Another Senseless Dog Death in Cornwall Ontario – by Jamie Gilcig 081217

Another Senseless Dog Death in Cornwall Ontario – by Jamie Gilcig 081217

Cornwall Ontario – As most regular CFN viewers know I’m a huge animal advocate.  Which is why it was so sad to hear about a little poodle that was killed by yet another alleged Pit Bull in Cornwall.

While I don’t support banning of any dog by breed this is yet another example of why the law is in place in Ontario.

Cornwall is home to a lot of Pitties.   The simple truth is that most of their owners are truly irresponsible.

The other simple truth is that there is no amount of money; no punishment, nothing, that can resolve seeing your beloved pet killed in front of you.   This happens far too often.

The solution isn’t breed specific laws.   I’m not really sure  what the solution is because frankly so many aren’t responsible parents so why would we expect them to be responsible pet owners.

I owned a lovely Rottweiler.  Melly was a dream.   I was lucky to have her in my life for 14 years before she succumbed to cancer.    During her years here in Cornwall she was either on her leash or on my property.  A few times I was lucky enough to let her have a run in a safe place with no other dogs or people around.   While she wasn’t mean or menacing I rarely let people come up to her if I was walking her on a street.

When other dogs ran into my yard on occasion I would straddle over her more for the other dogs protection than hers in case they tried to attack her.

I’m not Superman.  I just realize that certain breeds come with certain responsibilities.   One of the reasons I moved to a much smaller dog was that as I get older it becomes hard to physically control certain larger dogs.

A year or so ago a friend’s malamute was attacked in its yard by a pit bull.   The owner lied and his dog was given a vicious dog ticket from the city even though the proof showed he’d done nothing wrong.  He didn’t go to court because he knew that the Pittie that attacked his dog would be put down.  His dog is either on a leash when being walked or on a rope in his yard.   The Pit Bull’s owner couldn’t control it and she had lost control of the leash.   The family had even let their little girl walk the dog.   It also had allegedly attacked a senior at a convenience store.

Even on my own street a recent new neighbor has 3 Pit Bulls.   I have concerns as to what happens “when” they get loose; especially when my two are mini doxies and there are a lot of kids on my block as there are two schools close by.  And sure enough they let their puppy run loose in front of the yard where it’s learned to cross the street already.

Sorry can never repair the loss of the poodle’s family.   It looked like a sweet dog.   In Toronto there was a case of a 84 year old man losing his only companion, an aging dachshund, when some loser living in his parents basement decided to let his four Dogo Argentinos run loose in a park.

You can’t teach common sense apparently.    I’m not sure of the solution myself?   How do you go up to someone and tell they they’re irresponsible and shouldn’t own a dog?   Can you legislate that?

What do you think dear CFN viewers? Is there a solution to avoid these tragedies?  You can post your comments below.

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