Rubber Duck to Blame for $185K Rails To Trails Deficit in Brockville 102317

Cornwall Ontario –  While many in Conservative Brockville heckle Cornwall, not even Bob Peters could get away with a near $200K deficit so that the City could have a huge Rubber Duck attend its Canada 150 event.

While it’s been pointed out that the duck didn’t cost Brockville any dosh, the province would not have sent the inflatable to the city unless they had an event to send it too.

And that’s what happens when bureaucrats run events instead of promoters who clearly would not risk losing that much cash.

Brockville has 21,854 people listed as its population which breaks down to nearly $10 for every resident of the city!

Manager of Strategic Initiatives Lesley White seems to have gone to the Joey Gault school of event accounting as she was quoted to media:

“We anticipated that it would be off; we didn’t know how way off it was going to be.”

Rails to Trails was budgeted at about $375K with an expected surplus of nearly 50% as opposed to a loss of nearly 50%.

Oddly enough the duck wasn’t even based in the river, but in a park, on land.

One local was quoted as saying….

Next time let’s go Vegan.

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  1. I am singing the song about The Rubber Duckie without knowing the words. That big duck sure brought some trouble with it. LOL LOL. ROLF!

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