Police Report 2nd Moose Not Shot in Cornwall Ontario 102017

Cornwall Ontario –  Good news for civilized humans and animal lovers.  A second moose venturing close to Cornwall was lured away from the City and not shot like the one police reported yesterday.

Cst#134 MOOSE update…. The second moose is safe and now in a wooded area north of the city. No longer a concern to local travellers. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we escorted the big guy out of the city.

The shooting of the first moose caused a lot of anger on anti-social media from those that love nature and were upset at the poor animal being killed.

The shot moose, according to a CCPS social media report, was given away to a undisclosed party.

Cst#134 ****MOOSE RECAP****
On October 19th, 2017 The Cornwall Community Police Service was made aware of a moose wandering in the city of Cornwall. Unfortunately every situation has a different set of circumstances that dictates the outcome. The very last thing we as officers want to do is take a life (animal or human). On October 19th, 2017 the Ministry of Natural Resources was contacted by CCPS in an effort to have the animal tranquilized and relocated safely. Unfortunately, the MNR was not readily available and were going to be a couple of hours. During this time circumstances changed and the officer feared for the public’s safety as the moose was about to cross the heavily travelled Hwy 401, where a car/moose collision would have certainly ended in serious bodily harm or death to the occupants of the car. With limited options when dealing with wild animals especially large ones, the moose was shot by a member of the Cornwall Community Police Service. The MNR was once again contacted in order to have the moose removed in hopes it would possibly go to a food bank or families in need. The MNR advised they did not have the resources for the removal of the animal and given the temperature outside the moose was given to someone on scene to prevent the moose from spoiling. In speaking with the MNR (the experts on wildlife) on today’s date after the second moose was safely escorted out of the city, they advised the tranquillizer gun would not have been an option on October 19th, 2017 and they would have also used lethal force as there was no other option available. The decision made by the experienced officer on October 19th, 2017 was a calculated decision and was not taken lightly. We are committed to keeping the citizens of Cornwall safe. Thank you for your understanding on such a delicate matter.

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  1. The remedy for the moose is to have yours truly go down and have a little talk to all of them. LOL LOL. I would tell them all about Cornwall and they would take off like crazy down through the woods. The intelligent and educated people left town and the majority are in their graves. There are very few people left in Cornwall who are still alive and kicking. No there is no justince in Cornwall

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