No Crime in Cornwall for Long Weekend? CCPS Seek Help LCBO Robbery 2 Weeks Later 090517

Cornwall Ontario – Many in Cornwall are scratching their heads as our $18M per year police force seems to be purposely hiding crime from residents.

Today’s media release, the first in four days, had only one item showing, the one below.   For some reason the CCPS don’t put photos on their media release page.  You have to go fishing, usually finding them on one of their social media pages.

Does anyone believe that there were no calls for service for four days and none of them should be shared with the public.

Anyone that’s studied crime, or watched TV knows that the sooner you get on a case, the better the chances of resolving it.


Why is this request for public assistance coming out nearly three weeks after?   The police clearly, from the times stamp, had the photo right away?


Cornwall, ON – The Cornwall Community Police Service is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying two men involved in an assault on August 17th, 2017 at a local LCBO. If you know the identity of these men you are asked to contact Cst. Pat Huygen at 613-933-5000 ext 2785 or ext 2404 to leave anonymous information.What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Between this, missing submachine guns from the armory and other stories is it time for an investigation as to what the heck is going on with our very well paid police force?

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  1. Remember….when the rotten apple is at the top of the barrel, the entire barrel is in peril,remember how CFN was treated, remember how Project Truth was handled….& that was one of their own

  2. Jamie has gone through a great deal even till now and I could not go through what he is going through. My daughter and I have had our time with this kind of people in the picture even this morning where she works. One elderly man commented to my daughter and I that it was the worst store in Ottawa (the one where my daughter works) and that is the truth – you see this kind of people there.

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  4. Mary Bray Cornwall is something else and yes Project Truth was handled very badly and you know why Mary because those who run Cornwall into the ground (the so called fathers of the town – the rich) were deep in doo doo involved in all of this crap and not just the priests of the Catholic churches. Even Protestant ministers and others were involved and all the rich in Cornwall (lay people).

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