Why Isn’t the CCPS Reporting Rash of Robberies in Cornwall? 072617

Cornwall Ontario – Social media is abuzz after the robbery of the beloved downtown Riley’s bakery.  But after sifting through a lot of pages and talking to a lot of people it appears that at least five other businesses were broken into.

The one consistent seems to be that it appeared that all hadn’t been broken into forcefully, but in this internet age it also appears that you can buy a special kit that essentially will easily open certain types of older locks.  In fact some of the victims actually thought that they may have left their doors open as there was no visible damage on some of the doors.

It’s being recommended that the public, and especially businesses, upgrade their locks as these kits to break in sell for less than $40!

The bigger question is why the CCPS is not reporting these crimes or working promptly with local media?   Any CSI fan knows that the sooner leads are followed the higher the percentage of a positive resolution.

Compared to the Ottawa and Kingston police forces the amounts of crime reported in Cornwall by the CCPS are much smaller than are actually occurring?   Our Police Chief, Dan Parkinson, for example has refused requests from this newspaper to provide daily information similar to what the City of Kingston provides.  (LINK TO TODAY’S KPS RELEASE) 

Riley’s has been broken into several times with no resolution.   A restaurant was charged with running guns and drugs right across from the police station until a certain alleged political police informant tipped his handler.

For our near $500 per person yearly in Cornwall for police services shouldn’t our highly paid  police force be more accountable with the public and at least alert area businesses and residence about this lock issue?

If you have any information you can email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com – we treat all communications as confidential.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Can our poor economically challenged and overtaxed downtown core continue to endure this type of crime?  You can post your comments below.


The CCPS has confirmed to CFN that there were other break and enters.

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