We aren’t pulling the PBS telethon on you, but we don’t rule it out.It costs cold hard cash to run any media outlet and nothing truly of value is free.Remember when this newspaper came to the aid of Walmart cashiers when the new store opened in Cornwall and were told they couldn’t drink water at the cash?  It’d be nice of six you folks clicked the buttons and sent us a ten spot.

All donations are confidential.  We don’t sell your information to any 3rd party companies.  It simply is the reality that viewers have to help row!


100 new subscription donations by the end of Monday.  That’s really not a lot.Hugo Rodrigues of the Freeholder.  It’d be nice if you kicked in $100.   Councilor Denis Carr?  Why not you too?

Premier Kathleen Wynne?  How about $1000 seeing as your government refuses to buy any ads with CFN.  🙂

Leeds MPP Steve Clark alone for all the nice things we’ve written about you in spite of you acting as goofy as that wacky Jim McDonell. 🙂

South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart?  lol, don’t sweat it – we’ll get it in our upcoming court case!

How about some of our Toronto, Montreal, Kingston, and Ottawa regular viewers?   $25 each from 25 of you would be a good start!

And our regular posters.  Furtz?  Jules? Hugger?  And you others that enjoy the benefits of this platform?  Surely some of you can hit that donate button too?


Bernadette Clement?  How about $1000 donation from you for voting to raise taxes every year you’ve been on council?  That’d cover my end at the least  🙂

Mayor O’Shaughnessy?  This newspaper and its viewers helped you get about $250K in salary and perks this term. (isn’t that one of the creepiest looking political photos?)

Surely you can kick back $2500?  🙂

Judge Diane Lahaie?  After the hijinks you participated in with my ex wife during my divorce why not kick in a donation?  🙂

Roy Perkins?  Surely it’d be the weirdest thing you ever did, but I bet you’d feel good donating to CFN… (ok, I may in fact be drinking some Bacardi 150 and Ginger as I type this one sentence)

Jim Brownell?  Kim Walsh?  Eric Duncan? Rick Shaver?  Traci Trottier?  Sue Stewart?  Gilles Latour?  Milena Cardinal?  Anyone named Hargreaves?   MCA Chief Abram Benedict?  Kick in a few bucks 🙂

Seriously folks.  We’ve done the heavy lifting and now it’s your turn to push a bit.   Nobody wants more digital ads, but we have to pay the bills just like you do.

It’s time for the community to step up and support the community as we do!

It’s your turn CFN viewers!  100 new subscription donations should be a breeze!

So please click the donate button before Monday!



  1. This article made me smile… was worth my small but heart felt donation! Though I don’t always agree with you Jamie I do enjoy reading this paper as I find it always interesting! I especially enjoy your take on Les Habs at times. So I choose to donate….keep on keeping on…..

  2. Author

    Thanks Brian. If you compare a donation to the price of a print subscription we’re an amazing value. It’s a challenge all media are facing. If you put up a paywall you lose some viewers. But we need more revenue to hire more writers. It ain’t easy 🙂

  3. I too donated. I definitely don’t agree with Jamie 9 out of 10 times. I especially don’t understand people who follow that hockey team from Montreal. But whatever……

  4. Author

    Thanks Hugger. We really don’t have to agree with any article for it to have an impact and reach people. The best stories are the ones that get people talking, or typing. All donations are appreciated and I think those that hate CFN would miss it the most. Things would be awfully dull if the only media left would be the…..eesh lol 🙂

  5. Did you forget the update the timestamp? It’s always an hour behind.

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