Silver Spoons Morneau & Trudeau Define Liberal Arrogance by Keith Beardsley 090217

Ottawa Ontario – Liberal arrogance will be Justin’s downfall, just as it was for his father and other Liberal government’s. For those who have been around for a while, we all remember Liberal government’s breaking major election promises, not just the minor ones that can be set aside or postponed for economic reasons. Why would Canadians be surprised that this Liberal leader who campaigned on helping the middle class and improving small business would double cross Canadians?

Remember Chretien was going to cancel the GST, then double crossed Canadians and kept the tax. Remember how Justin’s father did the same thing with campaigning against wage and price controls and then when elected he immediately double crossed Canadians and imposed the very thing he had won an election on by campaigning against them. Double crossing Canadians seems to run in the Trudeau family.

I come from a middle class family; I have spent most of my working life in the middle class. I know what it is like to scrape and save for a used car, because we couldn’t afford a new one. I know what it is like to struggle to put kids through university and I know how hard it is to save for a house and have to watch mortgage interest rates rise (at one time up to 23%) to the point  where my friends had to turn the keys to their homes over to the bank. Tell me Mr. Morneau and Mr. Trudeau when was the last time either of you had to save your pennies for anything that mattered in your life?

That is what it is like being in the middle class. Unlike the “two silver spoons” (Trudeau and Morneau) who only know the theory about being middle class- we lived it and we are living it now. I have owned a small business which at one point had 14 staff. I know the hours it takes and the dedication as well as the suspense as you watch to see if you have made a profit. I didn’t have a million dollar trust account to pay my bills.

Yet our “two silver spoons” who have given away billions of our taxpayer’s dollars, to groups all over the world now find they need cash- where are they going to get it? From the middle class, and small business- the very people they promised during the election to help.

Liberal arrogance comes through loud and clear with the Finance minister’s comment that “these changes are happening. We are not going to change our minds.” Really? So your consultation period is a sham and just a BS attempt to give yourself a couple of talk points for Question Period when the House returns.

Here let me write your Question Period the answer for you.

“I would like to thank the Honourable member for his question, but as he is aware we are presently consulting with Canadians and small business leaders across the country. It is too early to give the Honourable member an answer.”

There you go I just saved your staff and PMO a few hours of work. Your answer will be all BS as you have already decided to act irregardless of what you hear in your sham consultation process.

Pierre Trudeau was infamous for giving Canadians the “Salmon Arm Salute”. The voters remembered that one. Justin Trudeau’s arrogant response when questioned on these attacks on the middle class and small business replied “I will make no apologies for this approach” That was Justin’s “salmon arm salute” to our present generation of Canadians, the middle class and small business entrepreneurs.

Canadians do remember these things and we do remember when Liberal Prime ministers and their governments double cross Canadians. Eventually their arrogance will catch up to the two silver spoons. Just you wait and see.

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