Have you Checked Your DNA to Discover Your Roots? JUNE 19, 2017

Do you want to know who you REALLY are? Then read on to find out more…

If you use Facebook or various other social media platforms, you may have noticed people posting results of DNA tests they have had. At first, I will admit that I was a little confused about this! Years of watching Maury and Jerry Springer led me to believe that DNA tests cost thousands of dollars and were only used in cases where there was a little, umm, confusion around who a baby’s father was! But this is 2017 and of course someone has found a new and exciting way to bring the power of DNA analysis to the masses, and with an affordable price tag! Infact, Time.com have announced that genealogy and related subjects are one of the most popular new things on the internet!.

No, I am not talking about checking the paternity of your offspring, I am talking about DNA testing to discover your roots! That’s right- you receive a kit in the post, swab inside your mouth with the equipment that they provide, post it back, and wait. A few weeks later, you will get a full breakdown of your DNA in terms of where your ancestors are from, where your ethnicity stems from, and even if you have any long-lost family members in the company database! The wonders of technology! To check out some of the best and top-rated providers of this service, I suggest checking out bestonlinereviews.com where they have a whole section dedicated to DNA testing!

There have been many interesting stories resulting from this tests- one of my friends discovered she had Scandinavian heritage she didn’t know about, another found out she had some Spanish cousins she had never heard of, and another blonde-haired, blue eyed friend discovered she had 12% North African Berber roots! It really is quite amazing what a test like this can teach you about yourself, your past, and your family. I imagine it could be particularly interesting for those that have been adopted or do not have much access to information about their family tree!

But don’t worry, you do not have to be concerned about privacy as your details and the results of the test will not be shared with anyone at all, unless you give them your express permission. This means if you do have long lost family members out there, or you don’t want to make your ethnic roots public- you really don’t have to!

The thing I like the best about these services is that there is no needles or invasive procedures involved. For those that are perhaps a little nervous of anything pointy coming near them, it really is as simple as swabbing the pre-prepared cotton bud around your mouth, sealing it up in the provided container, and popping it in the post.

When it comes to price, you will find that all of the top services will offer this for under $150 which is amazing if you consider how expensive DNA tests used to be! For such a small sum of money, you can discover all there is to know about your history, your past, and what makes you- you!

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