ALERT Don’t Leave Vehicle Registration in Car in Cornwall 50+ Break Ins 090617

Cornwall Ontario – CFN was alerted to multiple break ins of vehicles parked in their driveways. In some cases the only things removed were car registrations left in their vehicles with valuables not being removed.

One victim shared that when they went to get a replacement registration that person behind the counter stated that it happened to them too.

With the high cost of replacing a registration form it’s suggested if you must leave a document in your car to use a photocopy.

CFN reached out to CCPS Media Officer Cst. Dan Cloutier who confirmed that over 50 reports of stolen registrations have been filed with the force.  He added:

CCPS has been a strong advocate to the “lock it or lose it” program and continues to recommend that all valuables and personal documents be removed from the vehicles when parked. In additions we would like to remind  the public to lock the vehicles when parked.

Have you been a victim of registration theft or other strange crime?  You can email to share your experience.



  1. Never leave anything of value in cars. Where I live here in Ottawa the building has cameras in many areas and one is in the parking garage. The laundry room has a camera and the front office and I guess other areas as well. We feel more secure here than in a private home since we were burglarized in past years. We feel a great deal better here.

  2. Service Ontario says not leave even photocopies in your vehicle. But yet te police want originals, they will not accept anything but originals.

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