Former Cornwall Priest RONALD LEGER Faces 7 More Charges 090917

Cornwall Ontario – We covered convicted Priest Ronald Leger back in 2015, but he’s back in the news again with more historical sexual charges.

Mr. Leger is now 79 and on day parole after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting young men previously.

Mr. Leger’s lawyer, Saul Simmonds stated that he will vigorously defend his client’s innocence.

He’s subject of a page about his connection to PROJECT TRUTH which the Government of Ontario spent over $50M covering up for VIP’s who covered up for pedohile activity in the Cornwall Ontario area.

Mr. Leger is now facing additional charges after three more men came forward after the four that came forward for a trial that starts in 2018.


  1. It has been a mighty long time since I don’t go to church and I don’t need no pedophile priest at all. Once they kick the bucket they will have God to answer to and they are all headed straight to hell (the burning embers of hell). Cornwall has plenty of them including the lay people.

  2. Surprise, surprise…………

  3. Hugger I don’t need a pedophile priest to talk about God and Jesus and all that stuff and then go around and sexually molest children, etc. When I was in a French Catholic School (that was a long time ago) 50s and 60s era and I saw the behavior of a few of my classmates sceam in church and had to be taken out. They were altar boys who were sexually molested back then and it hasn’t changed a bit.

  4. Don’t paint all with the same brush.

  5. Author

    Hugger, one it’s not really for you to tell people that. Two, it’s the bigger picture. If an organization doesn’t police itself of course it gets smeared when there’s a bad egg.

    Here’s an example. I was running a Demo team for an Int’l brand a few years ago. A store manager called me said that one of our demo team had sexually assaulted an underage staff. I said that we had to immediately call law enforcement because these sorts of accusations are very serious and we of course had a zero tolerance policy.

    I asked that in the meanwhile the manager thoroughly investigate on her end. It turned out that it was an issue of a young person having a prejudice against the person in question. The point was that by taking proper steps potential damage was mitigated towards the company and the issue was resolved. If our team member was guilty then the company could honestly state that it aggressively played a role in resolving the issue and being able to stand on the high moral road and protect the brand.

    The difference between winners and losers after all is how they deal with adversity. There would never have been a Project Truth if people had done their jobs with integrity instead of sweeping everything under the rug. That is Cornwall’s historical shame and black eye whether some in the community wish to believe it or not.

  6. I agree to a certain point Admin. However, speaking as one who was whitewashed with the same brush because of someone’s else’s actions I finds it disgusting that in a lot of cases innocent people are whitewashed even though innocent with the same brush as those who did bad things.

  7. Cornwall has always swept everything under the rug and you mention Cornwall to a great many people and right away the look and then they ask about the sex abuse and the smuggling. Cornwalls reputation is black and it can never recover. Oh yes other places have that problem as well but it has not been as widely exposed as what Cornwall has been through.

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