Time to Not Allow Trucks to Use Passing Lanes in Ontario? By Jamie Gilcig JUNE 15, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Transport trailers can be one of the most frightening part of driving for motorists, especially on major highways like the 401 or 417 here in Eastern Ontario.

The OPP just issued a release stating that they are involved in over 25% of road fatalities.

Among the 1,342 fatal motor vehicle collisions on OPP-patrolled roads between 2012 and 2016, 266 involved transport trucks. During the same five-year period, 330 people died — the majority of victims were occupants of other involved vehicles.  According to OPP data, 44 of the crash victims were drivers of the transport trucks, compared to 286 victims who were in cars and other smaller vehicles.


More recent data reveals that over the past three years, a significant number of collisions were caused by transport trucks in poor operating condition. Between July 2014 and June 2017, 344 collisions involved defective transport trucks, 6 (six) of which were fatal and 37 of which resulted in injuries.  


Damaged axles, blown tires or detached wheels, faulty brakes, defective hitches and unsecured loads are just some of the many factors in truck-related crashes. At times, unsecured loads or truck equipment flying into the path of other vehicles produced tragic consequences.     

That’s some scary data.  What’s scarier to drivers, beyond huge trucks in possibly poor condition, is the behavior of many drivers.

Slow passing trucks that clog up two lane roads.  Driver’s generally are paid by distance and time, but the laws for passing lanes are quite clear.   This writer thinks that it’s time to either not allow Transport Trailers in passing lanes, or for them to have to follow the laws in that passing should be done safely and quickly.

Have you ever been driving on the 401 and seen both lanes clogged by tractor trailers?   This slows down the normal flow of traffic and creates ideal conditions for mayhem.

While many trucks use speed limiters and cruise control they simply should not be in the passing lanes on major highways in such condition.   They simply can’t pass quickly enough to relieve the flow of traffic and limit visibility for those in smaller vehicles.

While most drivers are extremely professional and safe the numbers don’t lie.

Is it time to legislate safety and the keeping of our roadways open and running smoothly?  Is it time to enforce more checks on trucks, especially those from Quebec and Out of Province that may not have weight and the same safety rules as Ontario?

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.



  1. I don’t agree. I’ve found trucks pass when it is safe and needed. To suggest that trucks be limited to the right lane is just crazy. They get stuck behind a slow car and then we’re all stuck behind the slow driver. As I’ve said before statistics can be massaged to fit any situation. In this one the OPP said trucks are involved in 25% of road fatalities.

  2. Someone at the OPP needs to go back to school as the numbers provided work out to 19.8%. Turning those numbers around, as numbers can be masaged to obtain any desired result, means that non-trucks were involved in over 80% of road fatalities. So this means the headline might read “Time to not allow non-trucks to use passing lanes in Ontario?” Yes, some trucks are below safety standards.

  3. It’s time to step up enforcement of safety issues on trucks. But I think the same can be said about cars. How many car owners ignore basic maintenance on their cars thus causing safety issues?

  4. Author

    Hugger in my opinion they should not be able to pass while using cruise control. They should only be able to pass when not impeding the natural flow of traffic and not create potential clogs of traffic. That’s dangerous. Sometimes on the 401 you’ll see two trucks passing two trucks. It can take over ten minutes waiting for this silliness to transpire while cars pile up behind in both lanes.

  5. I agree with your comment “Hugger in my opinion they sh…” But I guess it’s what each sees as I rarely see 2 trucks passing 2 trucks. And if I see it it doesn’t take 10 minutes. Arrgghhhh!!!!!

  6. I agree whole heartedly, we travel to Oshawa and London, Ont on a regular basis and the last few trips we have almost been pushed off the highway by truck drivers just pulling out in front of us with little to no warning, and many trucks trying to pass other trucks taking forever and holding up traffic. They should not be allowed to pass in heavy traffic.

  7. Should I be able to see the comments awaiting moderation?

  8. There should be a separate highway just for trucks only like what exists in hubby’s country of Lebanon. Trucks and regular traffic are not compatible.

  9. You need to get in a truck for a day to see what’s most of us go through. Most people work 8 hours a day we on the other hand work 12 to 14. As for not being allowed in the passing lane 1 speed limit in Ontario and Quebec is 100 km per hour. 2 most who complain are the ones who travel above 120 km that’s where the problem is. Not the trucks. A few are from faulty equipment but most are speed.

  10. A few things to add to this, 1 the 401 was created as a shipping lane for trucks. 2. Most trucks are governed over the speed limit of 100 kmph 3. Most of the accidents are caused by cars and the trucks are involved after and you think they should be allowed to go faster. Trucks supply every aspect of our lives and they get no respect on the roadways.

  11. Writer should check with auto club. It was stated a few years ago that 73% of accidents involving a 4 wheeler and a big truck were the fault of the 4 wheeler. Up to date figures are probaly still close to this figure. Therefore most of the collisions are the result of 4 wheelers.

  12. I think the auther of this puece of trash should ride for a daywith a truck driver and see what truck drivers go thru on a daily basis life at 105 or 100 seems slow to most but when cars going 20 over speed and on top of that texting and driving instead of paying attention to whats infront of them sorry but this article is a joke since the auther probably never been in a big truck before

  13. Share, Share, Share the Roads and do not be a Passing Lane Hog. If anyone drives an unsafe vehicle. Charge Them, Fine Them. If Companies Hire Operators of an Unfit Vehicle and See and that is Unsafe. Do not load the Truck or Permit it to leave the Lot. No one should take chances Driving on the road if you are Tired do not Drive.

  14. Author

    Gerard and other truckers. This article isn’t about attacking truckers. It simply is saying that these slow passes clogging up the passing lanes are dangerous and need to be outlawed. If a vehicle can’t pass as legally intended it simply should not. IE, if your truck maxes out at 105KM then you shouldn’t be passing anyone unless they are travelling 85KM or less, and then only in an urgent or emergency situation. As so many of you have noted, truckers face a lot of issues including bad personal vehicle drivers. Let’s all keep it as safe as we can.

  15. Unreal I drive with my husband on the 401 daily and each day I am more amazed at the lack of intelligence in daily drivers that use that 401. They have no value of there lives or others. There are drivers that will cut off a transport, brake confront of them after cutting them off, or simply go below the speed limit. They have no concept of the power behind a truck that is fully loaded.THINK !!!

  16. I pity the truck drivers on the roads and the traffic is horrible. Anybody who drives in Ottawa has to be insane – the worst drivers in the country. I would be something out of Phillis Diller in “Boy Did I Get A Wrong Number” a comedy movie. Everyone would have to clear the roads and then some. Seriously driving is a mighty hard job and vehicles have to be up to standard.

  17. I love how people spin statistics to suit their agenda.
    Did you get held up making a trip to Timmies because a truck was stuck at 105 on the 401?
    Let me say that again…
    ALL semi trucks are required..
    Another important word,
    to be limited at 105.
    If you have a problem with that, thank the safety chuckleheads that made up rules like the one you propose.

  18. Whatever happened to the old speed limits years ago where cars were set for 70mph & trucks at 60 mph on the 401? They should reinstate that!

  19. Author

    Mr. Neals the only issue is them driving 105 in the passing lane trying to pass another truck doing….near 105. It’s dangerous and clogs up the flow of traffic.

  20. I totally agree for the slow passers anyway. I have been in several instances where truck driver took about 5 minutes to pass another trucker. That is insane.

  21. I have read peoples comments and again there should be a separate highway for trucks and a separate one for cars. The way things have been planned out by the idiots in charge of transportation it is an idiot type of planning and yes most accidents are caused by cars – insane drivers and on drugs, alcohol and texting – I agree with the truckers. A separate highway would be best.

  22. Truckers seem to be blamed for everything. The OPP are not out on the highways like the 417 at night to see what actually happens. Not all truckers are to be blamed. Their are motorists out there who actually antagonize truckers. He last 3 months I have seen OPP 4 times on the 417.

  23. Ludacris just Ludacris. First sign states speed limit of 100km second stated slower vehicles keep right except to pass. If I am passing another truck and already doing 105km then there is no need for you to get impatient and ride my ass trying to get by because you left late to get somewhere. Soon as I complete the pass I will surely move over and allow others to pass.

  24. I see more 4 wheelers putting themselves and other motorists at risk daily/nightly then anything else. First thing that needs to be addressed is the licensing system. Stop the idiots that shouldn’t be on the road from getting that license rather then penalizing all the professional drivers who respect the rules.

  25. You want us to pass in a timely manor? Repeal the speed limiter law! I can’t get a run on someone to get past them in a timely manor. Try tying a large boat anchor to your car and you’ll have a faint idea how long it takes to accelerate in a big truck. Try taking a couple day trip in a transport truck before you start proposing legislation for them!

  26. Author

    How about not being able to pass any vehicles travelling more than 85km David if you can’t go faster than 105?

  27. Who writes this garbage?????

  28. There are many of us who avoid hundreds of accidents every day as four wheelers weave in and out and across lanes. I would love to be able to travel safely through a work shift of 13 hours without having someone cut me off or do a brake check in front of my rig. If you don’t like trucks, it’s an easy choice: Don’t buy stuff. You got it?? A truck brought it.

  29. Author

    The story isn’t anti truck or anti truck driver. It’s a brutally tough job that rarely pays enough. I totally get that. But honestly all that has nothing to do with slow passes clogging up passing lanes and the flow of traffic.

  30. I agree with Professional Truck Driver where he says to stop the lunatics from getting a licence to go on the roads. You wouldn’t believe how many lunatics we see on the roads every day and I have mentioned that before in other places on the net. The government makes money on the lunatics as well as the insurance company and you wonder who is the craziest.

  31. Seperate highways for cars and trucks. Now that laughable. Our taxes aren’t high enough now??

  32. there are only 2 smart ways to solve this problem and I’m amazed how no one has mentioned either one yet. Firstly the most important one is that @ 105 kph YOU are speeding and the folks policing the motorway should be issuing you a fine. The 105 rule was introduced to give tractor trailers 5 kph of wiggle room so that they could pass a slower vehicle within the allotted passing lane time.

  33. Secondly, scrap the 105 limiter as all major fleets pay their drivers by the mile and every bit of speed from their top end allowance hurts their weekly take home. Just my two cents, but more regulation on the vehicles that keep this country running will only hurt consumers more.

  34. Hugger our taxes are way too high and a lot has to do with the stupidities of governmental mistakes from the municipalities all the way up to the provinces and the federal. So much of our tax money is being pocketed by upper government officials. Canada is deep in debt more than you know. I am thinking about safety not money we are already in deep trouble financially here in Canada.

  35. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

  36. To the AUTHOR.

    You said, “If a vehicle can’t pass as legally intended it simply should not. IE, if your truck maxes out at 105KM then you shouldn’t be passing anyone unless they are travelling 85KM or less, and then only in an urgent or emergency situation.”

    First off. How do you suppose we will know the vehicle is traveling 85kmh or less? Trucks should have radar in them?

  37. Author

    Diesel your question really isn’t answer worthy. Sorry. I think my position is pretty darn clear. I’m sure there are even some truckers who don’t like truckers clogging up the 400 highways. It’s dangerous and just pointless. There’s no reason for these slow passes. The story was not a slur of some of the amazing truckers out there; especially the ones that don’t pull these slow passes. Frankly I bet truckers could come up with solutions to this really simply issue instead of whining about this story. Frankly I get that truckers want to get where they’re going and drive at whatever speed they wish and pass how they wish, but right now we have laws and rules. I just think we need to focus on this issue. If you or anyone else feels differently or have a burning issue we publish letters to the editor. Feel free to email info@cornwallfreenews.com

    Here’s a link to our Mission Statement as well.


  38. Secondly. 85? Why not 86? Or 84? Or 83? Let’s get all cars limited to 105 only as well. That is logical right? Then the 4 wheelers won’t ever be “racing up” trying to pass and thinking they somehow have a right to go 120+. Next time you go shopping.. Do me a favour, ONLY buy things that didn’t come by truck. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

  39. And involved in.. over 25% of fatalities? Seems to me if they aren’t involved in close to 75% like the cars…. maybe CARS are actually the problem.

  40. Author

    Diesel the concept is instead of simply saying no passing unless in emergency situations that a reasonable passing situation would be allowed. A 20KM difference in speed should allow a truck to pass in a reasonable time.

  41. I don’t think you understand how badly this would cripple transportation of goods along the 401.

    First off; it wouldn’t be dangerous at all if cars didn’t habitually speed at 120km/h because they are not restricted the way trucks are.

  42. Second; what you’re proposing would create a line of trucks in the right hand lane on all two lane sections of highway, governed at the even slower speed of 90km/h that LCV units are restricted to. In what world is this safe? You’re now forcing cars to slow down and weave between trucks to get on and off the highway.

    You don’t own the passing lane. Slow down and be patient.

  43. Author

    Sorry, there just is no reason for trucks to be in the left lane on cruise blocking up both lanes. When someone passes it’s supposed to be done briefly and safely. Not the way trucks do each other.

  44. There should be a separate highway for trucks and separate highways for cars. Those big wheelers are a huge danger to the public. I remember way back in the early 60’s we had a good neighbor and friend to my dad who was killed along with his wife because of the big trucks while in his car. Highways have to be redone for safety, etc.

  45. WOW!! I guess our tax bills aren’t high enough!!

  46. Hugger someone has to pay for laying false charges, harassing good and innocent people, and the list goes on and one and on. Good people do not stay in Cornwall at all and they all leave. We had too many crazy things happen to us and never ever again. We left Cornwall when I was in my early 20’s 23 to be exact and then went back years later because of mom’s bad health – cancer – and then 51.

  47. Duck and weave, duck and weave!!

  48. dumbest piece of news reporting and commenting from someone not in the industry that i have read in a long time. Obvisiosly you no nothing about the laws and the fools who make them up. educate yourself first then go investigate and do a real job of reporting about the problem.

  49. This “admin” guy is an idiot. Of tour passing at 105… and the speed limit is… wait for it ….. 100!!! Your speeding and deserve a ticket. How about this. 5km hour grace. At 106 everybody gets a ticket. Photo radar everywhere. Slow EVERYBODY DOWN. The lunacy on the 400 series highways by 4 wheelers… and yes some trucks is beyond anything rational. I drive it from end to end every week

  50. Yes, the figures are very disturbing but what the figures do not reflect is the usual “cause”. 90% of GTA car drivers are in way too much of a hurry. They weave in and out of trucks like it’s a video game and then blame the truck driver when something goes terribly wrong. The only fact that Jamie actually had right was the outdated (and illegal in Europe) pay schemes that Canadian companies use.

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